Update: Trick Trick Denies Getting Shot At Jim Jones Concert, Police Say Otherwise

Despite widespread reports that rapper Trick Trick was shot during a Jim Jones concert in Detroit, the rapper has taken to the airwaves to deny the accounts.

During an interview with the “Mojo in the Morning” show on Detroit radio station, 95.5 FM this a.m., Trick claimed that  the news is completely false. “I’m at home,” he said. “I ain’t left the house since Saturday.”

Authorities say that two men were injured during a fight at Detroit’s Esko Lounge early Monday morning (March 16) and many news outlets reported that Trick was one of the victims.

The rapper said his mother was the first to get in touch with him to see if the news was true. “My mother called me this morning and when she found I was OK she ended up calling Channel 4 like, ‘stop saying that cause my son’s at home,’” he said. The rapper also told listeners that his brother was not involved in the shooting.

According to local news network WDIV, the shooting occurred after ten men rushed the club. One man was taken to the hospital where he is currently listed in serious condition. No arrests have been made as of yet.

Update: Mayoral spokesman Daniel Cherrin told police that the man that was shot was indeed Trick Trick. According to the Associated Press he was hit in the leg. The other man, Barry Washington, was shot in the right arm and groin area. – Elan Mancini

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  • mo

    So cold in the D

  • Jamal7Mile

    Glad to see you’re OK Trick Trick! 7Mile/Wyoming got love for you, Bro. Whew, for a minute, I was convinced that being an emcee in Detroit was becoming one of the most dangerous jobs in the world (no joke).


      what up mal,

      true story, i tell cats all the time, rapper beefs in the d always end wit a nigga gettin killed. no shawty lo/TI shit up here!

  • DV8

    OK cool but what we really wanna know is did Jim really catch the beats in the D? that nigga Jim gets dissed everywhere he goes, lol.

    • Jamal7Mile

      I can’t even answer that one DV8… I stayed home. The news is still coming in. We’ll probably know more by the end of the day.

  • cold

    this dude is super wack

  • geico lizard

    Trick has to do a youtube video with him walking around for people to believe he didnt get shot in the leg.


    i believe that trick trick did get shot! the thing about it is, if you shoot a nigga like him, you should prolly aim for the head. leaving him alive is not a win by any stretch of the imagination! he just gon go harder now!

  • Detroit Gem

    This is totally fabricated bullshit and it makes Detroit looks wack. well the news at least. get the shit right before your local news outlet releases bullshit info. who ever released this shit should be fired…IMMEDIATELY

    aint no beefing on wax up north, well in Detroit…Detroit is small. If you speak bad on another person’s name, eventually you’ll run into them..club, grocery store, alley….then its all she wrote, u better be prepared to live with the consequences

  • Jamal7Mile


    Channel 4 threw me off this morning. But Rhonda Walker is still fine as all hell! Whoo! She’s the only reason I wake up at 5 a.m. to watch the news, LOL!!

    • Jamal7Mile


      She doesn’t wear her wedding ring anymore… aww shit, what’s up?!! Did I miss something???

  • Enlightened

    @ Detroit Gem

    LOL at Detroit is small. I know what you mean though, people mean the circles that people travel in is small. That’s always a funny as statement to me. Detroit is big as hell! You should come to where I’m from.

  • Moi

    r.i.p. bugz, proof, almost obie trice as well.

  • chitchat

    The headline is misleading. Police didn’t say otherwise. In fact, it sounds like police didn’t release the names of the victims. I like Ron Mexico’s blogs too but damn XXL, yall tried to make Trick look like he was Rick-Rossing on purpose.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      @ chitchat

      Nah man, you can’t blame XXL or any other media outlet for how Trick Trick is perceived. No disrespect to detroit (what up mal, DETROIT, gem), but HE took it upon himself to act the way he does & then pulled the whole city into his idiocy.

      Niggas who live in a big city (fuck that, L.A. IS small as hell) know how it is when you gotta nigga repping the area without an ounce of sense in the world. That’s that gang bang shit, the homie start squabbing with some dude for nothing & you gotta fight too, or get your ass whoop’d. I don’t think any person deserves to get hit, that’s like the most disrespectful shit in the world, but Detroit ain’t the only grimy hood in the USA. Hell, I don’t even visit my maternal g-mom (the only grandparent I got left) because she lives in Watts.

      I see why Kid Cudi is forsaking rap for Hollywood. He ain’t gotta worry about Tom Cruise busting shots @ him from the roof of the Scientology building of the 101 fwy. Well, not until the spaceship lands to take them “home”. L.A. is so ass backwards that we don’t have the time or energy to be fucking with out-of-towners. We’re too busy killing each other.

      More than him making Detroit look bad (which IMO he isn’t), it makes hip hop look like a pathetic episode of Boyz N Da Hood: The Series. Yes, Trick Trick is a part of hip hop, like it or not.

      Seriously, where the fuck is Al Sharpton when you need him. Lol @ Al Sharpton, but I’m serious. If this is/was a pub stunt, it’s a damn good one. The purpose is being served. If it’s true to life shit, then what’s next? Where does it possibly end when dudes get banned from rapping (of all things!) in certain cities, & face grave consequences if they dare not comply?

      Prepare for the gangsta mentality to be taken to another level.

      Smh @ Jones, he should’ve known better. I had a homie like Jim once, thought he was Al Capone reincarnate. Un-fuckin-touchable. No respect or regard for other people. Somebody decided it was time to stop his foolery, & killed the nigga. Fuck that. This shit is ridiculous.

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