XXcLusive: DJ Drama Speaks On Cash Money’s Mixtape Suit, “This Is Not A Case Of Lil Wayne VS Drama”

With paperwork recently hitting the Net revealing a lawsuit that Cash Money Records has filed against several mixtape deejays, including DJ Drama’s Aphilliates Music Group, XXLMag.com contacted the self-described iPod King to find out his reaction to the case.

“The accusations against me are misplaced,” Drama told XXL in a statement. “This is not a case of Lil Wayne vs DJ Drama. Me and Wayne are good.”

According to the documents [ View here, here and hereCash Money has named the Aphilliates, along with BCD Music Group, Deep Distribution World Wide, Tyree C. Simmons (Drama) and Cinque Productions, Inc. in a civil action suit.

Frank Nino, of Makin’ Moves Entertainment, who is also named in the case, told XXL that he believes the matter revolves around money profited by BCD, who released various Weezy mixtapes in big chain stores like FYE.

“Back in 07 I put a regular mixtape in the streets, you know every DJ does that, Lil Wayne and Juelz The North and The South Collide, and then BCD Music Group got a hold of it and they put it in the stores,” he explained. “So now that it’s in the stores with a barcode, two years down the line now, they suing me for this, that and the third, which by the way I never made no money off of that shit that’s in the stores.”

Cash Money’s parent label Universal Music Group sued BCD three years ago for copyright infringement for distributing mixtapes from their artists. When asked why Cash Money is filing their own suit now, Nino said nothing materialized from UMG’s case. “I spoke to BCD and they had a fallout with Universal, they went to Universal, they settled out, basically nothing really happened, so I guess they’re sending Cash Money now.”

As of press time Cash Money have not returned any emails.

Drama, who has had his own legal battles concerning his mixtapes, doesn’t seem worried by the case. “I am confident that this matter will be resolved quickly without harming the relationships between myself, Wayne and Cash Money Records.” – Elan Mancini

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  • real talk

    these mixtape djs have been playing the legal bootleg game for years, putting non-labeled CDs in big chain stores via small indie distributors like BCD.

    I’m glad they are suing. Mixtape DJs are the scourge of all humanity and should be hung and quartered on medieval shit.

    They single handedly killed the music business.

    • joe p

      co-sign real talk !!

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I co-sighn real talk 2250%, these niggaz been getting away with MURDER. Now if we can just start prosecuting the “pro-dew-sirs”, who sample other peoples work, and release it on the net never paying any fee’s, we’d be good.

  • El Tico Loco

    Well I don’t want mixtapes to stop. But it would be nice if the mixtape DJ’s will start Djing; you know, blending from song to song and not just runnin off at the mouth maybe doing real remixes(not guest verses). If both parties crunch numbers and do some heavy negotiating maybe and agreement can be reached were both parties can eat.

  • http://www.xxlblocktalk.com/INDOE INDOE

    It’s about time somebody does something . Case in point DJ Whiteowl just put out “Drop That 60″ and half the new Jadakiss album is on it . I did not even listen to the tape cause’ it’s fucked up . I mean damn let Jada come out first , do hiss numbers and then maybe a couple tracks show up on a mixtape . I guess The Lox were right on their last album with the “Rape N U” skit .

  • RiZob

    yall don’t understand. those mixtape were supposed to be free, but if you go into FYE or a number of other national retail stores, they are selling these mixtapes and making a profit. Wayne just goin after his cut. if you baked some cookies for some friends, and those friends took those cookies and sold them, u would want your cut too….yall are some feeble minded ass niccas on here…..

  • Drank King Productions

    Now if we can just start prosecuting the “pro-dew-sirs”, who sample other peoples work, and release it on the net never paying any fee’s, we’d be good.

    With all due respect…
    Thats some BULLSHIT. Hip hop started off with sampling and I agree folks should get paid but lets be real. These companies charging an arm and a leg for the sample and unless you already caked up you aint even gone get clearance. (I’m talking about indies or producers just starting that gotta use mixtapes or the net to make moves period.)
    Folks makin shit so tight now that it’s stifling creativity.

    On the other hand I feel you. Get ya paper but 9 times out of 10 the producers you talking bout aint get guap like that off no internet releases. You can’t squeeze water out a rock or blood out a turnip.

    Columbus GA stand up…

  • gkid12345

    Wow i wouldn’t be surprised if it were wayne and cash money who were responsible for the HUGE mixtape rade that happened to drama a few years ago when they seized all his shit. The mixtape game has always been this way, add a couple of homosexuals (wayne and Baby) and the whole thing is ruined

  • problems

    shout to drama for being a man about this…for the record drama broke jeezy and made wayne who he was with the mixtapes.The type of promotion and buzz they got was priceless and something these fucking bullshit labels with they heads up they ass couldnt generate with a 10,000 strong A&R DEPT…and how did these dudes repay him???by shitting on him over peanuts.I agree though on these bullshit dj’s like big mike whiteowl etc…they’re internet dj’s and they are the most uncreative bullshit dj’s to ever exist but for the drama’s,green lantern’s,clinton sprarks etc keep doing ya thing and breaking music..u dudes who pop off about DJ’s are probably label employees who see the end is near for u and your raping the artist ways…go murk ya’selves and stop whining..

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    i hate it when mixtape djs yell a bunch of incoherent nonsense on their shit and then they add their stupid sound effects like gunshots. what the fuck is with the gunshots. i can’t think of a more irritating inharmonious sound to incorporate into a song than a fucking gunshot. i was listening to a pretty dope mixtape the other day and i thought to myself: damn I hope the dj doesn’t ruin this by adding gunshots and screaming, and of course right when I started thinking that the fuck ass dj started yelling and adding all types of stupid sound effects along with gunshots. bitch ass djs

  • LB

    Have any of you been bombarded by e-mails from “Mixtapes USA”? Now, whoever the fucks are behind that front really need to be sued out the ass. They hit my e-mail up everyday with “new shit.”

  • brand-new

    thats all you see in the hip hop section at fye anymore. they have all 3 dedication mixtapes and all of the g unit radio mixtape series all sitting there for 15 dollars a pop. i was waiting for something like this to happen.