WEB CANDY: Milani Rose, Miss March

NAME: Milani Rose
REPS: New York City
MATH: 34D-26-40
HIGHLIGHT: KING Web Girl of The Year
QUOTE: “I made some choices that some people may not agree with but those are the life decisions I had to make. I have no regrets because I learned from them. I just wish people didn’t judge.”-Bonsu “Bezo” Thompson

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  • Big Sam

    Kinda get a Jessica Rabbit vibe from her, looking nice Mrs. Rose


      I slept w/her after the Crip Awards in 2004!! She screamed Caaaarrrriiiiippppp!!!! Kobe Bryant later shot @ me for taking his buss down!

    • smooth C

      Milani is a all around beautiful women. it appears that some of you haters need to get your eyes checked. keep doing what you do girlfriend

  • Justin

    Wow!!! Milani is beautiful!! Future Superstar no doubt!

  • you already know

    stop hatin…shes beautiful

  • Willy D

    I am a huge fan, Milani Rose is incredible!!!

  • karma

    she looks fake. Trying to hard thats what I see and most def thats a video hoe

  • Gee

    Absolutely beautiful, breast and all I just love Milani.

  • Gangsta

    Milani is Baddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she can get my money any day

  • #1 Milani Rose Fan

    Great Choice XXL!!!! Milani Rose is the truth..

  • Pimpin Curly

    There is something about Milani, Banging beauty

  • Sergio

    She is Nice and pretty

  • Steff

    The second pic legs look a like turkey wing huge on one side skinny on the other.At 4’9 wow

  • BigBoy Loves Milani Rose

    Milani’s is a real gorgeous woman, I would give anything to be with her, I met her in person at an autograph signing in Oakland and I couldn’t control myself, she is so beautiful, sexy, down to earth and well spoken. I will never forget that day. I have two big posters of her on my bedroom and office wall.

    • zayzkidd

      Hey BigBoy

      Don’t get yourself no charge with all that stalkin and shiit. Man, you sound like a real loser ass pervert. I love women myself, but you won’t see me poppin up everywhere just to see them….unless I was in like swim-wear.

  • Kaine

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  • Tyrell

    Ms.Honey rose, mami BAdd n her prowler don’t have nuttin on her.lol march baddest

  • big city buzz

    ms.honey rose,u define sexy your prowler dont have nothing on u.lol march baddest!

  • kenneth

    Wow, what such beauty Milani has.

  • paychexx

    Milani is Gorgeous

  • paychexx

    I am Milani’s biggest fan,

  • Journey

    stop hating on ms.rose. the lady is beautifull and thats the bottom line!!!!!!!!

  • http://haziqali.wordpress.com www.Twitter.com/Haziq

    geah! now thas a pictorial… wannabe models need to take notes, her pose game is on 1,000+, she’s sexy witout tryn too hard and she’s a humble chick too!

  • Jay Boogie

    Milani Rose she is the best down to earth very real doing the dam thing I support her 110%.

  • joshua

    Hey what’s good you know as allways boo I love it real talk that fatigue and no matter what them haters say you know they broke ass…. nah but for real mr Blue wants you im in southside queens boo like ya rapper 50 much respect curtiosy baby……..

  • Blo

    you pull of the cheetah print pretty well, cus it doesn’t look good on every woman. fuck the haters keep doin’ ur thang

  • Joshua

    Baby baby baby it doesn’t matter what the world thinks Im felling your texture fucc them lames and them feen out cats oh I met her last time ass dudes get a life ….. not 2 be so cocky but realtalk………. southside queens ms. rose from me 2 you……..

  • http://www.backalleytoonz.com Black Disney

    now that’s what I’m talking about. I love Milani like a fat kid loves cake. u da best mama!

  • Milani Fan

    Milani you are gorgeous, Wow!!
    fuck the haters lil lady
    you had to do what you had to do.
    you fans got you, all day everyday

  • ammin

    This woman is naturally sexy hands down….

  • http://Aim.com JoshuaBlue

    What’s craccing I see you different shit every month looking very takeable cause im comming 4 you holla …..

  • http://eatthecaketina.blogspot.com Eat the Cake NYC

    She is cool. I have photographed her a couple of times…you can see some shots here…


  • Jeffrey

    She is bangin

  • Mo

    I believe she was a call girl in prior years..still sexy though.

  • Lucky

    she has such a pretty dark brown skin the best there is.

  • the game

    milani was sucking my babyfather dick and the dude said her head game is official.



  • Jason

    She has that nice tight little body.

  • jamesk

    That women have huggly booths
    they look to fake and so separeted in the middle.But she steel pretty.I just ont like her boots

  • YoungA

    Ol girl boobs awful..and she dont even take cute pics if you just catch her on the spot..I seen em!NEXT Please!

  • GQD

    ur are marvelous, wowwwww!!!

  • http://djcbz@myspace.com DJCBZ

    Stop the the madness this is the finest women on here!

    If I see here after I get my money right & she still single she all mine at least for a night or two!

    This girl super bangin!

  • Sucka Free

    @G-UNOT KILLA slow boi, if you slept with any of this women, (which you never have) they would of been around 16 or 17 yrs old. What award show were they getting in dumb azz.

  • stalbans&jamaica

    Incredibly sexy legs. Wanting to kiss every inch of them

  • bronze

    you look amazin wit yo looking azz beautiful holla at ya boy chi-town chuuch

  • Stanley

    Your right I’ve seen much better.