Raekwon Talks Aftermath Deal, Busta Rhymes’ Decision To Leave Label

In an interview with XXLMag.com, Wu-Tang rapper Raekwon spoke about his relationship with legendary West Coast producer Dr. Dre, and the near deal with his label, Aftermath Records.

While the partnership fell through, with Rae eventually signing to EMI to release his highly-anticipated follow up to 1995’s classic disc, Only Built For Cuban Linx, the Staten Island rapper said he is unsure if longtime associate Busta Rhymes’ decision to leave Aftermath was affected by his contract never materializing. Bussa Bus was originally slated to executive produce the project, although he no longer holds the position. 

“Busta left after our situation was already not gonna happen,” he told XXL. “Busta might have felt like he was’ getting the proper energy he needed to get, so really one ain’t have nothing to do with two, but you never know at the end of the day, you know what I mean. I don’t know, I can’t call that.”

Despite never inking with Dre’s imprint, Rae managed to secure some heat from the Doc for OB4CL 2, along with a slew of other super producers including Pete Rock, J Dilla, Marley Marl, The Alchemist, Eric Sermon and Wu maestro The Rza.

OB4CL 2 is currently scheduled for August 11 release date. – Elan Mancini

Stay tuned for XXLMag.com’s full-length Raekwon feature coming soon.

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  • yoprince

    can’t wait. track with game is proper. i hope GFK is prominently featured.

    • thedude

      ^co-sign, ghostface definitely gonna make an appearance. cant wait for this.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Fuck Yea! Can’t Wait, Come On Rae Bring It!

  • $ykotic

    Industry politics at it’s finest. Rae’s Myspace page has been throwing heat the past year.

    Looking forward to the feature.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    The first one is fire so hopefully this one can live up to it in this era…I got a gut feeling it will

  • anutha_level

    long over due, can’t wait. the first one impacted the shit outta my life at the time…and in a couple ways even saved it.

  • Shade45

    Man, that was alot of info!! All i got was 1 to the 2 equals 3 and bada bing.

  • Q! tha Great!

    drop that sh*t Rae!! WTF is wrong with Aftermath?!?!?! They always have some of the best rhymers on their roster and then just fuck off the opportunity. Rakim,Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Joell Ortiz, The Game, Stat Quo, Young Buck … hell I’ll even say Bishop Lamont. They sitting on him so long he gonna fall into obscurity too.

    How are they suppose to maintain the throne with a declining three-headed monster (Dre, Eminem, 50) having to resurrect the label.

    not that I’m a hater, I love Aftermath but with all these great artists that fell through their fingers, a “Detox” album that has yet to surface and declining interest in 50 Cent’s so-called beefs, they gotta come with the heat!!! If not, it’s a wrap!

    I’m just sayin’

  • romil

    August, man that’s a long time he betters top leaking trax.

  • tony

    First of all. Rae is the man. Dre making beats and other producer on the track. Will help this Album go Gold or Platium. Need somebody to help New York sells again. Busta went out like a Bitch. He let G-Unot Bitches kill his homeboy. He did not do Shit about it. That’s a Bitch in my book. Busta is a good Rapper.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    I’ll never understand how a label can have Rakim and Raekwon on it and never work with them to develop a full album.

    • tru predator

      from what i read rakim said he couldnt handle dres perfectionist work ethic.rakim said dre was wantin him to come in and kill every track

      • tru predator

        though he holds no ill will towards dre.they are still cool even though he left

  • Cinsere

    “OB4CL 2 is currently scheduled for August 11 release date”

    Yeah? What year?!

  • DUDE


  • the legend

    true i kinda agree with the dude i think the rza should do the majority of the albu with just a few other producers such as erick sermon maybe inspectah deck

  • BGZ

    Fuck a Dr. Dre…

    • tru predator

      ummmmm hater

  • tru predator

    ill tell yall why aftermath cant hold all these top artists under one roof.to much ego and everyone wants to work with dre he cant work with all of them. thats why it takes forever for albums to drop not to mention he is a perfectionist.

  • dark vanilla

    I just looked at Aftermaths roster and this is who it consists of:
    Dr. Dre
    50 Cent
    Bishop Lamont
    Marsha Ambrious
    This label has fallen off big time. It seems that if you don’t suck Dre’s, Em’s, and 50′s dick, then your off the label. That’s why I think Bishop is still on.

  • TheRefriedMexican


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  • Icons @ Large

    The problem with Dre is He procrastinates to fuckin much ! I mean don’t get me wrong , The man is a proven winner when it comes to beats and makin them hits ! But it’s something all together different when you have artists like a Rakim, Busta , And Rae that we all know gonna spit fire on all they tracks and you let them sit on the sidelines like that . 1, Rakim gets a pass because dude was doin it from the jump . Rakim should have been telling Dre , ” No this is how I want it to go ” . Instead of beefin behind the scenes with Dre . 2, Busta has his own signature style, Flow, and Following . You don’t fucks wit that ! You let that shit ride ! 3, Rae showed from both the Cuban Linx album, and the Wu Joints his full range . ( Which is from Coast to Coast !) I think Dre Fucked up on this one personally .