XXcLusive: 3rd Bass Rapper Pete Nice Working On “White Negro” Documentary

Good timing. Prime Minister Pete Nice of late 80s/early 90s Def Jam outfit 3rd Bass with rhyme partner MC Serch recently spilled the beans to XXLMag.com that he is working on a documentary about white artists performing in the black music business.

Nice told XXL that the project, which he labeled a work in progress, is a “documentary on the back history and background on white MCs and whites performing in the black music genre.”

“The title is The White Negro, based on the Norman Mailer essay back in the day,” he added. “Obviously it’s a controversial subject but something that hasn’t been addressed at all.”

Although they haven’t stared to do any interviews for the film yet, Chris Meyers, one of the producers for the Farrelly Brothers (Dumb & Dumber) flicks, is “really interested.”

Nice couldn’t have picked a better time to work on his film. Eminem is prepping the release of his long awaited comeback album Relapse on May 19 and suburban sensation Asher Roth drops his highly anticipated debut, Asleep in the Bread Aisle this Monday (April 20).

Out of the limelight for quite some time now, Nice has had success in other fields aside from hip-hop. An avid sports fan, he is a one-time owner of a memorabilia shop near the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown, New York as well as McGreevey’s 3rd base saloon in Boston, MA. In addition, Nice wrote a non-fiction book Baseball Legends of Brooklyn Greenwood Cemetery in 2003.

XXL will keeep fans posted as more information on the project becomes available. – Jesse Gissen with reporting by Carl Chery

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  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    *cue Matt Herbz


      I smacced the shit outta him just for practice on “Whats the Scenario” video set waaay bacc in the day!! Fuccin wiggaz alwayz cracc me up!!

      • sunnymiami

        hey g-unot killa!,
        that sounds like a funny story about you smacking pete nice! could you explaiin a bit more about the story? what made you smack him?

    • Pierzy

      Damn, Tony, you took the words right outta my mouth (nullus)!

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Here to save you all.

      I have to admit…this is funny.

      Just remember where you heard that term first, though!

      –OG Matt Herbz–
      The ORIGINAL White Nigga.

  • Curtis75Black

    I interested to see what will come of this. Hopefully the documentary speaks on all basis of how they come into the game, get shunned and then get accepted. How they can rap about something totally different, speak totally different and get a different response if they decide to talk about a controversal subject. Its not about “white” fans biggin’ them up all the time, Its Black fans who will turn a blind eye to the same shit they will kill a black rapper for that gets them clearance.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      What up C75B

      I dig that.

      I don’t want the same old “white rapper” diatribe that we’ve been hearing for the past couple of decades. There’s a whole microcosm behind that stigma.

      I remember as a kid listening to him & Serch, hearing rumors about how they grown up around black kids, learned how to dance from black kids, & if I’m not mistaken, Pete is/was married to a black woman. I also don’t want a 3rd Base autobiography.

      Hopefully he’ll deliver on the legacy of the title, feel me?

      • $ykotic

        3rd Bass was iight back then. Wasn’t that respected. Pete was. Bklyn king. Serch was the buffoon with the choco brown on his arm(that everyone wanted to hit. I watched 3rd Bass perform @ Rapmania, and dudes from Rakim’s entourage was pulling that).

        • El Tico Loco

          3rd Bass wasn’t that respected, but when Vanilla Ice came along they didn’t seem so bad. Plus Serch already had a rep from the Music Seminar battles.

  • Curtis75Black

    I feel Pete Nice can actually pull it off, because for 1. they was straight up Hip Hop, unlike the Beastie Boys who was more Rock influenced. 2. they had mad respect from The black artists around that time(collabos with Nice & Smooth, Chubb Rock and can’t forget the Gas Face Video) and instead of giving props to a fraud like Vanilla Ice, dissed the shit outta him with Pop Goes the Weasel. Serch co-signed everyones crown prince with Nas on Back to the grill and made sure Illmatic was delivered.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      & don’t forget a young DOOM via K.M.D. on “Gas Face”…

      • Pierzy

        Co-Sign. I was about to say that Serch gets respect for what he did with NaS…good call fellas

  • stoneyisland

    3rd bass was legit as fuck, they still rank as the best white MC’s to do it. It’s a difference between mocking a culture and living a culture, Serch and Pete both were submerged in hip hop, not just rap music. Hence the mad props I give them, I have their entire catalog and I still bang them joints.

  • sealsaa

    “highly anticipated debut Asleep in the Bread Aisle”.

    “Highly anticipated” eh? Damn, Universal doesn’t have to lift a finger for promotion when they’ve got XXL doing the work for them. I don’t mean to nitpick, but, there it is. Yall might as well be a bus with a hugh billboard on the side of it. *counts the months till Asher Roth gets his own XXL cover*

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      For those who haven’t heard it yet (including me), Combat Jack reviewed it on his blog. Safe to say that it’s probably the most honest, unbiased one I’ve read; Dailymathematics.blogspot.com

  • http://foshiggadale.blogspot.com Foshiggadale

    If Roth does even Jadakiss numbers, he’ll be on the XXL cover before summer’s out, I’ll put money on it

  • hannibal

    He’s got the ridiculous wigger face on right now…

  • corlione39


    • Monty B.

      Um…. What?

    • anutha_level

      you IGNORANT bastid…go to school

  • byrd

    I feel what tony$ and c75 are saying they are looking at it from a point of view not some race card and co-sign i hope it not the life of 3rdbass but how black people started a funk back in the day and then you have a lot of white groups or people that now control rock and roll so to me rap/hip hop is the blackmans rock&roll there are so many more white rock bands than black and then in that way there are more black people spitting lines of fire then there are white people so it just goes to show that the times have changed and the white people might control some of the music but hip/hop is the brand new shit that everyone want a piece of the pie and thats a good thing like weather you like it or not JAY-Z WAS IN FORBES AT IN THE TOP TEN AND IF THAT IS NOT THE MAN LETTING YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS A CHANGE THEN OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE THAT THE BLACK MAN IS GETTING SOME POWER MAYBE NOT ALL BUT AT LEAST THE LIGHT HAS BEEN TURNED ON..

  • REAL TALK 09

    Where all my WIGGAZ At?…LOL

    • Monty B.

      They are at the mall buying oversized clothes and Lil’ Wayne cd’s.

      • LB

        Ha! Good one.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Pete is the man. This will be a great project.

  • Scott B

    3rd Bass was hot back in the day… The only white rappers at the time that could hold it down on the mic. There is room in black culture for white people, hell they more welcomed with us than they are with their own…

  • http://kingtime.ru/ KingTime

    их больше было О_о