XXcLusive: Jadakiss Reacts To First Week Sales, “The Whole World Underestimated Me”

With The Last Kiss debuting on the Billboard 200 at the no. 3 slot, selling a shocking 134,520 copies in its first week, XXLMag.com caught up with Jadakiss to get his reaction to his first week stats.

Without releasing a solo disc since 2004’s Kiss he Game Goodbye, Jada told XXL he was unsure of how his new album would fare. “I ain’t know what to expect now with the way the game is,” he said. “But I know I got a core fanbase. I don’t think Def Jam expected that, so now we gotta get on the same page. I will say that’s a great number for the climate and the way the music industry is right now and that’s without a big hit at radio.”

Last week staff members at XXL weighed in with their sales projections, placing the Yonkers MC at a much lower batting average. The Roc-A-Fella rapper said everyone “underestimated him.” “The whole world did,” he expressed. “That’s why I got longevity, that’s why I got legs.

“It’s always good when you can say I told you so,” he added. “It’s always good when you get the last laugh. But I’m just happy to be embraced after all these years, cause hip-hop fans’ ears change hourly. I’ma be here for awhile.

Reports recently hit the net that Jada, Styles P and Sheek Louch were thinking of resigning with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records for their long awaited Lox album. “I mean, it was a mere conversation that’s gonna just get blown outta proportion but in a good way, cause the Lox, we back working on the album and to just create that buzz would be good,” he said. “If Diddy buy it, if Diddy pays and he got the bread for that, which he does, if Hov, whoever, Jimmy Iovine, wherever, Dre, wherever… whatever’s financially and statistically better for all of us, we’ll make it happen.”

Yet Jada wants to make clear that contractually the group is still signed to Interscope. “The contract’s still on Interscope so that’s first and foremost,” he explained. “We can’t disrespect Jimmy Iovine like that, he owns that right there.

The Last Kiss is currently in stores. – Elan Mancini with reporting by Clover Hope

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  • The_Truth

    ***I’m starting wonder what’s the connection between Def Jam and this website. . .not hating on Kiss’ success, but XXL seems to go all-out over Def Jam releases.

  • Monty B.

    I don’t see it. XXL is all over Asher Roth’s nutz.

    How do say they are “all-out” when they projected Jada to do low numbers?

    Get your facts straight, Truth. Otherwise you sound like, Fiction,

    • Sven

      Get your antithesis straight, Monty B. Fiction often holds just as much truth as the actual factual.

  • dwi

    big ups to jada! the album is fire!

  • http://www.myspace.com/maxprofit Max Profit

    Happy to see Jada pimpin the success of the album to make more cake for his crew!
    Real Nigga Shit…

  • Jon Dog

    I’m a huge fan of Kiss & THE LOX. I. honestly, wasn’t feelin’ this album. Felt a little weak to me, considering it’s his first attempt in years. Guess my expectaions were too high. Either way, I bought it, and will listen to it. Hope there’s a new LOX album to follow, and the don’t dub themselvs D-Block.

  • http://xxlmag jb

    He’s right people did underestimate him. Including me. I’m glad I was wrong tho. Those are good numbers right there. If he can go gold with the way the game is looking right now it will be a big deal so shouts to Kiss! =-D Don’t sign to Bad Boy tho! It will be good for publicity but Diddy is a control freak who will fuck the album up.

    • http://xxlmag jb

      Then again maybe it won’t be such a bad idea. If Puff promotes it and let them do them. It would generate a little bit of buzz which is important. I don’t think Dre is interested tho.

  • nycboy

    I give my props to Jada for his skills and credentials in the game but how are you gonna say that everyone underestimated you when it was the people themselves who went out and copped the album. I could understand if he said certain individuals felt that way but don’t talk like the people didn’t support you.

    • http://xxlmag jb

      He said that cuz no one really expected him to sale what he did. Did u see the predictions that people came up with on a past blog a couple of weeks ago? Jada knows people weren’t expecting him to go 100+ first week. LA Reid also probably expected less cuz they damn sure didn’t ship enough units cuz I couldn’t find the album nowhere.

  • murK

    man, those are nice 1st week sales, but what will his album sell overall? i bet not even gold. (didn’t like the album) still a jada fan tho.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


      Yeah, I feel that. The “legs” he’s talking about having are going to be proved over the next couple of months. That “core” fanbase already went & copped out of love. So, with no big hit on the radio, I’m wondering how long the momentum will last…

      If Def Jam is smart, NOW is the time to put something decent on the radio. It’s more than enough songs that will please all different types of fans. If they do that the right way, he’ll hit gold eventually.

  • Tyson Mike

    i knew jada would do good numbers but i did have some doughts props to jada.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    “Without releasing a solo disc since 2004’s ‘Kiss he Game Goodbye’…”

    Uhh who did this article? His last album that he came out with before his new one was “Kiss Of Death”…wtf???

    Anyway, glad to see Jada doing his thing he deserves it. Been a fan of him and The Lox crew since their RR debut; hopefully The Lox album will come out as well.

  • Nate

    Yeah, that’s pretty fucked up how OFTEN you guys have writers who make huge mistakes like this. “without releasing a solo disc since 2004′s Kiss The Game Goodbye”…


    That’s the worst example to get your own facts jacked up like that. It happens a lot even in the mags, everyone know J.a.d.a. released the Kiss of Death album after and continued to catch fire since.

    I think although it was a long wait since the last album that each one has been better than the last. But the last album’s singles got much more radio play. (Those were the fading days of radio playing talented artists- now it’s just payola)

  • corlione39


  • yessir

    2004′s kiss “HE” the game goodbye????????

    First it is not “HE”, it is “THE”.

    And the 2004 album was the KISS OF DEATH. Dummies!!!

  • brand-new

    i only predicted 45k, good shit jada, a win for new york hip hop!!

  • levi

    knew that shit would be fire. Jada dat dude

  • Arcey

    I bet he underestimated himself as well, still congrats on having stayed relevant for those 4 1/2 years and I wish him gold & better.

  • Jordan

    Without releasing a solo disc since 2004’s Kiss he Game Goodbye, Jada told XXL he was unsure of how his new album would fare-

    wtf is dude talking about. Kiss The Game Goodbye was the first album, 2004 was Kiss of Death u dumbass

  • Trickdd

    Jada is a great artist always puts out great material he is a top of the line Hip Hop Artist in this day of age in the music buis a hundred thousand is like 4 5 hundred thousand and like he said its real Hip Hop none of that aiming for the radio with the pop shit but that’s why it sold a hundred thousand also cause people no how Jada gets down and he don’t put out no bullshit

  • Crocker

    I don’t care if Def Jam pulls a Universal Music Group and buys back copies of Jada’s album from retail, just to boost his soundscan; a’la The Carter III. I pray homie goes at least gold. He’s way too underappreciated by the buying public.

  • A

    Nigga, the whole world is underestimating the rap game, period.

  • Paterson NJ

    Lox is the best group out there i listen 2 these niggas everyday especially styles dats ma main nigga but these niggas spit and are the perfect example of real niggas .. keep comin out wit music and fuck da clowns