Update: C-Murder To Remain In Jail, Bond Set At $1 Mil

After being sent back to jail for violating rules of his house arrest on Tuesday, former No Limit rapper C-Murder has been ordered to remain in a Gretna jail until his trial date and his bond has been doubled to $1 million, according to reports yesterday (March 12) by the Associated Press.

Due to stand trial a second time for the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas after the first one was ruled a mistrial, the rapper had left his grandmother’s house—the site of his house arrest for the last three years— several times since October, as indicated by an electronic monitor.

Reminding the rapper of his comments at a January hearing, the judge in the case, State District Judge Hans Liljeberg, had told C-Murder that he would “be looking for a reason” to increase his bond and warned him to conduct himself accordingly.” The rapper will stand trial on April 20. – Devin Chanda

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    The real reason he is bacc in is because me and him were playing X-Box w/ the 23rd in charge of the Mexican Mafia. He let Kobe Bryant score I said, “Nigga hold Panco’s man!” he said, “woodie I dun tried!” I said,”u got that blue Kool Aid?” He said,”Naw I got cherry.” I immediatly smacced the shit outta him! He pulls out the $15 extortion payment to calm me down but it didn’t work! He screams “Boosie help!” I then smacc his bitch ass for 20 mins straight! I then fucc Mia X and write Mystical in prison to admit all my thugery! ECG-UNIT Crip 4 Life Spider Loc 4 life! I was featured on Gangland on how I extorted the New Jersey Bloods on one of my Crip runs!

    • DV8

      where the fuck have you been? The site got boring for a minute.

      • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

        Yeah Co Sign on that where have you been? LOL

        glad to see you back though

  • Jhon da Analyst

    What a fuckin idiot…….lock him up, give him 20 just for being dumb.

  • mo

    c-murder realist nigga in the game….I hate that niggas already assume he’s guilty before the actual facts come out.

  • lostgyrl

    This don’t make no damn sense!! You managed to stay out of trouble for 3 years… I hope what ever made you leave out those 3 nights were worth it bcuz unless you are found innocent it’s a wrap!!!

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Welcome back G-UNOT KILLA
    where were you locked up? you pussy

  • Nate

    G-Unot Killa was locked up with the fags and snitches…

    He snitched so he could get back out here to his grandmama’s basement. That’s his favorite cause it has a computer for all his funny fictional hood themed “fairy” tales.

    Packaged for all you fake gangsta kids who type

    “LOL, and LMFAO”

    He extorted the inmates inside for cigarettes. He wants to practice with those, so then we he gets older he might be able to handle some of that “purple” that he’s heard so much about.

    Oh My!!!

    Bitch Boy…