It's getting hard out there for Pimpin Ken. The Milwaukee-based pimp recently took shots at two of hip-hop's biggest stars: T.I. and 50 Cent.

In a recent clip that premiered on Worldstarhiphop, Ken condemned the self-proclaimed "King of the South" for calling his crew the Pimp Squad Click and promoting pimping despite having the "no. 1 trick song in the country," "Whatever You Like." Ken, who crowned Fif a pimp in his "P.I.M.P." video, also mocked the Queens rapper in several clips for buying Rick Ross' baby's mother fur coats.

"These guys are guys who were friends of mine," Ken told "50 Cent was a friend of mine, 50 Cent is still a friend of mine. T.I. was a friend of mine, he's no longer a friend of mine. I was basically saying, 'how can ya'll niggas do me like that,' a nigga who built his name on pimpin', Pimpin Ken, and you niggas got in my albums and ya'll got in my movies and all of a sudden ya'll condonin' trickin'."

Per Ken, he's since spoken to Fif and let bygones be bygones.

"50 was the only one to call me, man," Ken revealed. "My next blog, I got the voicemail, I'ma play it to everybody in the world. 50 called me like a player and said, 'Ken, man, what can we do to make this right? I respect you, you're a OG.' I was like, 'We can make whatever to make it right.'"

While Ken's made peace with Fif, he contends that Tip needs to stop rapping about things he isn't doing.

"How can one person on his album say one thing and do the opposite," Ken explained. "It's good that he doin' Road To Redemption, but at the same time, you gotta quit rappin about that stuff then. That's all I'm saying." - Bruce Moses