Trick Daddy Reveals That He Is Suffering From Lupus

During an interview with syndicated Southern radio personality Rickey Smiley earlier today (March 23), Miami rapper Trick Daddy shared that he is suffering from Lupus – a harmful and incurable disease in which the person’s immune system attacks its own organs and tissues.

Trick came to the show to talk about his upcoming memoir, Magic City: Trials of a Native Son, set to be released by MTV Books, when he revealed that he has been quietly dealing with the sickness for well over a decade.

“I went to the doctor like 12 years ago,” he said. “He took all kinds of tests, because I was trying to get rid of what we call dry skin, she did biopsies and blood tests and swab tests. She told me I have the disease lupus.” [Listen Here]

Although the disease can be fatal, Trick remains confident of his condition. “I’m the type of person, I came from so far of a struggle that it don’t matter to me, I learned to turn my downsides into jokes and get around it,” he expressed. “My mama had eleven children from ten different men if she is strong enough to live with that I know I could live with this.”

Unfortunately famed hip-hop producer J Dilla passed away three years ago due to complications from the disease. He was only 31-years-old.

As of press time it is uncertain when Trick Daddy’s book will be hitting shelves. – Elan Mancini

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  • CaesarDuke

    So sad my prayers go out to trick daddy and his family I knew someone who just a while ago that died from lupus and it was a long bsttle that that person fought vigrously

    • mo

      trick is the king of florida and for you young niggas that don’t know check out “” and “based on a true story” those albums are classics. Trick put MIA on the map for real. A real trill miami nigga keep ya head up trick the whole south is riding with you boy….and listen the air you breath daily is bad for you so live how you wanna live regardless.

  • The_Truth

    ***We pray for you. . .I applaud he was real enough to be up front with his struggles. He’s been respected in this game, and this is why.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    God Bless him, hope he does a lot to bring awareness to the illness.

    Prepare for the flood .

    A lot, of our favorite rappers are going to be getting sick over the next 10-15 years. You cant smoke 5-10 blunts a day and not expect to get cancer. Dont belive the “weed is safe lie”

    • 6Cubed

      cosign Mutada

      Yeah a lot of people are gonna drop dead or be diagnosed with something down the line. All drugs have effect on the body. People don’t know that 1 blunt= 5 cigs cuz they aren’t filtered. So you’re gettin’ 5 times the carcinogens. And weed is a hella stronger then it was 50 years ago. People better open up their eyes.

      • texasmade

        all lies scientist have never been able to link mary j to cancer…the studies that were conducted saying ganja is worse then cigs were all done with tobaco companies money…get the facts straight…dont be blinded by the goverment…if it caused cancer they WOULDNT perscribe it to cancer patients

      • yoprince

        gotta stay away from blunts. smoke your weed in white papers or even better clear paper. or get a bong or a vaporizer. blunts are wasteful and expensive.

        marijuana on its own has been linked to testicular cancer but it’s a weak study.

        • 619

          @6cubed: The reason it’s cancerous is because of the blunt not the weed. The tobacco company got your information twisted. If you ever gut what your smokin’ take the time to investigate, Black and Milds are way worse than weed anyway.

  • Barry Washington

    best of luck to dude but :

    “My mama had eleven children from ten different men if she is strong enough to live with that I know I could live with this.”

    i cant let that comment slide off without sayin “god damn…” 10 different men, 11 children? ha wow thats some shit.

    • The W, formerly known as WarriorMentality

      some bullshit is what you meant to say. my initial reaction was “nigga, that’s not strength! that’s real strong thunderbird, and a woman w/REALLY fucked up priorities. that’s the OPPOSITE of strength.”

      but of course, maybe i’m being a bit harsh here.

    • Makaveli1671

      It’s always a black ignit mufucka on here saying stupid shit….the article is about the man having lupus IDIOT not his mother you A.D.D. FUCK! You got me on here cursin like my white homeboys at work & shit but fuck you cuz you shouldnt be joking about shit like that when this man fighting for his life…..I hate you black bastards….YOU STINK!…I hate Whoopi Goldberg lips…& most of all I hate that black ass Weezy!lol..Fuck it from now on I aint black no more I’m representin “OTHER”…lol

  • Curtis75Black

    That’s a real tough disease. I worked in a Doctors Office who specialized in it. Black People are major when it comes to Lupus. We have to take care of ourselves eventhough there was nothing he could do to avoid it. I wish him the best.

  • dbys

    damn i knew a lady who died from it…fucked up mane

  • Sweetpanties

    Sorry Too Hear That Trick,My Cousin Has That Too…A Lil Advice Maybe You Might Wanna Change Your Diet!!!!!!

  • EmCDL

    Prayers go out to Trick Daddy and his family…dude been around for a minute doing his thing with music.

  • Big Sam

    My Aunt is having real trouble with Lupus as we speak. She can barely walk cuz her body is breaking down on her so much. Pray for you Trick

  • corlione39


    • bez

      plies aint never whooped tricks ass nigga is you crazy? plies aint never put in any work period niggas in florida know plies is pussy

    • SickleCell Enemas

      I think he’s all crazy looking because of the Meds…that Prednisone is a real bitch since there’s no cure for Lupus. He’s going to gain a bit of weight on him if he doesn’t pass. It’s sad to hear anybody getting Lupus, but that’s life…and Lupus is an auto-immune disease that affects blacks the most.

  • Mutada al sader the king


    You keep beliving that happy little lie.

  • west philly’s finest

    @ Mutada

    They already try to scare you off smoking weed you think if it gave you cancer they would try to hide it?

    My prayers go out to Trick though

  • Tony Grand$

    God bless us all…….

  • Mutada al sader the king

    My intial comment was about smoking blunts. 99% of the hip hop generation, people that I come across at clubs, family get togethers, in college etc. Smoke blunts. Do you ever see any rappers with the exception of maybe, the few who use bongs (which are just as bad), or the few that may use vaporizers, who do not smoke blunts ? They all smoke blunts, and both

    Tobacco and Pot give you cancer period.

    Stop puting your heads in the sand and thinking that the TRUTH is a lie. I’m not advocating not smoking weed, do what you want with your life.

    What I’m saying is that hundreds of thousands if not millions of youths (around the world) smoke blunt after blunt, week after week, every single day 365 days a year. AND you are a FOOL if you think that you will not contract cancer at some point. Either throat cancer, lung cancer or some other form.

    I’ve been around rappers, both underground and famous ones and they smoke COUNTLESS amounts of blunts. Dont be blind to the truth.

    The snoop dogs,Yuk mouths, Santana’s, Hell Rells, etc etc. ALL OF THESE GUYS will probably we droping like flys in the next 10-15 years if they dont slow down or quit.

    All of you weed smokers who are so sure that its safe,and have been smoking for more than 10 years go get cancer screening..”crickets”"
    I’ve seen YOUNG people, in thier late 20′s die from cancer, WHO NEVER SMOKED ciggarets, just weed.

  • Silky Johnson

    texasmade are you retarded?
    “if it caused cancer they WOULDNT perscribe it to cancer patients”

    Um…maybe they do it because who worries about giving someone cancer WHEN THEY ALREADY HAVE IT?!

    • texasmade

      read da facts… …you have all been blinded by our government once again

  • Stoh

    @ Mutada al sader the king

    How do you explain people from the 70s who smoke, and still do smoke? When your friends are dying from weed in their late 20s?

  • Stoh

    Plus to say that WEED, causes LUPUS, thats ridiculous.

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    the topic was about Trick having Lupus not about if weed gives u cancer….trick hold ur head up, keep God in ya life and its all good

    ps: Most people who smoke weed also smoke tobacco, thus they’re prone to getting cancer. Weed and Tobacco have some of the same properties….the bud smoke in ya lungs can eventually kill ur ass

  • Mutada al sader the king


    The people from the 70′s, who smoked (as much weed as today youths) probably DO have cancer and many probably died long ago or on thier way out. Unless you get a tumor in your face or somewhere on your neck, its not easy to tell if a person has cancer., Like anything in life there are people who escape problems. But you have to understand though, most of the people in the 70′s smoked small joints and after a joint or 2 were cool. Youths today, will smoke BLUNT AFTER BLUNT until the weeds gone. I’ve seen dudes smoke 4-5 blunts to the head over the course of a few hours. The amount of weed that people smoke today, is much higher than those in the 70′s. So yea people will throw out Willie Nelson and a few, but it still does not change the fact that you can get cancer from weed. No one said weed causes Lupus READ. Thats why these young dudes are dieing, the way they smoke and how much the smoke,. But cancers a bitch wether you get it at 20 or 60. Not worth it IMO

    • Barry Washington

      I tried to post my comment earlier but it never went up. Marijuana has no link to lung cancer. (Look that up) In fact, it reduces lung cancer tumor growth by 50%. (Look that up). However, there is a link between marijuana and testicular cancer. I have yet to find any evidence, documents or research stating the link between marijuana and throat cancer. If you, or anyone could do that that would be appreciated.

      • 619

        This fool said they smoke more nowadays than they did in the 70′s. haha. I guess you never met any hippies. You never heard of Woodstock, and where the fuck you think Snoop and them get half of their smoke related words: “Up in Smoke Tour”, the 70′s.

        • 619

          Oh yeah, and before you blame it on the weed again, find out how many cigs Trick smoke in a day. I’m sure it’s a lot more than the weed.



  • LB

    Wow…Good ole’ Mary Jane always “sparks” up a conversation; just the mention of her starts conflict. I thought this wasn’t about her but about a guy named Lupus, which, he probably is invited more by the CANCER STICKS than anything else.

  • John Cauner

    Didn’t J-Dilla die from Lupus?

  • TryingToSurviveSLE

    LISTEN — this Trick Daddy guy ONLY
    has the “discoid” (‘mild’) form of lupus.

    The “Discoid” form of LUPUS
    is only the ‘mild’ form and
    it is NOT “life threatening”.

    It is the SLE form of LUPUS
    (and NOT the “discoid” or mild
    form of it) THAT KILLS people!!!

    Lupus ONLY spreads to and affects the
    internal organs IF it is the SLE form (and
    the “discoid” form only bothers the skin)

    Trick Daddy is a crybaby and a liar!

    He does NOT have the SLE Lupus —
    and thus, his chances of ‘dying from
    Lupus’ are essentially little to none.

    Contact the Lupus Foundation of America
    and they will tell you that the risk of
    ‘dying’ from “discoid” (mild) lupus is
    little to none (as opposed to SLE —
    which is the form of Lupus that kills)

    If he spends his time whining and looking
    for sympathy for “discoid” lupus (a form
    of lupus that is so ‘mild’ that the Lupus
    Foundation of America almost had it
    removed as being a true form of “lupus”)
    he could NOT handle having “real” Lupus
    (which is the life threatening SLE form)
    for even one day or one second !!!

    Admittedly — “discoid” Lupus can (and often
    does) leave people badly scarred and with
    very damaged skin (as noted with singers
    ‘Seal’ and ‘Michael Jackson’) BUT it is NOT
    viewed as being a “life threatening” form of
    the disease — it’s seen as being a ‘mild’ form.

    People with SLE-Lupus suffer from BOTH
    scarred/damaged/inflamed skin AND
    also from life-threatening organ damage.

    How dare this guy whine about having
    “lupus” — when the form he has is the
    kind that is so ‘mild’ (discoid) that
    it only affects how his skin looks.

    Instead of ‘playing the victim’ and
    ‘misleading the public’ into thinking
    that he has the “life threatening” form
    (the SLE form) of Lupus — he would
    better serve Lupus suffererers and
    survivors by telling the truth about
    BOTH the disease AND the fact
    that he has the mildest and the
    most easily-handled form of it
    – as well as work to get funds
    to help find a cure for it.

    Having almost died several times from the
    real form of Lupus (SLE) — I tend to have
    very little sympathy for people like this
    guy who want public pity due to their
    mere skin-irritations and who exploit
    public ignorance of “true” Lupus by
    trying to pretend that they (like those
    of us who have “real” Lupus, SLE
    and are trying to survive it) are also
    “dying from it” (when they are not).