Rick Ross & Soulja Boy Link With BET For “Spring Bling” ’09

BET will return to Riviera Beach in Florida for their yearly “Spring Bling” event.

Artists scheduled to perform at the 2-day sandy music showdown include Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, The-Dream, Flo Rida, Busta Rhymes, Keri Hilson and more. Shows are planned to tape on March 28 -29 and are open to the public who will have the opportunity for gift giveaways and contests.

BET also partnered their HIV/AIDS campaign “Rap-It-Up” with the Palm Beach Department of Health to provide free onsite HIV testing and share valuable health information with the spring break attendees.

“Spring Bling” is set to air starting Thursday, April 9th until Saturday, April 11. – Evanka Williamson

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    lol @ the line-up for Spring Bling. All of them niigas is straight cornballs. They should have thrown Jim Jones wack ass in just to make cypher complete

    • joe p

      i agree jimmy would have been a great addition to this disaster … rick ross …. few good songs, soldier boy : needs to be killed , jim jones : needs a bath and someone to ghost write lmao i will not be tuning in to this program spring bling … mainly because im sure rick ross will have his shirt off and thats pretty grotesque lol

    • joe p

      and there is a reason i didnt even mention fuckin flo rida … ha talk about joke … you give me some pop/techno beats and i could spit as weak as he does … does anyone else see this …?

  • ko

    flo-rida sucks major fucking ass what a joke that nigga is as pop as they come and his hairline is waaaaaaaay back word to yung berg

    • REAL TALK 09

      Bruh…..fuck Yung Berg and All these Spring Break 09 niggaz..esp. Soulja Fag!….if Yung Berg was added this shyt would be Wackfest 2009!…LOL

  • swisha

    This is going to be this century’s most laughed at event. Imagine the reactions when soldier boy goes on stage, hahaha

    • jeff

      all they need is Kayne’s wack ass with his emo rap and the line-up would be complete

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Who looks at Spring Bling anymore? Who even looks at BET anymore??

    Keri Hilson fine behind gonna be there and Busta Rhymes so they got something going on…can’t say that for the rest of the cast they got…

    At least they doing something positive there with the HIV/AIDS campaign…

    • DV8

      Word….I’ll check in just to see Keri (hopefully in a 2 peice)and Rocsi (she looked good last year) I wonder if BET is gonna do that car contest again. Im somewhat interested in seeing who wasted the most money.

  • fireforreal

    B.E.T has fallen off hard over the last 7-8 years.This is an example on why !

  • Anti-Mainstream

    Who gives a shit? I’d rather see KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane do a show together at 60 then these 2 suckasses!!!!

    • Clever


  • Clever

    This really sucks!

  • D-Block

    what a surprise, a big ol shitty wack rapper convention put on by BET

  • Holla Mann

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  • corlione39


  • Prince Caesar

    B.E.T. is extremely wack and I haven’t watched Spring Bling in like 5 years. The artist line up posted above is a fucking joke. I wouldn’t watch that group of cornballs even if was high, drunk, and coked up. (I don’t do coke..just saying.) Rap is so fucking weak, right now, it’s kinda sad.

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