Rick Ross’ “Deeper Than Rap” Pushed Back, Confirms Label Rep

XXLmag.com has learned that Deeper Than Rap, the highly-anticipated third solo album from Miami rapper Rick Ross has been pushed back.

Originally scheduled to drop on March 24th, a rep for his label, Def Jam Recordings, has confirmed that the disc will be hitting shelves at a later date, without being able to give any further details at press time.

Ross has released several tracks that may be featured on the CD, including the lead single, “Magnificent” with John Legend, “Cigar Music,” “On Top Of The World” with Avery Storm” and “Mafia Music” the song that first sparked his beef with 50 Cent.

Coincidently Fif’s album, Before I Self-Destruct, has also been pushed back. The long delayed project, which was at first slated for a 2008 date, will now not see the light of day until Eminem’s comeback disc Relapse, hits shelves. In an interview with ABC Now the G-Unit honcho said that it should be out in May. – Elan Mancini

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  • BXRa

    50 got that ass under pressure!!!

    • mo

      fuck no, ross is killing 50 on the music side. 50 is played out.

  • anutha_level


  • Vicious Seiger

    I guess it’s time for someone to blame the economy for all these albums being pushed back. I can barely remember the last big hip hop/rap release except T.I. & Kanye. I’m guessing things are just not like they used to be because I could check a record outlet every tuesday and find some interesting release in Hip Hop / Rap / R&B but now I don’t even see a ad in a magazine for any hot new releases. The music business is slowly [or rapidly - depending on your view] becoming a joke.

    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

      True true.

      This just gives me a chance to catch up on all the hip hop I missed over the years and buying the ol school hip hop joints. Plus i wasn’t planning on buying their albums anyway so it don’t hurt me none…I don’t think anyone is other than the normal stans

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    It’s obvious that Officer Ricky and 5-0 have conspired to release there bullshit albums around the same time, so both of there non-relevant asses can make a couple extra dollars and push a few extra units. And of course you stupid ass rap fans are going to eat this shit up. And of course I will be giving away free bootleg copies of both these weed plates in front of your local record store. For you no-pussy getting nerds computers computin, I will have free downloads of both weed plates 2 week prior to the release date.

    Fuck both of these niggas!

    • that nigga

      I agree, these niggas Is tryna play chess wit eachother. Im not buyin this publicity stunt from niether. Imma need a link for those downloads homie.

  • jburg

    well what do ya know. All that talk and no album. Guess they realize the buzz for his album is really non-existent.

  • Shade45


  • romil

    I think it was a smart Idea, but that worst part is that some of his trax are just sitting out here. That was a dumb move because the music wont be fresh it’ll be months old. Back in tha day they would rush release’es when the music is being exposed. Now everybody pushe’s back fans wont buy something theyve heard 10x over

  • E.S.O. Boy





    • Cousin A.L.E.





    • kik

      no fuck body lolz 50,ooo copies

  • http://xxl gside

    so is the beef over ?

  • adrian

    Once I heard 50′s cd was being pushed back, I knew this was coming…Read between the lines people. I know we’ve seen this in the past..50 and Kanye dropping on the same day..I bet anybody $10,000(cash) that Rick Ross and 50 drop on the same day

    • TEZZY

      I’ll bet it stupid aint no wayyyyyyyyyy they gonna drop same day no way like you said 50 cent, Kanye to of the biggest artist at that time no fucking way would i ever see a damm sales battle between 50 and ross maybe 50 jay-z but not a 50 cent and ross thats like 50 droppin same day as fat joe

  • http://xxlmag.com m.johnson

    “fuck that beef shit. that shit is played out.”

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  • Part 2wo


  • {80′s Babies Killed Hip Hop}


  • romil

    I think Ross and 50 gonna go Gold…

  • http://www.yahoo.com 14snipez

    God damn it i was ready for this ablum now i’ma have to wait anotha 2 mths or so before they even decide to drop it

    I got Love for Rick Ross but u takin an L for dis shyt my dude

  • dark vanilla

    I agree with romil. You’re not hitting platinum unless you’re that faggot ass Weezy.

  • dark vanilla

    I agree with Romil. You’re not hitting platinum unless you’re that faggot ass Weezy

  • Levi

    Never enjoyed Ross. I give him props for havin so much buzz about his fat stupid ass. 50 doesnt even need buzz, he is so payed all his moves are for personal enjoyment. Could care less about either of their albums. Won’t pay for em.

    Look out for the Chamillitary man. Venom will be fire. Crime pays will be another one Imma cop. Relapse of course, I’m interested in what Marshall has to say. Beyond that, nothing else even deserves my attention right now.

  • Tre83

    Not hate hate and more hate, usually I would come in here see some shit you said and be like dude shut the fuck up! But today I actually agree. This shit is so obvious. I aint bought a 50 Cent record since get rich, but can you blame me? All his albums sound the same. I never have and never will buy a Rick Ross Album… They are both saying the same shit and the quality is overall boring!!

  • Jamal7Mile

    So does this mean that Tia’s book is getting pushed back? Or out, off, outta here??

    For those that don’t know who Tia is, she has a baby with Rick Ro…

    You know what… fuck it!!

    I’m not going to explain that long ass story to you… XXL already did so. I still have doubts if any of this is real! We’ve all been through the “shocking Santa Claus” news before (oh God, I hope, lol). Do research on ya own. XXLMag got plenty of archive backlog BANGERS for you to get up to date with what’s going on.

  • Nate

    My name’s ROSS and I’m a BOSS…

    but I can’t put out a album without permission
    from my BOSS at the office…

    I say I sold more than your fav dealer but I’m just a fake rapper/actor that made deals with convicts as a C.O. to gain some false st. cred…

    I’m NOT a officer…. (ANYMORE), but if you threaten me I’ll have someone plant something on you.. except 50.. he has so much money he has a 24 hour alibi damnit, so I can’t plant anything on him, he always has cameras on him 24/7.. I’ll just threaten his crew, and make better friends with Fatty Hoe… After all, misery loves company… think I’ll visit Times Square- that’s my kind neighborhood… BOSS!!!

  • Nate

    If you think 50′s albums “all sound the same” then write me for some money to donate to you so you can afford to actually buy them and not just download the singles.

    Fake fans, and broke critics “hate” him citing that the newer G-Unit album and 2nd, 3rd solo albums are Different than the 1st. 50 brings elements of singles to the newer fans and the hardcore songs similar to his mixtape material
    back in the past few years. So you get some of everything just to show you he can create whatever the hell he wants to- and continue to make money doing it. That’s kind of the point of producing so much material. no matter whether you are a broad or strictly into street ish he has some crack music for you.

    But I imagine Hate, hates any non-trendy long term success. he can’t personally identify with that concept in his own life…

  • Nate

    Final on this topic- to counter “hate”s delusions.

    -50 doesn’t “conspire” to share better sales with any artists career he drops into a grave.

    -I’ve previewed his albums in the store but never bought a Officer Ricky album. Didn’t know he was a cop then but real recognizes fake

    -I don’t like bootlegs- half of them don’t have all the tracks, and GOOD artists like 50 usually have DVD’s, extras, Premium copies, glossy photos, track listings, Album Liner Notes, and other extras that make it worth the money. But hey- if you have to do what you can to pay the roach infested utility apt. rent cuz- DO YOU!! I support that. Just don’t be in times Square when ricky promotes it in NY- lots of his pals might want to confiscate your product and then how will you support your crack habit????

  • dwi

    his album should be called ‘Deeper than Fat… the Life of an Undercover Pig’……..hahhahaha

  • Fireforreal

    officer Ricky is scared. His lable is scared. They know that his new found popularity does not fit with the album,due to the fact there probley no real stand out bangers on there and there waiting on a better album to be finished so they can use the hype of the beef to push the album but want atleast a solid project to follow.

  • P

    most of ya’ll is stupid as fuck, that beef shit wasnt set-up, niggaz puttin up websites(ross) dissin 50′s mom and all that other shit going on, they both already crossed the line, if you think its made up then maybe it would make some sense too if ross asks 50 to shoot one of his homeboys and vice versa just to add more interest……damn…i think alot of people forgot who started this beef. Dumb stupid fucks

  • RAZ

    Can someone tell me when Rick Ross was considered a lyricist? He is trash his career is over never shoulda messed with 50. this guy is trash, he gets no love in Philly


      “Can someone tell me when Rick Ross was considered a lyricist?”

      cosign that shit! if ross is a lyricist, then what is dre 3000 or nas?

  • Brandon

    Damn dat means i gotta wait another 3-6 months to see his lame cd flop….and don’t care what none of yall say he will flop…fat joe hard….dude has a kinda good song wit john legend and gets no spins…..LOL….Over…….And I really don’t think 50 would sell less than a milli total for real…..

  • cold

    that’s stupid ! he can’t get a better buzz that this . people are paying a lot of attention to him right now

  • Mere Cool

    Nate said “glossy photos”, I don’t know if he was serious but that was funny. I was lookin forward to the new Ross. I have both his other LP’s and even though they may not be classics, there’s always cuts on each. I just buy 50 for my girl, from a bootlegger at that. Glossy Photos. Haaahaaaa.

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