Mos Def Links With UNDRCRWN For New Clothing Line

With both Billboard and Hollywood success under his belt, the mighty Mos Def is delving into the fashion game, as well. The Brooklyn MC has teamed up with street wear label UNDRCRWN for its Spring 2009 campaign, set to drop today (March 18) on the company’s website,

According to, the designs are heavily inspired by the cover artwork of the 2004 Dead Prez album, Revolutionary But Gangsta, The Mos Def collection has been designed in conjunction with UNDRCRWN creative director Dustin Canalin and will include t-shirts, outerwear, and headwear. The Philadelphia-based brand has collaborated with rappers in the past, recently partnering with XXL Freshman Asher Roth for its College Collection.

In other Mos Def news, the rapper-actor will be releasing his fourth solo, The Ecstatic, on June 9th. – Devin Chanda

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    I have also just dropped a new clothing line! Its called Crip Crease! Its an urban professional apparel! Also its made to camoflouge u on all ur drive by’s! I introduced it in Niccerson Gardens a blood strong hold! I was spray painting a bloods name on the wall and they thought it was a ghost! I even smacced a member standing there amazed! 1 more thing, The real reason Chris Brown beat the shit outta Rhianna was B4 @ the Crip Pre-Grammy party he asked her “gimme some red Kool Aid” I said “nigga its Blue and thats it!!” Rhianna started to laugh and gave him some Code Red Mountian Dew. I let take the 1st sip right as he put the bottle on his lips for the 2nd sip I immediatly went in on his hoe ass and smacced the shit outta him! it got all over his suit! Rihanna laughed so hard she forgot she was supposed to get me off after my 11pm drive by in Inglewood later that night! ECG-UNIT CRIP 4 LIFE SPIDER LOC 4 LIFE!!!

  • the illest

    I think I speak for everyone when I say… WHO CARES?! Damn Mos, Be Kind Rewind not bringin in them royalty checks for ya?.. What about Chappelle Show? I know rappin ain’t, but this is low. Sir Ronald is hiring I’m sure.

  • EmCDL

    Mos Def doing big thangs…first the rap game, then movies, now the clothing line? Can’t wait till that album drops too I’ma cop it fo sho

  • STeaDY

    my patna is friends wit 1 of the creators so i been seein this line befo they came out….they doin good now an its a positive look for both sides