Lil Wayne Sues QDIII Over The Carter Documentary

Lil Wayne has filed a lawsuit against the production company behind The Carter, a documentary about him, according to Radar Online.

The flick recently debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and Weezy claims he was never given approval over the final cut as promised before the premiere. He also alleges that the film portrays him in a negative light.

QDIII, who is listed as one of the five co-producers of the film, was specifically targeted in the suit, along with his company QDIII Entertainment and it’s affiliate Digeratti Holdings, LLC.

The son of legendary musician Quincy Jones, QDIII has had his hand in a long list of hip-hop related docs including the Beef DVD series, Crips and Bloods: Made In America and Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel. As of press time emails to him have not been answered.

Wayne, who filed the legal papers on March 23 in Los Angels Supreme Court, is suing for breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, unfair business practices, fraud, invasion of privacy and injunctive relief. It is unclear how much money the rapper is seeking. – Elan Mancini

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  • EmCDL

    Damn Weezy don’t you got enough money as it is?


    Wayne is a fag. “Portrayed in a negative light”??

    So kissing men, doing coke, promoting drug use and addiction, getting your lips peirced like Libaratchi, acting like a moron, telling people that reading is for “lames”, being an arrogant prick, advocating idiocy & misogony, and promoting youth gang violence are not actions that portray YOURSELF in a negative light?

    Its all part being the “best rapper alive” right? Get the fuck outta here…

    • dex

      Thank You for the “nawledge”

    • D-Block

      you forgot to mention KILLING HIP HOP. i fuckin wisk i could meet up with this little fuckin bitch just once..

  • big ry

    yep,that sums it sign

  • http://XXL CALHOUN


  • Nate

    Waaaaaahhhhh! QDIII told on me! He told all those grown ups about how I shot myself/wet myself, tongue kissed daddy, and stole all the cough syrup! Waaaaaahhhh!!!!

    I’m gonna go live with the aliens because they don’t say such MEAN things about my life!

    Wait, I gotta tell Katie again how much I don’t care because I’m a “GANGSTA”

    Bitch Boy needs to do some more duets with Office Ricky Ross. I love the line on the XXL where he says,
    “I’ve never had a credebility problem and still don’t”

    Well, it’s not like trying to be healed little bitch boys.. you don’t speak something into existence. Wayne is still a little bitch boy, and Ross is a oversized bully Whale who can’t rap.

  • rrahha

    go to, he’s suing dj drama and bunch of other dj’s as well. just disgusting….

  • What the ?

    For fuck sakes, can’t anybody deal outside of the got damn court system ? what happened to a mans word and a handshake, fucking pathetic grown men filing lawsuits and others going against their word, this is simple to deal with out of the laws hands, wake up and quit fueling these greedy ass lawyers and learn how to get things done out of the court system for once.

  • El Tico Loco

    He might use the settlement to pay for that sample.

  • El Tico Loco

    He might use the settlement to pay for that sample. Robbing Peter to pay Paul

  • Trenton Watts

    Preach NAWLEDGE Preach. Lil Wayne is talking straight out his ass! Negative light. Please you little punk bitch go kill yourself, Ohh my bad your already doing it! Easy it’s the west in me man Fredrick rd to the Vodoc bitches Bmore careful!

  • D-Block

    i just look at that faggots face i want to fucking kill him.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I just saw the video of Wayne and Baby kissing on 106 and park. The reaction of the crowd and Free and AJ was priceless. Wayne saying “I’m the only one Baby kisses” and Poor Manny Fresh nervously explaing why two grown as men just kissed each other in the mouth on national TV…. Its over at WSHH. SMH

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Man I remeber the interview in XXL were Wayne tells the story about when he shot himself. He said somthing like. I smoked to much weed, and you know I’m a little nigga so I can only take 1 or two blunts” “I was playing with the gun and shot myself in the chest”


  • zayzkidd

    QDIII must be exposing that boy, I really wanna see it now!!!

    Go check out that Southcidal Shiit Nicca!!!

    “we the ones who really lead”

  • KSA1001

    I swear, the comments are the best part of this site most of the time.

  • dbys

    i agree ksa1001

  • juju

    yall are crazy, lil wayne IS tha best rapper alive! fuck all u others who hate on him

  • Tamika

    Whats up Little wayne I am from gaston north carolina. I like all you songs. My name is Tamika Dickens I am 33 years and that you are so cute.

  • Magnolia Dee da G

    That dnt make you a faggot cus u pierce ur lip…2pac pierced his damn nose…Lyrically Lil Wayne is the best Rapper alive he actually makin ppl wanna be a damn rapper and write sum shit das on dey minds let dat man speak his damn mind, He is da Greatest and he speakin shit dat he saw just like the rappers b.g. lil slim,Jay-Z, Turk and Juve thawt him to do and He bringin it bakk to da Fukkin N.O. Bitch yall hatin cus da south run dis Fuck all Yall hatas, Magnolia All Day Bitch!