Clipse Associate Busted For Leading $10 Mil Drug Ring

Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez, a man with ties to rap group the Clipse, has been charged with running a $10 million drug ring, according to The Virginia-Pilot.

Gonzalez is believed to be the mastermind behind an illegal operation, allegedly selling close to a ton of marijuana and 100 pounds of cocaine out of his recently closed Virginia Beach night club Encore Lounge for the last six years. Known for its violent atmosphere, the business folded after racking up close to 100 incidents of violence, shootings, drug dealing and disorderly conduct. 

In the U.S. District Court’s 82-count indictment, it reads that Gonzalez purchased the club for 80 pounds of marijuana and $40,000 in alleged drug money.

In addition to the drug charges, Gonzalez is being accused of laundering money through his management company, Soul Providers, a company listed as the Clipse’ booking agent on their MySpace page.

Along with Gonzalez, a police officer whose name is unavailable, as well as six others, were charged in the sprawling 60-page indictment.

As of yesterday, authorities were still searching for Gonzalez. Four of the other suspects have already had hearings.

The Clipse were unavailable for comment as of press time. – Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    I guess you can’t say they simply make up shit in their rhymes…….

    • BD

      EMINEM will be releasing 2 new singles b4 the release of his album Relapse May 19th. The 1st will be “Ol Time’s Sake” ft. Dr. Dre (5/5) then “Beautiful” (5/12)

      • Pierzy

        Wow thanks! Way to stay on topic!

  • Max Profit

    Wow!! I hope Pusha and Malice were being smart when dealing with this guy – whatever the relationship was.
    This Gonzalez dude seems like he was real heavy – that means nobody to rat on!!!

  • venemez

    “It was all good just a week ago…”- Jay Z

  • geico lizard

    Any publicity is good publicity so the clipse need to drop that new album as soon as possible.

  • teddy

    griiiinnnddiiinnnnn im actually suprised at the fact that it seems that the clipse all this time havn’t even been exadurating on the type of weight they were dealing with who woulda thought

  • nicky j

    lol teddy that’s not how we spell exaggerating

  • Curtis75Black

    The article says “associate” ya’ll !! It didn’t mention any of the duo. The “associate” was caught out there, not the clipse themselves. You can rap about anything illegal. Still doesn’t mean you were into it because someone you know did it.

    • Zulu1925

      But, doesn’t rapping about situations you never PERSONALLY experienced and lived make you a fraud? So, either The Clipse are frauds and fakes or they’re about to be pinched, right? Isn’t that the argument against Wayne, Ross, Plies and a myriad other “fake ass, wanna be niggas?”

      • squadwildin

        It says associate because you cant flat out accuse ppl until they are indicted. That would be bad journalism

    • Streets Is Watchin

      you stoopid ass….if they were in it you think they would put theyselves in the mix of it….like “oh nah he was the front man, thats really our work right there” goofy internet commentin ass nuccas kill me….

  • giantstepp

    “….i know its dope being sold, but i aint the one selling….” -2Pac, picture me rolling.

    if this shit is true about the association, sure they knew, but doesnt mean they are involved and they dont seem like idiots that would get caught up in a conspiracy. they aint moving units or at the top of the game by a long shot, but rap/hiphop should be at least feeding these dudes enough to where they dont need the drug game…..stay tuned!


    lol The clipse GRINDINGGGGGGG foreal!

    757 Baby!!!!!

  • LB

    Real recognize real.

  • moresickaMC

    Wow!! the Clipse are the realest rappers alive!!! I cant wait to be like them when i grow up!!


    SMH, FOH!

  • BGZ

    Hope the Clipse won’t get indicted in this, though.

    BTW who the fuck was Shampoo?
    I asked people from Virginia but they don’t know.


    wow! dem four suspects bout to start snitchin they ass off. i dont think they’ll even find the gonzalez dude if he hasnt been found by now.

  • benjamin bixby III


  • Curtis75Black

    @ ZULU1925,
    No doubt, But niggas actually like the way they rap so that’s gonna be overlooked. Trust me, If Jay-Z was a mediorce artist with a wack flow, everything he ever said that was challenged by his former peeps would’ve been thoroughly looked at and examined instead of pushed to the side as just “Hater” talk. The better you emcee, the more believeable you are, especially on that illegal rap shit according to Hip Hop.

    • Zulu1925

      @ Curtis75Black

      You may well have a point. But, if you (not YOU, people in general) don’t like someone’s art, don’t hide behind the bullshit excuse of the rap not being “real.” You don’t need a reason to dislike someone else’s artistic expression. If that’s how you feel, so be it. But, I wonder if some of these folks somehow feel guilty about their fervent, irrational dislike (“Hate”) of some artists and try to disguise their viewpoint by pointing out the fictitious nature of the lyrics by the artist in question. I just have a hard time understanding how people actually believe the artists in this sub-genre of gangster/trap rap when they talk about killings, international drug trafficking and the like in first-person narrative. You HAVE to know that if someone was REALLY being that loose with the details of their exploits, someone else involved in these situations would have silenced them a long time ago to avoid any additional scrutiny by law enforcement.

      • opm509

        TRUE THAT!!!!!!! finally someone smart said it i mean wut evr happened to “i jus dont like the music”? i mean do people like jim jones cuz they believe his ass or cuz he does make alright music?


    oh shit hope they don’t get caught up in this

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Doesn’t anyone get it. Pharrell is actually the mastermind behind all this shit. Still trying to get in the real BBC!

  • macdatruest

    Yea right it’s Kelis running all this shit. NERD is a Emo Drug trafficking ring. They gettin’ shit from that Chinese Neptune nigga, givn’ it to Fam Lay and Slim Thug for the dirt. Kelis just married Nas cause every Boss need a bitch. The Clipse just transport the Re-Up

    • KSA1001


      Kelis the queen bitch running VA that’s a sight.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    macdatruest, u might be on to somethin………*Lookin for latest FEDS mag*



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  • lostgyrl

    DAMN!!! When you we learn beening a criminal is not a wise choice!!!

    Jail is for corpses too scared to lied down!! “Queen Latifah” said that!!

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  • kara

    First off let me set the record straight with everyone….I’m coming straight outta va and I know geezy personally…first off believe none of what you hear and half of what you see…2nd off no one knows the whole story…everything was a set up tim montgomery the olympic winner aslo ex co owner of encore tried to be down and got caught up in some shit he couldn’t handle so instead of doing his fair time he took everyone down in the city…geezy was not the only one getting real money he was just t5he only one affleated with hollywood…everyone knew it was goin to happen isn’t that the way the game goes? so fall back let the rest of the story tell itself

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  • Domino Steptoe

    He was their manager, ummmmm thats a big deal. drug money ran their whole upbringing. clipse arent fake. yall are just in denial. jus dont understand the big picture, take it from people who grew up in va, back before grindin, if u lived in hampton and va beach and u fucked with annnnnnnny drug sellin u knew about geezy, u knew about the clubs, u knew about the clipse. the clipse were in these clubs every damn night, and in all these articles it say that over 100 incidents of dealiinnngggg happened. connecting dots ain easy, and im sorry, the clipse have yet to go soft, and they arent mainstream. they get sooooooo into that coke talk that them having NO affiliation with drugs is kinda unbelieveable. honestly, the clipse are live.