Jadakiss Continues To Lead The Pack, Rappers Absent From Top 40

While Jadakiss continues to sit at the hip-hop throne on the Billboard 200, there are only four rap acts in the top 40 this week.

Last week Jada’s Def Jam debut, The Last Kiss, surprised everyone when it scored the no. 3 spot, selling 134,520 units after seven days on the shelves. The rapper told XXLMag.com that everyone “underestimated him.” This go-around the Yonker’s MC took a predictable hit, falling 3 spots to no. 6, with fans scooping up 44,780 discs. After two weeks The Lox rapper has an overall number of 179,110 according to Nielsen’s SoundScan.

Label mate The-Dream appears 14 slots down at no. 20 with his sophomore album Love Vs. Money. The singer/songwriter moved an additional 12,220 copies of his disc this week, bringing his total sales figures to 314,450.

Following close behind at no. 21 is “Right Round” rapper Flo Rida with his latest album R.O.O.T.S. Fans purchased 18,780 CDs this week, making his three week tally stand at 105,880.

Underground Kings UGK slide 8 spots this week to no. 28 with their final group album UGK 4 Life. In their third week on the charts, the Southern vets pushed 14,810 discs out of stores, giving them a full sum of 117,470 discs sold.

Grand Hustle leader T.I. lands 4 spots down at no. 32 this week racking up an additional 13,130 in sales of his 6th solo album, Paper Trail. After 29 weeks on the charts Tip is coming closer to double platinum status, with 1,890,680 CDs sold.

Next week expect to see Miami Boss Rick Ross’ much hyped Deeper Than Rap and XXL Freshman Asher Roth’s Asleep in the Bread Aisle to ransack the Top 10. [Watch the XXL staff’s sales projections below]. -Elan Mancini

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  • Worley

    Jada outsold Flo-Rida. I love it.

    • joe p

      thank god jada out sold flo rida … i dont kno what i woulda done … i still cant believe he sold 100 k lol he blows dick …

  • big skiz

    i predict that chief wiggum will sale atleast 8 albums. atleast

    • eaztcoast

      LMFAO chief wiggum

      • Truth To Power

        Yall 50 cent cock consumers can keep screamin that “officer Rickyyy” ish if you want to. That Deeper Than Rap is flames!!!! That nigga Rick goes in from start to finish. Fif is my dude but he failed on this one. You’d have to be a true dillz rida to hear The Boss cd and say it’s wack just cause Curtis tryin to destroy him. This ain’t no Ja Rule situation, trust me. This kid cd is retarded. Eat ya words on the way to the store to cop that if yall still got room…

  • big skiz

    no wait i think the big boss man will probably top the billboard top 9000 and sale 12 albums comin in 8755th place beating kriss krosses come back album by three slots. boss. real co’s dont even respect you. bitch

  • Avenger XL

    Call me when Jada goes gold. Oh yeah how many did his label order? The Buzz is not there to make it a real triumph for jada unless D block is putting it out through Koch or Universal in which case 179,000 is serious gwap.

    DAAAAAMMMMMN Florhida is doing horrible for his status as a top billing artist.

  • John Cochran

    Lemme just say I support Hiphop period. I copped Jada, it was ass. I was highly disappionted. I traded that shit in and got Ross’ shit yesterday. It hurts me to say, Ross’ is better.

  • http://xxl jg

    can anyone go gold anymore?

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      jada will eventually, but no. it’s a great achievement now.

      • Avenger XL

        Note: it will take the remainder of this year and part of next year for Jada to go gold(If then). That is right the recession will be over by the time he goes gold.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    John Cochran is the only one telling the fucking truth.

    Jada’s shit was ass leaking like rappers demo’s. Sorry…. I been fucking with the turtle since he was in them shiny suits, and the red leather joint on the first Lox cover. But that album was trash…FOR A JADA ALBUM..

    And yes sad to say Bawse’s album is better.

  • RiZob

    i heard Asher Roth smashed the homie….

  • REAL TALK 09

    sales are waaaaaaaay down,..here cumz the HIP HOP IZ DEAD movement!..LOL

  • chillin mayne

    wait…by stating “rick ross album was better”, yall do mean musically i presume…cuz lyrically…well…lyrically…ross…. lyrically….serious??…garbajay! all he talk bout is seafood and money in a very unclever way…if u wan here sum real ballin shit wit witty lines, go cop dat “get ya mind correct”..yea dat shit is old, but itll show u how to do it….
    “wat it do?, its paul wallabe / i ride deep dishes, im a expert at pottery / ….paul, u actin like a son of a B / i b, runnin my mouf like my tongue got a knee”

  • chillin mayne

    “all da women always claimin dat dey in-de-pendent / be da same women starin at da diamonds in, da pendant / ladies want him to spend it / he gets offended, and kicks em out da car, like a liscence been suspended” – chamilly

    “buy a ad on da back of a carton of milk / and ask “have u seen the roof for the car with the stilts” / im thinkin, da rims get any bigger under da coupe? / den ima have to jump out da coupe wit a parachute / sprewell rims on da lawn mower, it dont need to be fast / cuz wen it slow up, da rims’ll keep trimmin da grass….chamilly

  • latino heat

    i said it before and i’ll say it again. choosing between Ross and Roth is like choosing if you want aids or cancer. i choose to stay away from both.
    i don’t care how dope people say Ross’s album is, i don’t want to hear that lyrically handicap muthafucka repeat his name for a hour. just because everybody is saying “the beats are so hot”. ask those same people how the lyrics are, … yeah dead silence.

  • The_Truth


    Real Talk.

  • Kabelo

    What happened to Jim Jones, is it really that bad??? Hell is hot y’all heard X – LMFAO

  • Nate

    Ricky lost the first 5-7 years that he tried to convince people he was relevant.
    50 only responded because the donut king wanted attention and called him out. Just because he keeps making mediocre disses doesn’t mean 50 didn’t already son him. You little children can’t recognize the real. When 50 exposed the Officer and showed what he can do by demonstrating that DJ Salads mother could be touched. Ricky is just constantly lying to the whole world. 50 shows and proves.

    Officer Ricky is nothing but hate and fakery.
    Fairy tale imagery, and daydream world he lives in where he thinks he is fashionable. No girl would be with Fatty Hoe or Officer Ricky unless they think they are gonna get some money out of it, that’s why Ricky loves hookers and diseases.

  • Nate

    This ain’t Ja Rule because at least Ja Rule can drop them thangz and box with 50. Officer Bitchy doesn’t want it live and in person with 50 or else he would offer a serious physical challenge. Even Game is more willing to get in the ring and throw down. RR is nothing but empty threats and bullying lies to himself and others. If you ever have been around law enforcement the personality profile matches. The officer just hides in a cloud of smoke and slang.