Lupe Fiasco Working On New Album Lasers, Confirms Rep

Lupe Fiasco announced last year that he was retiring from hip-hop after the release of his third disc, LupE.N.D. But now, according to his Twitter account, that project has been abandoned in place of an album titled ‘We Are Lasers.’

The album is just called Lasers, according to a rep for Lupe, who also confirms that the Twitter account is official. On Sunday (March 22), the Chicago MC wrote a message on his Twitter stating that the new project “comes from some repressed high school outcast shit…blended amidst ‘And He Gets The Girl’ ambitions.” He wrote that he’s been recording for roughly a week and is about 60% done. Also adding that he is producing some tracks this go-around and hopes to nab guest appearances from Bun B and Kid CuDi.

As for the pending retirement, Lupe confirmed that he’s still following through on those plans: “yeah I’m still retiring…”

No release date has been announced yet for Lasers, which is the follow-up to 2007’s The Cool. – Clover Hope

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  • Tariq

    That Real hip hop shit. None of that 50 cents shit – NAS

    • mo

      this dude lupe is uninspiring we need to hear some shit to keep us on the grind…not some fantasy backpack shit

      • zee

        wtf ur a damn fool to even think like dat Lupe is a lyrical genius so i dono wtf ur on about keep us on the grind? you fool, READ THIS CAREFULLY
        “Real Recognize Real.”
        you’re probably just another bieetch if not then homie i feel bad for ya lol

      • Royzee

        Fuck you who ever you are first of all atlist he has made it in the music industry but you have you ever been in any 1 me i know have been in one but in Kenya nigga ass shit

      • LoveBomb

        See, that is the problem. If people like you had analytical skills you would understand that music like Lu’s is for those on the grind….But its for those who are on the grind that are aspiring for a life beyond just getting-by. Some people are fine with staying in the box, which is sad because this prevents you from reaching your full-potential. But then there are those that look past that settling-for-loser bull shit and are more interested in some touch-the-sky lasers stuff! We are LASERS! We shoot for the stars so even when we fall, we land in the clouds!

        Love Always Shines Every-time Remember 2 Smile!

    • bez

      lupe’s first album was not a classic that shit was garbage

      • writersBlock

        that comment was garbage..niggas speak more than just fantasy shit if you ever heard the mixtapes or the whole story about the cool… mufuckas to busy dumbing shit down

      • madclown18

        His first album hes been called a critical masterpiece,and it is one of my favorite albums to this day.Maybe you retards’ll realize that when you stop listening to that Soulja Boy bullshit. Jay-z called this man a genius-FUCK YOU HATERS!!!

      • dreadman

        For you to say Lupe’s first album is garbage, means you’re an idiot, and don’t know anything about hiphop. Go jump off a bridge.

  • Dub Sac

    Wow. I’m a big Lupe fan, but revisiting your the pain of your high school years as a full grown adult, and then making a record based around it seems like a recipe for a pile of whiny, self-indulgent shit. There are waaaay more interesting things to talk about, especially when you’re that smart.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    For some reason.. I just dont give a fuck.

    “Pops in the most ignorant Gucci Mane song he can find”

  • mannyd

    Another banger

  • IndyKid

    Lupe should do Lupe. He’s following in the footsteps of his proteges! Kid Cudi and Charles Hamilton does this repressed high school memories crap, not Lupe… I wish he’d just do something creative and unique like he usually does. A very intelligent artist should make his own way especially when you’re career is as well off as his is.


  • Lando

    All imma say is he gets the girl was dope shit….All should be well….

  • yoprince

    sounds lame.. but after two classics.. you get the benefit of the doubt

  • El Tico Loco

    I give him the benefit of the doubt only because the theme might have a double meaning and he’s good for that.

  • lil dizzy

    dang dat suks hes still retirein
    one of tha dopest mcees in tha game but a kid cudi and lupe calbo shuld be madd fly

  • gkid12345

    its so pathetic how every rapper is retiring every 5 seconds. This record sounds like its gonna be whack honestly. I was lookin forward to lup-end but i guess his label dont have enough confidence in him to put out a triple album. If everyone would pay attention first he said he was puttin out a triple album, then it was one album as three seperate releases and finally it got shelved.

  • $ykotic

    I’m not retiring=TI’s gonna sue if you don’t honor that contract

    The bad part is heads ain’t gonna buy the next project anyway.

  • Colron

    Speak for yourself Sykotic, Lupes one of the few I’ve bough tevery album of.

    • $ykotic

      Good. I was referring to the mass populous.

      • Colron

        Mass failures you mean, lol. Lupe should be waaaaaaaaaaaay higher selling. But such is life I guess. To Wayne goes the spoils.

  • Malik

    He didn’t say the album will be like “He Gets the Girl”. He said it will have the ambitions of he gets the girl. I.E. following the motif of getting something that you presume is out of reach.

  • Prince Caesar

    Lupe can rhyme well and he’s actually an MC, not some dude that raps a bunch of dumb Wayne. I gotta be honest, though, he does not have a classic album. The Cool had a few nice tracks but it was wack. I think some of his shit is just too..Dungeons & Dragons, hipster, geek nigga, trying to be extra weird type shit..He’s still nice on the mic, though.

    • Dj Playlist

      Never hurts to be different. I don’t think he’s being anything he’s not. He in a class all of his own and his individuality should not be criticized.

      it’s always

      all that “I’m The Shit” mentality gets old.
      A little here and there is fine but it’s on overkill at this point.

      Lupe keeps it fresh, even more then these outer space, top 10 freshmen type mc’s running up in the game. He really is in a class all of his own.

  • Beast McCoy

    I am not knocking this album until I hear some cuts. Most artists work best when they are not boxed into predetermined or arranged catagories. Just to be the devil’s advocate look at Outkast, Common, M.I.A., Kanye, UGK, k’naan, NWA & KRS-One. If you don’t dare to be different and push the art form forth then all you will ever hear is the “same ol jazz”. This is music it’s meant to inspire not only to maintain. Cats need to learn to appreciate other people’s style and culture, just because it doesn’t fit into what you believe is hip hop doesn’t make it not hip hop. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion but at least be open to others. Hip Hop is evolving like any other art form from Jazz to Rock to Reggae and it can only evolve if we are open to new and fresh ideas – some may revolutionized the art and some will be forgettable fads but at least it’s something new and not a photocopy of what we already heard or seen.






  • Drew

    Lupe is a beast.. nuff said

  • 901_Tri_City

    enuff with the foolishness…if it leaks 2morrow every hater that downloads it deserves whatever virus they get….i can wait til it drops in stores and support a real mc

  • Pat

    I honestly think he’s doing this one because of the grip Atlantic has on him right now. Hopefully it will bang as hard as any of his other stuff. And I’m pretty sure it will….it is Lupe after all.

  • quientin stenson

    lupe is the best rapper alive right now, not wayne not ye lupe. food & liquor was a classic & the cool aint that far behind wayne suck ?

  • ThatGuy

    lol…obviously none of you heard Shining Down’s chorus yet…..That song didn’t sound like high school stuff

  • royzee

    Fuck anyone who has a problem with lupefiasco,atlist he has made it in the music industry,when some are still in the misery of reaching high in this thing

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  • kato ceaser

    LUPE FIASCO IS THE GREATESST LYRICIST THERE EVER WAS! maybe if yall stop listening to kindergarden raps and get ur mind to interpret what this genius says in EVER WAS line then maybe u will agree… ps. both food& liquor and the cool were masterpiece, its only gonna get BETTER! fnf UP!

  • TruTaurus

    I agree with so many yet so sickened by the rest. Ya’ll niggas that’s stuck on ignorance is the main reason why we can’t our own nation of a people up and running. Dumb black people picture that. Ya’ll want guns,gangs, drugs, and so much shit that hold no damn value. Do ya research on the shit you like and see how much more you gone like it. Get ya head out ya ass open ya damn eyes and gain some composure, before you die another dumb nigga. Lu is on that tip ya’ll need to be on, the existence of all things and the power held within. So any nigga that got to say he hard, he got this, he got that. That nigga is weak, and has nothing. Lu is the meaning of Hip Hop just like Nas, The Roots, Talib, Mos Def, Common, ect… They are the movement to unlock or potential in life.