Update: Mos Def, DMX & Big Pun’s Wifeys Dish The Dirt On E!’s True Hollywood Stories

Later this month E! will premiere their latest installment of True Hollywood Stories focusing on rappers’ wives.

XXLMag.com has learned that the one-hour program will feature Mrs. Paul Wall, Crystal Slayton; Mrs. DMX, Tashera Simmons; Mrs. Uncle Luke, Kristen Cambell; Mrs. Mos Def, Alana Wyatt; and Mrs. Big Pun, Liza Rios. The show will include interviews with the woman as well as exclusive access into the hip-hop couple’s lives.

This will be the second time the cable network has profiled rappers’ wives. In 2006 Ice-T, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, Diddy and Big Boi were among the MC’s whose wives spoke on their relationships.

Rapper Wives: The E! True Hollywood Story airs on April 29. – Elan Mancini

Update: The show will now air on Wednesday, May 13 at 10 p.m. 

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  • http://www.yahoo.com Streets Is Watchin

    Hope this aint no Tia Told Me shit….

    Umbrellas Up High Bitches


    412 ALL DAY


    ya digs

  • lea

    the first one was good! but i think they couldve chosen the wives of more relevant artists tho! i thought DMX was up for divorce?

    • Phil

      So…Mos Def and Big Pun are irrelevant now? Wow, great way to respect the dead.

  • DownSouth

    I wouldn’t mind hearing Master P’s I mean P. Miller’s wife speak on their relationship.


  • capcobra

    nobody need hear the wives p.o.v…they only famous because of who they’re married to…you don’t see stedman doing interviews…these bitches need to sit down and shut the fuck up.

    • geico lizard

      Co-sign stedman graham knows how to shut the fuck up. Oprah told stedman snitches end up in ditches.

    • BIGNAT

      stedman still has not married oprah i would have been like that chappelle show skit on oprah. i would be rolling in money mwhahahahah OPRAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    hahaha @ that steadman shit…..made my shitty day hahaha….but thats true u dont see that dude shittin on oprah on how she too fat and needs 352.68 pounds of food per day to survive….these bitches need to shut up & be grateful these niggas stayed with their ass

  • fireforreal

    I wonder if Big pun’s wife when comment on how he pistol whipped her ass on camera. She can talk to Rihanna about standing by your man no matter what lol !

  • dark vanilla

    lea, do you know why they haven’t stayed relevant. Cuz none of the relevant artist today have wives. Instead they got baby mommas.