With today being the 12th anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.’s death, XXLMag.com chopped it up with Jadakiss to speak on his plans for this important day in hip-hop.

Kiss, who has worked with the rap legend on several tracks during his run on Bad Boy, also eulogized the rapper back in 1997 on the Lox's "We'll Always Love Big Poppa." “I’m just gonna sit back and reminisce, smoke something, drink something, think about the good times,” Jada said about how he’s gonna honor his friend’s legacy. “Listen to some of his music, listen to ‘Letter to B.I.G.” and do it real big for B.I., that’s the big homey right there for life.”

Earlier this year Jada recorded his “Letter To Big” tribute for the soundtrack to the rapper's biopic, Notorious. On the song The Lox MC pens a message to the late rapper on hip-hop’s current climate. When asked if it was hard to sit down and put the words to paper, Kiss said the writing aspect was the easy part. “It was more emotional after it was finished, but actually sitting down writing it wasn’t too hard,” he said of the song process. “I coulda kept going for like two hours but I kept it clean, to the point. That I just wanted to write to my dead homey to let him know what I thought about the state of hip-hop, of what was going on with the game, from my point of view, right now.”

On Saturday (March 8) Kiss performed at Harlem’s famed Apollo theatre in anticipation of his upcoming Def Jam debut, The Last Kiss. To the crowd’s surprise, he brought out hometown hero Cam’ron to rock the crowd. Jada said the response was phenomenal. “It was a great, it was a beautiful thing for hip-hop and for New York,” he said. “The building was shaking.”

Jada said expect more things to come from him and Killa. “I’m about to hop on this joint on his album, [Crime Pays].”

The Last Kiss, originally scheduled to drop tomorrow (March 10) has been moved to a April 7th release date. - Elan Mancini