Update: Jim Jones Turns Down Plea Bargain In Assault Case

During his court appearance today in regards to his misdemeanor assault case with Ne-Yo’s manager, Jim Jones rejected a plea deal that would have cost the Harlem rapper ten days of community service.

As XXLMag.com previously reported Jones was in Manhattan Criminal Court this morning (March 24) over an alleged brawl with Javon Smith – brother to Jay-Z’s right hand man Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith – at the 5th Avenue Louis Vuitton store. His lawyer Scott Leemon told XXL that he believes the criminal case is “a set up for the civil suit.” Adding, “There are no real injuries and an eyewitness has stated several times that Jim was not the person who started the physical altercation.”

Smith sued the Dipset Capo for $7 million, due to the pain he claims to have suffered from the fight. Jones plead not guilty to the charges last February.

The case is set to go to trial on April 21st.– Elan Mancini

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  • problems

    I just passed virgin mega and it wasnt that many heads out there..damn jimmy u takin a beatin…coppin pleas with Cam and a wack album to boot and now u might have to go 2 trial for slapping ne-yo’s peoples..wtf…

    • mo

      hey homie are you sure jimmy was still at virgin when you passed by? You’re kind of critical for a dude that will never make as much money or be as successful as jim.

      • problems

        You right homie cause if getting rich means being ignorant and selling your friends out for fame and ego then I never wanna be rich.Who would aspire to be that dude?Making stupid statements(My Obama?)seitching sides and pledging allegiance to some cartoon thug over your lifelong homie,talking sideways about Jay-Z and not worrying about saving your broke homie dame’s finances,getting robbed by tru life,rushed by Max B after making imaginary threats and cheating producers out of money and credit??and it was 2 something in the afternoon and for a 4′o clock appearance by anyone worth getting autografhs for the place was dead..a few heads…don’t hate cause I don’t agree with your choice of an idol son…respect my opinion like I respect others and K.I.M

  • Mutada al sader the king

    LOL, “I’m a huge star now and I’ll beat the case like Michael Jackson”, “Plus me going to trial will make me look (real)”, and help with album sales” === Idiot

  • $ykotic

    Son you couldn’t lay low for ten days? Holla @ me Jim. I would handle your BI way better than your yes men.

    10 days rolling with the babies and giving them merchandise and feeding them should be a blessing for you. And it’s a business write off and a very good look for you. NY media in your favor rings national bells.

    Jones re-shape your image man.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fucentgo STeaDY


  • Sozzay

    It isn’t about not wanting to take the deal. If he took the deal, that would be admitting guilt. Which would be used against him in the civil case. So, this is about keeping his $$$. Not, avoiding 10 days of community service.

    • Michelle S.

      True. But he still sucks either way.

      Going through a trial won’t help your album sales, fuckboy. Huge star? LOL! GTFOH.

  • anutha_level

    fuck this musty scab….i hope they throw the book at his ass. nigga need a hefty dose of reality

  • escobar9300

    Eh Jimmy…..you’re a fucking joke. You’re worse than a one hit wonder, dude is like an std to hip hop. He got one fuckin track to bang for 6 months and suddenly hes a capo? Get the fuck outta here jimmy! You’re a joke and Jay already exposed you as a joke over your own damn beat (BROOOOOKLYYYYYYN)! Take a damn shower and lay back @ a homeless shelter for a minute with your stank ass

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