LL Cool J Speaks The Truth On E! [With Exclusive Clip]

Tomorrow night (April 15) LL Cool J: The E! True Hollywood Story will premiere on the small screen chronicling the Queens, NY rap vet’s 25 years in the game.

Featuring interviews with the self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. as well as Diddy, Russell Simmons, LL’s wife Simone and Mother Ondrea, the one hour special offers insight into the MCs quest to become the greatest of all time.

Other highlights in the show include a retelling of the shocking story of his mother and grandfather being shot by his biological father when LL was only four-years-old, the Def Jam MC’s first hip-hop concert breaking out in gunfire and how Simmons discovered him. LL’s wife will also talk about their two-and-a-half-year separation.

The LL Cool True Hollywood Story airs on Wednesday April 15 at 10 p.m. EST on E!.

In related news, as XXLMag.com broke earlier this month, Rapper Wives: The E! True Hollywood Story will premiere on April 29. Mrs. Paul Wall, Crystal Slayton; Mrs. DMX, Tashera Simmons; Mrs. Uncle Luke, Kristen Cambell; Mrs. Mos Def, Alana Wyatt; and Mrs. Big Pun, Liza Rios will all speak with the network about their relationships with the hip-hop stars. – Elan Mancini

Watch an exclusive clip of LL Cool J: The E! True Hollywood Story below.

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  • $ykotic

    Rick Rubin IS Def Jam. Give the man his props.

  • REAL TALK 09

    LONG LIVE DAT G.O.A.T…..LL is da shyt!

  • jburg

    Gotta catch that. Still got love for LL mans been doing it a long ass time. Not the Greatest of ALL time but gotta be put in that category. Maybe the greatest of his time.

  • RL

    LL is one of the GOAT. He’s one of the originators.

    • BIBBS


  • fireforreal

    I gotta check that out. I love this kinda shit on artist’s who have been in the game long enough to have influenced all these so called hot rappers out now. LL really knows not only how to create a song from start to finish but is a real business man. That’s what’s up. Where the haters at ?

    • ronnie

      sorry, ll can no longer be considered a god mc. he was destroyed by moe dee and annihilated by ‘bus. he has came out with more wack tunes than classics. as a businessman, he is on top of his game by re-inventing himself to stay relevant. other than that, ll is not in the top 20 of god mc’s

      • jburg

        I have a feeling you been drinking your haterade!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Aww man no hate here, ‘I need love’ LOL

    *no homo*

  • Fireforreal

    Ronnie you sound like a dummy. How can you say he’s stay relevant by reinventing himself and say he’s wack ? Don’t get me wrong. LL is not the G.O.A.T or even in the top 5 but to say he isn’t in the top 20 ? yeah you have to been drinkin that syrup or smokin that sherm because you sound mad like your Canibus yourself lol! But seriously LL just like all rappers with 7 plus albums has had some wack joints but where is The so called career of Canibus and Kool moe dee ? exactley Canibus won the battle but Ll won the war.

    • ronnie

      read below. you will learn something and hopefully you won’t put up any more idiotic comments such as this again

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Damn……..where’s Curtis75Black when we need him??????

    I think a lot of people consider LL the GOAT because of the many, many things he brought to the forefront of the culture. Keep in mind we are talking 3 decades ago, progression, diversity, showmanship, the whole package in regards to not only rapping, but MCing as well. Just think about it for a minute.

    If you’re not well versed in your Cool J history, then nevermind; you won’t understand or agree anyway. If you are however, marinate on what I said.

  • Curtis75Black

    Tony G, You’re so funny !! I’m definitely checking this out. Anyone with a 24 years of Hip Hop straight through deserves mad props. Alot of peeps like to put Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and even Kool G. Rap ahead of him but seriously rapping style aside, Where the Hell are they ?!! They were all paralles of eachother when it comes to subject manner because they all ripped the mic, had a fondness for the ladies and spoke on street shit. Uncle L lasted longer because of his diverse musical taste. G.O.A.T. status is based on your era of Hip Hop and I had no issue with a emcee who started when I was 9 calling himself The G.O.A.T. I always say years after the fact, peeps will appreciate the man and his music. I find it funny how niggas still to this day complain on his “lack” of Hardcore but sleep on his shit when it drops. Exit 13 is a prime example. This cat has mad Underground tracks that goes back 10 years. A real fan will appreciate it, all you have to do is look for it. His Catalog is sicker than you think but if you came up in his Phenonemon era, I understand.

  • Curtis75Black

    To all the fans who’s gonna come on here and talk about his R&B flavored Hip Hop like it’s the only thing he’s ever done, don’t forget to look at Nas for fuckin’ with Kelis, Amerie and Lauryn Hill on Occasion. Don’t forget to look at Pac for His Countless R&B flavored tracks. Don’t forget to look at Biggie with his singles One More Chance and Juicy or Jay-Z with his Mary J. Blige and Countless Beyonce collaborations. Heavy D anyone ?, Big Daddy Kane anyone ? Rakim off his 2 solo cds. Ghostface was never shy and neither was Raekwon, Camay anyone ? Ice cream ?. I mean if you don’t like Pussy, I can see why you wouldn’t like these tracks. If you’re not into females, I can see why you don’t like these tracks.

    • ronnie

      i grew up during the golden era in nc and tried to get my hands on every hip hop track i could find. even to this day, i get on sites to listen like this one trying to find what’s new for i still love this culture called hip hop. i’m a traditionalist meaning what you spit on the mic will make you a god mc. not record sells but lyrics. now let’s discuss ll. first, lets talk about the battles. if you are a true hip hop head, you can not say that ll won those wars with moe dee and ‘bus. come on, let’s be real. ll was destroyed by moe dee and ‘bus. that was total bitch move of ll rhymin after ‘bus. and, please, lets get over the record sells determine winner crap as well. a dope mc is a dope mc. its obvious that kids by into this notion from reading some of these most ridiculous comment i’ve ever read. i mean god rakim and god kool g rap used ll as a role model for their flow? are you kidding me?

      now, his catologue. yes, tony, i follow ll to this very day thanks to youtube and my barber and pump radio with a passion. i think we all can agree that ll stayed relevant by understanding sex sells and trying to nab hot kids in the game for a posse cut to show that he still has it. gods Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G. Rap are still rhymin, black, with heads such as myself wishing that would head to the raleigh area for a show. occasionally, gods hit chapel hill for the cradle but that for those that understand. to be honest, god kane wrote the blueprint that ll is following with the sex=sells bit. if you are not familiar, google him. gods rakim and kool g rap stayed true to the art of being a lyricist. my god, one may argue that god rakim is the best mc ever with god krs-one. sorry, i have god biggie at #7 on my list. i’ve made several references to my favorite god krs-one joint and will conclude this paragraph with the following:

      No bogus hocus pocus, I bring back to focus
      Skills if you notice my position is lotus
      Now quote this, MC’s are just hopeless
      Thinkin record sales make them the dopest

      now, the same kids that are posting that i am hating are the same kids that are hurting the game now. because i have an opinion that makes sense and doesn’t agree with the other simpletons on here, i’m considered a hater. no, a person that has a different opinion is not hating but being an individual. in fact simple simon, go pass go and collect $200 kids need to get their pants dirty for still calling a kid a hater. but i digress. you are remembered by what you spit. true, ll the businessman created the blue print that mc are following to stay relevant. no one can not deny that. in fact, to me, he is the prototype for the mc mogul. but it seriously ticks me when most kids haven’t even heard of death blow.

  • El Tico Loco

    If you listen to some old LL you might notice that a lot rappers have taken something out his style that included BDK, Rakim, and G Rap if you analyze LL’s style you could hear the T La Rock and older Kool Moe Dee so it’s all part of evolution.

    • Curtis75Black

      LL is one of the most bitten emcees in Hip Hop history but niggas wouldn’t know that because they don’t know the history of LL and don’t listen to his music. I feel Uncle L has gotten better with time because he’s not on that 17-22 year old shit. His collabos with DJ Scratch and Marley Marl are spectacular and that’s 2009 shit – Believe that !!

  • Detroit Draper

    Yea Im not too confident in his new material but LL has some historical great albums with witty intelligence lyricism to match some of those pop singles…just listen to his album GOAT its really the best showcase of his street rhymes and few candy but good female driven songs

  • John Cauner

    Jack The Ripper, one of the best, ever.


    Man give LL some respect man…That nigga been in the game since damn near the beginning…He was the 1st artist to sign to DEF JAM back in 1984 under Russell Simmons along with the Beastie Boys, Kurtis Blow, Run DMC and Public Enemey!! Come on mannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

    “No Rapper can rap quite like I can, I’ll take a muscle bound man and put his face in the sand.”

    Yall young cats don’t know nothing about that man! that’s why yall up here hating on the man!!! GO CHECK OUT THE MOVIE “CRUSH GROOVE” That’s a hip hop classic right there……

  • http://www.xxlmag.com matthew246

    ll cool j has BARBADIAN HERITAGE-doug e fresh,grandmasterflash,afrika bambatta,mr lif and akrobatik(BARBADOS/CARIBBEAN STAND UP!)

  • Avery

    LL is the best and he is so dog on versatile. listen to his underground too. He keeps that gutta music below cause LL is a cultural icon