Method Man Gets A Visit From The Repo Man

It must’ve been all good just a week ago for Method Man. The New York Post reports that the Department of Taxation repossessed a luxury SUV belonging to the Wu-Tang rapper on Wednesday morning (March 18).

The vehicle in question is a 2008 Lincoln Navigator, taken from Meth’s Staten Island residence as a result of his failure to pay $52,503 in personal income taxes.

However, in news Method Man fans will be happy to hear, WKYA (Kickin’ Your Ass!) will be returning to the airwaves soon—Meth and partner-in-rhyme Redman will release Blackout! 2 on April 28. A Def Jam recording, the album will feature production from Da Rockwilder, Erick Sermon, and Pete Rock. – Devin Chanda

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    Its wasn’t the repo man u dumb fuccs! It was my BMF ties that led to that shit! Big Meech told me to pick that shit up as part of my Crippin Extortion ring! Meth was eating some Ramon Noodles (Asain Style) when I bust into the pad with my purple rag around my necc reppin my Grape St affiliation! Meth says “Biscuts” I immediatly smacc the shit outta him and ask him for some blu kool aid! When he comes back into the room he hands me a copy of “Belly” and begs me not to fucc him up he knows I was featured on an episode of Gangland 2 months ago! I ate some BBQ ribs then took the last rib tip and smacced the shit outta him with it! He had sauce all over his Averix coat! I then C walked because it was after 10pm and I was about to do a drive by! Crippin commandment #4 C walk before all drive by after 10pm! I then Fucc Puffy’s Dance instructer Ms. Lauren after my C-Walk Class!

    • Brahsef

      “Meth says “Biscuits” I immediatly smacc the shit outta him and ask him for some blu kool aid!”…..rofl classic.

    • mo

      come on meth protect ya neck kid! The repo man told meth cash moves everthing around me too nigga.

  • EasWforever1

    I don’t know what is so funny about G Unot Killa. I guess some people are entertained easily.


      No,what it is, is that alot of these niggaz on this website are just dick riders, hopin that g-unot faggot don’t leave a comment on theirs talkin shit. So they ride his dick, cause that shit be lame as fuck everytime.

  • Tre

    Yeah someone is going to call you a hater EasWforever1. I have no problem sayin GUNOT KILLA is a joke…. A clown if you ask me. I laugh at what he writes because he is a clown. And what do clowns do? Entertain! Lol It may get repetitive seeing him, but he know I think he’s a fucking joke!

    Def Jam needs to start promoting shit. I had no idea Blackout 2 was coming out so soon with not a lick of promotion! Damn

  • cold

    g unot a killa is corny as hell.

  • Tony Grand$

    Him & Red should’ve been charging for all those free haircuts.

  • louie mo

    gunot killa ………… glad that you are back homie

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Niggaz taking the time to hate on GUK are corney as hell. Maybe you should try posting some shit and we’ll see how funny you are.

    • cold

      mutada .fuck you



  • Nate

    I was featured on Gangland for slapping the ish out of G-Unot killa.

    I’m “hating” on him see- no “Trying” to hate on him, because I don’t spend the time writing 20 year old tired cliche attempts at humor.

    hella corny, right? Not like his words….

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Nate your entitled.

    But were do you get the “20 year old tired cliche comments from”? Are you saying that someone was bogging about outrages gangbanger exploits 20 years ago, or are you saying that the blogger who plays the character GUK is 20 years old ? Maybe you are upset with the racist undertones? (Ribs, Grape Koolaid,Biscuts, Chicken, Fat Burger, Cat Fish) etc. I can understand that, but its satire and really no different than what you find on Family Guy,a Kat Williams show or on the Chapel Show.

    I live in LA and have friends who are active in gang culture, and what he talks about is nothing like the real thing. (although his references to the neighborhoods and gang names are accurate, and there are some “super crips” and “bloods” that sort of have this menatlity.) That’s why its so funny its exaggerated so much that its absurd .

  • DownSouth

    Wow. Hardly anyone talked about the actual subject at hand. Anywayz, Meth’s my man but these cats need to learn that you can’t avoid these taxes. I know cats don’t wanna pay, but you got no choice. So pay Uncle Sizzam, and THEN come dyne on 22′s and foes. Dats real spit, dookie!

  • miles archer

    Many of you will file this under the heading of, “Who really gives a fuck” but I’m gonna say it anyway…

    G-Unot Killa’s an imposter.

    Meaning, I don’t think it’s the same cat who used to kick all that outlandish(and very humorous) riff raff.

    His storytelling seems different, almost copycat. And a few weeks ago, when he “resurfaced”, he spelled “Nickerson Gardens” wrong.

    Is XXL letting people post under other peoples names?????????

    I’m jus’ saying.

  • Spinner_H_Town

    G Unot Killa, get off my dick….And first of all, get off 50′s dick. Wait, Spider Loc is on 50′s dick….WTF….Dumb ass crip bitches…..

  • Spinner_H_Town

    G Unot Killa, get off my dick….And first of all, get off 50′s dick. Wait, Spider Loc is on 50′s dick….WTF….Dumb ass crip bitches……

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