Despite widespread reports that rapper Trick Trick was shot during a Jim Jones concert in Detroit, the rapper has taken to the airwaves to deny the accounts.

During an interview with the “Mojo in the Morning” show on Detroit radio station, 95.5 FM this a.m., Trick claimed that  the news is completely false. “I’m at home,” he said. “I ain’t left the house since Saturday.”

Authorities say that two men were injured during a fight at Detroit’s Esko Lounge early Monday morning (March 16) and many news outlets reported that Trick was one of the victims.

The rapper said his mother was the first to get in touch with him to see if the news was true. “My mother called me this morning and when she found I was OK she ended up calling Channel 4 like, 'stop saying that cause my son’s at home,'” he said. The rapper also told listeners that his brother was not involved in the shooting.

According to local news network WDIV, the shooting occurred after ten men rushed the club. One man was taken to the hospital where he is currently listed in serious condition. No arrests have been made as of yet.

Update: Mayoral spokesman Daniel Cherrin told police that the man that was shot was indeed Trick Trick. According to the Associated Press he was hit in the leg. The other man, Barry Washington, was shot in the right arm and groin area. – Elan Mancini