E-40 Concert Ends In Violence, One Man Shot Dead

Just four months after a shootout occurred following his sold out concert in Denver, it was reported today (April 3) that a man was killed outside of an E-40 performance in Colorado Springs.

According to The Gazette, a local Colorado Springs newspaper, a man was fatally shot in the parking lot of Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center earlier this morning. The identity of the victim, described as being in his late 20s, has not been released and the motive for the crime is unknown. A 22-year-old man by the name of Terry Gaines, Jr. was arrested shortly after the incident.

Around midnight police discovered the victim shot in his car. They heard bullets rang out as people exited the venue and then spotted a vehicle speeding down the road. Following a chase on Interstate 25, Gaines, who was the only man in the car, was obtained and later taken in by detectives.

As XXLMag.com previously reported, in late December five people were wounded after gunfire erupted at another 40 Water event in Colorado. The Bay Area rapper denied involvement in the altercation. “E-40 and [his] management want to state unequivocally that E-40 and his camp were uninvolved in the unfortunate incident at Club Vinyl in Denver on Dec. 27, 2008,” a statement sent to MTV News read. “Neither E-40 nor anyone traveling with him was in the venue at the time. In fact, E-40 had concluded his performance and [had] been back in the hotel room.”

As of press time 40 has not commented on the latest occurrence. – Elan Mancini

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  • Worley

    Like most dudes, I love this hip-hop, and this rap stuff
    But I don’t like the shows, where the ignorant act up

    It’s wack for the group, plus the others who came
    to see a fat ass show, instead there’s bullets aflame

    Gang Starr, “Itz a Set Up”

  • ri067953

    Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center? Damn, what a venue to perform at…

  • Jamal7Mile

    *2nd attempt to post*

    What is it with E-40 and the state of Colorado?! Didn’t DJ Quik once say that Denver was “Just Lyke Compton”?

    **side note – XXL, you have to do something about the bugs on your site. I don’t know who powers XXLmag but can’t possibly be even Top 50% in the business! Now I’m going back over to the Blog about Mom and Pop shops to RETYPE my response.

    • 619

      Quik didn’t say it like that, I had to remind some people from Denver to really listen to the song after the first E-40 shooting, because they acted like Quik gave their city a rep, when in reality Quik clowned on them. Quik ends that verse by saying “they got cracked in the jaw for bein’ punk ass bitches”, then he changes the chorus just to diss Denver: “Denver they wannabe like Compton, bitches”. Check the song.

  • http://XXL Calhoun

    Thats sad.This is why I dont do hip hop shows and im an old school hip hop junkie but I dont do shows.Ill go check out Joe or Brian Mcknight or some shit like that because the only thing flying around in there is dem panties………CHUUUUCH!!!!!!


    E-40 puts on a show. Shit like this happens all the time in the Bay.

    Just last week, I witnessed some fool get stabbed in the face with a nine inch blade. I ran upstairs to see one of my boys in the SF Halfway house. All of a sudden, shots rang out and there was “two driveby’s'”. 6 people got shot and 1 killed. The police chased the vehicle across the Bay bridge into Oakland….the shooters blew up the car and got away.

    This STORY never even made the news….CHUUUUCH!!!

  • Curtis75Black

    Damn !! E-40 brings that rugged crowd everywhere he performs ? I still rock Hip Hop shows but it depends on who’s performing.

  • DV8

    Damn did 40 piss somebody off in Colorado? Crazy shit. Co-sign Kleetwood, shit like that pops off all the time in the bay.

  • fireforreal

    Just like worley said. I love hip hop but at most of these shows it’s always someone there who fuck it up for others and now your life can be in danger just because some cats go just to get loaded or drunk and wanna let them bullets fly. It’s sad because I thought hip hop fans knew better than to keep giving the media and show venues ammo to clown hip hop and deny us the treatment,trust and respect rock/pop and even country acts get. I guess some fans only care about putting on there own show. Too bad these cowards don’t man up and just scrap blocks away.

    • http://XXL CALHOUN


  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Damn, the album he’s promoting is pretty good.

    Fuck rap concerts. I stop going to those awhile back. It’s not worth it. Most of the time the show winds up being meh, & ignorance is a terribly rampant sickness. Pay money for that, No Dice.

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Tony?

      The last concert I went to was 50 Cent’s debut party in downtown Detroit. It was DOPE actually, but my only complaint was that the music was so loud!! I left that spot with a raging headache (Dr. Dre’s production).

      That was the last time I saw my homie Proof alive. Sad stuff, man. No violence at this one.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

        Maly mal! What upper, juice?

        The last tour concert I went to was the Up In Smoke Tour. Like 98 I think, idk. It was in some red neck part of Cali (no racism), I think Irvine. Funny thing was, like somebody else said, because of Snoop, it wasn’t a “nigga” concert. I swear to God, we were surrounded by some of the coolest [white] people I’ve ever met.

        These dudes were passin fat ass chronic joints & paper cups out like party favors. Me & my dude gots so blasted in that piece that we laid out in the car in the parking lot for a few hours before we could drive home. & I met Tray Deeee; fool tapped me on the shoulder & said “Excuse me cuz, I’m tryin’ to get @ that bitch right there.” Lmao. He gave me some daps & Jheri-curled his way over to a……….white girl. Hahaha.

        Closest to violence that night, some hippie lost his keys.

        • Jamal7Mile

          Yup, I went to UP IN SMOKE here in Detroit. It was the summer of 2000 because Dre was doing “2001″ songs and Em was doing new “Marshall Mathers” material. That concert was DOPE!!

          Remember that damn skull? I had GREAT seats (9th row, up front) and I was high as hell! I thought that skull was a background prop until that mothafucka moved out and STARTED TALKING TO ME!! That thing asked me twice “Does anybody have any SMOOOOKES?? I Said, DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY SMOOOKES!!” Freaked me the fuck out!!

          It was at the Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit. The city didn’t allow Dre to play the video of the liquor store shootout and Dre sued Detroit (and won, I think). That was the only negative part of the concert. No violence in/outside. This is all Google-able, btw.

          Wowww I had a good time there!!

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          Yeah, that skull was bugged out. I don’t remember if Em was there though. Hell, we were so high I don’t remember half the stuff. Like “Hoodstock” or some shit; can’t really remember much of it, but I know I was a part of history, lol.

          Good times, good times….

  • The_Truth

    ***E-40 Fan’s are street dudes. . .I got turned onto 40 back in ’92-’93, and his breakthrough album ‘In A Major Way’ (’95) had nothing but the hood cats LOVIN em!

    Snoop has admitted he hasn’t done a straight ‘n*gga show’ in years. His fans mostly be the white cats that learned hip-hop through the Chronic album.

  • JKEITH734

    I Just met 40 and took a picture with him. He came through the Detroit Metro Airport comin from Asterdam going to Denver.

  • Nate

    I don’t care what fans show up at a Snoop concert as opposed to a E-40 but it’s true, you go to a 40 concert for the tight music, but what’s sick is all the entourages and wanna be hangers on. The crowd is hella street which is fine but if you go it’s better to go to a very large venue that charges $30 and up. Small club shows for $20 or under are where it goes down much more often. Snoop gets between $40-$80 a ticket at most shows he does so the crowd is more about loving the music and not looking to fight. Dudes that shoot or get shot are MOST OF THE TIME not even inside the venue- it goes down outside where security is minimal and there is no buffer zone.

    So just go to arenas or large size concert hall spots, not little places if you want to still enjoy 40. But you will get much more all around girl selection at a Snoop concert.

    • LB

      Man, exactly what I was gonna say. Good response. Many people try to tag the music itself, when it’s really about the business of it; the operations, the customer service, etc. I can tell you have some 1st hand experience with event management.

  • Tre

    Ay 619. I’m from Denver, and everybody knows what happened to Quik when he was here. If you really wanna know the whole thing, take it from a nigga who was around for all of that

    • 619

      Crybabies like Jay Cutler. Y’all still mad that we knocked the Broncos out the playoffs? Damn, get over it already. haha.

      • ejs

        It was only a matter of time before Cutler’s ass was brought up.

  • DownSouth

    Damn, you would think that cats would be paying attention to the artists on stage by now. It’s just like in da club, you supposed to be lookin at tha girls, but dudes is looking at other dudes wanting to fight.

    ***Canibus – “What’s going on” – Can-I-Bus***


  • Vicious Seiger

    It’s a shame to say this but even in Buffalo you can’t go to most rap shows because there is always potential for a NIGGA MOMENT [ala Boondocks]. Way back in the 90′s we had the Wu in town and somebody was killed at the show then only about 2 years ago Jim Jones and Byrd Gang came and we damn near had a riot at the venue. If you need to carry a weapon to show… GUESS WHAT? You don’t need to go to the show. I pray tonight that when Juelz comes into town to perform that nothing happens but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody had to get IGNANT [Ignorant for the rest of us] at the show and the bad part for me is that I HAVE TO PASS THE VENUE TO GET TO WORK TONIGHT. As for 40′s concert woes it doesn’t surprise me because the youth of today really have poor decision making skills. I mean if you’re out having a good time you CAN’T let a personal grudge with another person or crew slide just for the night. It really makes you wonder where we are going as a people when we can’t just go out and enjoy ourselves and the music we love without ignorance and intolerance steeping into the picture.

  • $ykotic

    Regardless it ain’t E40′s fault. We hiphopper’s know dudes bring their wars to the shows.

    Dudes screwing up 40′s show money.

    That’s why I stay away from the testicle festivals.

    @ Vicious
    Ya’ll better hope Juelz performs! He is notorious for small venue stunting! Good luck!

  • Tre

    What the fuck is 619 talking about? Anyhoo, dumb niggas live everywhere. The fact that people don’t believe black people live in Colorado is sad in itself. But this is definitely not the way I would like people to find out. There is a very deep black culture here thats poorly represented by dumb shit