Eminem is in full promotional mode. Earlier this morning (April 23) the Detroit superstar appeared on Angela Yee’s Lip Service show on his own Shade 45 Sirius Satellite Radio channel. During the interview Em hinted at his return to the silver screen, revealed more details on his upcoming comeback album and talked about his new single.

With Relapse, his first solo album in close to five years, hitting stores in the coming weeks, Shady told Yee that he is already preparing to drop another song from the project. Two weeks ago, MTV premiered the comical “We Made You” clip, which found Em following his familiar tactics, playing dress up and making fun of several pop culture mainstays like Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian, but for his new single Em plans on going in a different direction.

The song, titled "3 A.M.," “ is a lot darker than 'We Made You,'” Em said. Adding, “ the whole album is different from the single.” The rapper said the video, which was shot in his hometown of Detroit, MI, is already done and will be dropping soon.

Asked if he tried any different approaches musically this go-around Em said with Dr. Dre producing most of the album, he was allowed to focus more on being creative with his vocal presence. “Dre made a lot of tracks,” he explained, “and I would get to pick through ’em and I tried to pick the ones that would challenge me rhythm wise. I tried to experiment with a bunch of different flows, “ he admitted. “I try to do that every album, but this album I actually got an opportunity to sit down, and go all out with, and try to make every flow different and just pick unique beats.”

Aside from Relapse, whose cover art recently spilled onto the Net, Em’s longtime manager and business partner Paul Rosenberg told listeners that the rapper will be making a cameo in a movie this summer. Without giving any further information Rosenberg said, “It’s kind of like a big deal.” Em added that he’s open to returning to the film world, “We’re definitely open to scripts and I’m definitely looking to get back into it soon,” he said enthusiastically.

Em graces the cover of the new XXL magazine as Marvel comic book character The Punisher, which hits stands on May 5. Relapse is set to come to shelves on May 19, with the sequel to the disc to be released sometime later this year. – Elan Mancini