Rick Ross’ Former Boss Praises Deeper Than Rap‘s Success

In light of Rick Ross’ chart topping Deeper Than Rap, Slip-N-Slide CEO Ted Lucas expressed confidence in his former artist’s ability to emerge unscathed from his battle with 50 Cent.

Though the third album from the Miami rapper did inferior first-week numbers to his first two outings, Deeper Than Rap managed to move an impressive 158,000 units, more than doubling up on the week’s next highest hip-hop debut, Asher Roth’s Asleep In The Bread Aisle. “When I heard about all that was going down, I knew that musically Ross would rebut by making great music and come out on top,” Lucas, who inked Ross to his first deal, told Billboard. “If he wants to get caught up in personal issues, that’s fine, but I never doubted him musically and lyrically.”

“Ross is an incredible rapper and not too many people can out-rap him,” praised Lucas further, putting to rest rumors of friction between himself and Ross. “I want his label, Maybach Music, to blow up. I want to see people I help get started doing things. I’m always going to be supportive of him.” – Devin Chanda

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  • Pierzy

    “Deeper Than Rap managed to move an impressive 158,000 units, more than doubling up on the week’s next highest hip-hop debut, Asher Roth’s Asleep In The Bread Aisle.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I never get tired of this!!

    • joe p

      “Ross is an incredible rapper and not too many people can out-rap him,” well i can name ten off the top of my head … this is a joke William Leonard Roberts II is what everyone should be callin him

  • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

    How one can escaped having every ounce of their credibility assaulted, lie about it, get caught up in the lies, and continue to behave like it didn’t happen, and still outdo an overrated and overhyped artist is beyond me…

    But is FUNNY AS FUCK.

    And no, neither of them is worth my money.

  • Mika

    album is a lot lot bettr than i thought it’d be….Bawse doing him n i cn rspct tht…


    “Ross is an incredible rapper and not too many people can out-rap him,”

    whoa… ted. lets not get ahead of ourselves. i like ross but…’incredible’ – he is NOT
    & many can outrap him

    • Enlightened

      Exactly. I was feeling Ted’s statement until he said some bullshit like that

  • bigrico

    i got the ross album and the roth album and 4 my money the boss has the better album hands down



  • The_Truth

    ***E-Class was on some real-n*gga sh*t on that one. . .respect.

    “I want his label, Maybach Music, to blow up. I want to see people I help get started doing things. I’m always going to be supportive of him.”


    Tha cd is strait, but watch 500k from the G.O.A.T. his first week. Eminem aint 2 be played with Ross. But Ross did get at 50 though.

  • Kabelo

    “I’m dodgin debacles like pot holes in Jamaica” – Bawse

  • This is the Realness

    You got put these sales in context with whats happening today. Nobody sells cds like they used to cause the internet has people stealing their music. If the economy and music scene was as hot as it was five to eight years ago Ross would have sold 500k to 600k. Of course five to eight years ago most of didnt even have hair on your nuts.



  • 239allday

    “Deeper Than Rap managed to move an impressive 158,000 units, more than doubling up on the week’s next highest hip-hop debut, Asher Roth’s Asleep In The Bread Aisle.”

    And these niggas at xxlmag still manage to mention Roth in an article that has absolutely nothing to do with him…How fat is the check that Roth’s record label is cutting

  • Nate

    “Ross is an incredible rapper and not too many can outrap him”

    I just looked up 30-40 references to various car names, jewelry pieces, and words for money.

    If I say them all am I better than Officer Ricky?? Forgot, i need to get some good producers to make me sound good. Good rappers are good even with bad production, they can rhyme tight over ANYTHING. Not Ricky. That’s why it took him almost a decade to blow up.

    Officer Ricky- Battle him but don’t beat him- he’ll call his friends to arrest you.

  • Nate

    Random rapper name from region superior to Ross popped into my head: Luda WAY better than Ross, Andre 3000, etc, etc. I did this with Wayne.. don’t we know already 100 rappers in the country (more like 400) better RAPPING than Ross???

    Someone like Joell Ortiz may not drive 300K whips but you know that he is out of Ross’s league so I don’t care if he talks about rolling in a Camry instead of a Maybach because I can believe that he OWNS that Camry unlike the compulsive liar RR saying he owns the Maybach.


  • Officer Ricky

    He is fake and you guys embrace this fat fucker!! I am gonna start rapping too Officer Ricky and make up the same lies and be on the cover of XXL….XXL pulled their panties down on that one!!

  • RWord

    FYI, 50cent is a monkey.

  • JR

    Since when is 158,000 impressive. They make it seem like he went gold the first week!! Def Jam is hilarious LOL!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com defnition@yahoo.com

    i have a lot of respect for any man or women thats trying to do right for his family i think the world now dayz is about fronting on what they have and what they don’t have in stead of being greatful for what they have instead of fronting like its bigger than it is. and acting like we have to act like we are bigger than what we really are. so there for i dont knock mr.ross for his past as long as he learns from what he done within his life. and thats what i call deeper than Rap itself.
    Rick Ross keep doing your thang (up in smoke)


    “only lived once but i got two kids, for me to feed them both i’ll get two gigs. i’ll shovel shit i’ll c.o., so we can bow our heads & pray over the meatloaf” – ross on Valley Of Death

    • macdatruest

      Hell Yea, Ross got off on that shit, and him and Foxxy Brown both got off on that 09′ Bonnie and Clyde. That Rick Ross shit is bumpin’ like fuck to me. But thats me, I like music.

  • DUDE


  • DUDE


  • muthaFr

    Rawse Album is only aight because he everyone else on every song makes it aight. Get it through ur heads. He ain’t shit with out collabos

  • Earlee30

    Hands down Ross put out a good album. As far as someone saying nobody ain’t selling records like that no more is a liar. I am one of many people that support artist and actually buy the album. Personally he should have sold more. The reason? The Magnificent single was ok. It was not like The Boss when Trilla came out. By far the best song on the album is Cigar Music. His album may end up being a slow burner meaning is sell over time.

    • macdatruest

      nah, Maybach Music 2 wit Kanye and Wayne. Kanye when in on Fiddy

      There he go sayin my clothes look extra tight/but I forgot my limelight look extra bright

      I hit the club and the hoes get extra hype, you hit the club and the hoes turn extra dyke

      Wayne, that go witout sayin’ that’s the finisher

      Ross for the win

  • Nefarious

    I blame the new generation of rap listeners…Yo in the golden age.. fuck that when Pac and Big was alive, alot of this bitchassness was to a minimum. A ninja career would be done if:

    1. A grown man kiss another grown man in the mouth, around the mouth, too close to the face etc… U would be labeled,dissed and laughed right out of hiphop.

    2. If your a drug dealer rapper, and it got found out that u were an informant, or was a police, or worked for the police, or worked for the prison… its the same beast.. Yo ass would have got dissed and the backlash would have been so bad you couldnt make no more music…

    but lyrically I can’t front Ross can go. I just dont like how he tried to insult my intellegence by saying that picture wasn’t him.

  • Nefarious

    as far as the beef goes, 50 is a comedian… Like I think that is one of his callings.. That is a funny as ninja; and ross calling him a monkey… its more like a statement, they both kinda favor….




    fuck officer ricky!!!! gay-wack music is over!!!

  • I am legend

    say what u want who care if he was a c.o. his music cranks and his album is good money dudes need 2 stop hatin.

  • macdatruest

    Let’s say I fronted on Ross cause he was a CO and didnt buy his album. How many garbage ass rappers out here is it that wasn’t CO’s, but they still fuckin suck. Yayo album was called Thoughts of a Felon, and that was some fuck as shit and he aint real, suckin’ Fiddy dick to keep food on his plate. Any nigga that gotta eat of another man’s whims is a bitch. Loyalty? Only niggas on G-Unit is niggas who keep they mouth shut until they get a call from Fiddy to handle whatever beefs he can’t handle lyrically ( Lloyd Banks or Hot Rod) or in the street (Spider and 40 glocc) So the way I see it, just cause a nigga fucked they life up and never could get a job, or whether they just do like Yayo and suck dick for crack money, being a CO aint the end of the world. Especially if you make music, and you make good music. “Look I got shot nine (really three) times, I don’t need talent” yea fuckin right. Yall niggas is gay who hatin Maybach Music. Go bump 3am and I Crack Bottles

  • latino heat

    people gotta understand that Ted Lucas making those statements about Ross being one of the best rappers in the game, this is the same guy that signed Plies and Trina. what the fuck does he know about lyrics?

  • doughboi773

    why do people keep sayin Eminem is sooooo incredible…dont get me wrong he’s dope…but he was jus a crazy ass white dude who rapped about killin nsync and his moms and baby moms and doin drugs and shit…..his last album was trash and i aint heard shit great so far coming from relapse…..he 38…..aftermath reign may be ova wit

    • doughboi773

      and i know he gon put up numbers in his first week…but who gives a fuck if the music is trash….Curtis last cd sold more than paper trail its first week as well as american gangster blueprint..all jeezy cds..and Curtis was a terrible album….50 stans always bringin up numbers but who gives a fuck…the music is Trash



  • yoprince

    i’m too cool for lame dudes to ridicule – ross

  • husslinni

    You did it Ross. Real reconginze Real. Quit hatin the South. 158000 people(including me) know who the real Boss is and know the messy mofo in NY is a “has been”.

  • chillin mayne

    “not many can out-rap ross”

    i dont know if das da exact qoute and i dont care cuz that shit is so blatantly disrespectful and hearty laugh inducing that im rollin in laughter as i type…i am litrally lmao…im watchin as parts of my ass fall to the floor, thats how hard im laughin…here let me give a 50 percent of half heartedness attempt at outrappin ross..

    my dish is deep fried lobster with a broiled plate of crab / puffin cigars with mobsters, in a villa on da water in trinidad / boss dont ride planes, da jet ski go to jamaica / u can disrespect me wenever u want, as long as its for the paper

    • latino heat

      somebody get this man a deal! he spits that hot fire! and yes, i co-sign, you do sound like you can rap circles around Bitch Ross.