Lloyd Banks Tops Rick Ross On iTunes Songs Chart

While fans will have to until April 21st to purchase Rick Ross’ complete Deeper Than Rap album, the sales results of “Magnificent,”his first single from the project are not faring as well as expected. In fact, as of this afternoon rival Lloyd Banks is trumping him on the iTunes Top Songs chart with his diss track “Officer Down.”

According to iTunes’ calculations the G-Unit’s soldier’s song landed at the no. 28 position, seven spots above “Magnificent.” The cut, which was produced by the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and features G.O.O.D. music singer John Legend on the hook, sits at no. 35.

On “Officer Down, a mixtape track by Banks, the Queens rapper boasts about his click’s dominance over the Miami Boss, “To Easy/ man cant a a motherfucker around you see me/ You need an AK a geenie a whole pound of Wheaties.”

This is just the latest blow to Ross by 50 Cent and crew. Last week Fif released an explicit porno clip online featuring the mother of one of rapper’s children. – Elan Mancini

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    It was me who knocced out Ricc Ross boy Gunplay! He ate my Catfish Sandwich! I don’t play that shit!!

    • Jamal7Mile

      Well I’ll be damned!! They finally let you out of jail? You’ve been gone for a minute!

    • dusty boy

      Say foo, whats good? boyz been tryin’ 2 take ya crown potna. let these lames know who started this “FuckYou” shit!!!


      • squadwildin

        Welcome back my boy….must have ran out of material G-Unot but i see you came back strong….

  • jester

    fuck me hes bk runnin his mouth g-unot killa where the fuck u been runnin round dippin-slippin-sippin & crippin while blood drippin outta ur asshole… u go on & on sooner or later u crack ass wanna b coolio lookin face gonna get smashed in by 1 of the browns i putta bet on bobby!

  • http://xxlmag.com Sunny

    damn, the best diss since takeover by jayz.
    ‘ll run up on his shadow hit him proper

    He bout real as a 4 dollar bill, Carol City Copper/Chop ‘em down, one by one, two by two this what I do/If you knew what I knew then you’ll be cool, you’ll be thru/He makin’ money? Well we makin’ money too, whoopee doo. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. This is mixtape song which you cant download for free on thisis50.com and yet its getting downloaded crazy on itunes. Who said G Unit was DEAD. Didnt DJ Khaled said that Rick Ross song Magnificent was going to be the biggest hit of 2009. Shame. Rick Ross U Suck.

  • Stevie B

    Banks killed Ross on that officer down shit its the only real diss record plus the bars was crazy

  • $ykotic

    G-Unot is back!

    O yeah forgot the post.

    Been said Ross should have been promoting that song. Dude hurting on all sides.

  • dark vanilla

    G-Unot killa is back. Funniest guy on XXL blogs! Keep doing your thang mr. purple and blue.

  • E-Hustle

    I officially downloaded this song on itunes just to support the qualify of ether Banks just murked Officer Ricky False with!
    All those other diss tracks from the Unit were really weak. But this joint is that muvafuckin beast shit!
    Plus the sound quality of the download on itunes is better than getting it from anywhere else online.
    Got this joints bass thumpin in the whip!

    Banks, you were do, this track almost makes me forgive you for Rotten Apple.

    “In this market they let imposters walk’round/ 50 bodied you/ I just layed the chalk down”!!!


  • romil

    Banks did murk Ross lyrically I knew he would and could. But they kinda reporting too early, the single only been on Itunes for 2 weeks. They aint givin Ross time Damn, add 2 that people are gonna buy a Diss single over a R&B rap song anywayz.

  • jburg

    I downloaded it off of thisis50.com before they put away the download link. Anyways, this shit is hot. The best diss in this whole beef. He kills Rawse on this.

  • cold

    why would anybody buy magnificant ? it plays on the radio every 5 minutes

  • E-Hustle

    Cold- they do? where? not in MD,DC,VA foe sho!
    DJ’s probably embarassed to play that C.O.’s music like Ja after 50 killed his career.

    G-Unit need to come out with that mixtape to finally put him out his misery.
    Cant wait to peep Ross 1st week numbers. He gonna dissapear afterwards.
    And you know thisis50.com is going to leak it ASAP.
    Not like anyone is waiting for it in anticapation like “OOOOHH!! 1 more month till Rick Ross album comes out MOOONKEEEEYS”!
    Dudes are not dropping a dime on his CD. even his fans. Watch.

    • cold

      don’t even act like that shit aint playing wherever you are ! if you turn the radio on now it’s playing ! who gives a shit if he was a c.o. ? c.o.s don’t arrest people , it’s just a shitty job , dj’s play what ever the hell is hot ! when’s the last time you heard banks anywhere besides online ?

      • M tizzy

        @ Cold

        I live 20 mintues outta miami and havent heard the song on the radio once…

        So maybe your city is knockin it but williams own city aint playin that shit..

        waste of a good hook that track is…

        Best part is Dj kalaed(or howeva u spell it) spins on one of the radio stations out here 99.1

        • cold

          M tizzy , i live in miami ! you know that shit is played all day !



    • valdez

      i’m in baltimore and magnificent is on the radio ALL DAY LONG!

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Oh Shit ! GUK back?

    Hate Hate and more Hate who ?


      HA HA

  • anutha_level

    man, who gives a shit? both of these ho’z ain’t even in the top 20. i don’t care who beatin who when they ain’t even relevant in the first place!

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    First off welcome back GUK! need some life in this comments section!

    And I’m not surprised that Lloyd demolished Ricky-Rackety-Rawse; he’s the strongest out of all of G-Unit (and the only one I’ll listen to nowadays). I’ma have to check out that diss

  • Tariq

    You dudes are Fools. 50 on his website asked all of his subscribers to buy Banks Itune joint. This article is misleading as hell. You would think that 50 wrote the article himself.

    If you go to thisis50.com, you will see them asking all their subscribers to buy the song.

    This article is written as if this was a natural occurance. It is a very misleading article and chart position. Everyone has said ross’ music is better and 50 doesn’t have an answer to it so he pushed this gimmick and had his flunkie at XXLmag push the gimmick to mislead you.

    This article is more of an IQ test then anything else.

  • Tariq

    Yo, on the site, they say some shit like “We have given yall a bunch of free mixtapes, now we need you to buy Banks’ Officer down Itune. Come on and support the movement”.

    Hip Hop may be the most wak thing on the planet earth now.

    • ed

      yea but you have the choice to buy it or not just like you have the choice CO’s music

      i didnt buy none of them but i do got “officer down”

  • Tariq

    50 and his flunky at xxlmag have conspired to make it appear as if Rick is not doing well so that the public will say “man, I am not buying this shit.” It is 50 at his best, using gimmicks to control the money of those who don’t have brains.

  • Tariq


    This was basically 50 buying these joints himself. In fact, he probably bought a ton himself. 50 hates to loose and he knows how dumb his following is. The fix is in!

  • gkid12345

    Wow Lloyd Banks don’t even got an album coming out and he topping rick ross’s first single. Hopefully this track generates enough buzz to make interscope wanna put out a banks album instead of waitin till after 50 drop TWO more albums


    yo, tru dat. y buy it when it comes on the radio damn near every other song. but other dan that DAMN! i aint heard officer down yet, i’m goin str8 2 youtube next 2 hear him lyrically assasinate dis nigga.
    “man cant a a motherfucker around you see me/ You need an AK a geenie a whole pound of Wheaties”

    dat shit fire.

    p.s. got damn g-unot killa, back 2 give us all our good laugh of the day

  • Tezzy

    wouldnt say fifty bought this one but if that tony yayo was ahead of ross i would consider it lol


    aiite, im back… listened to officer down &… yea he ripped ross on that but, coming from a nigga from the south (most of da people supporting ross shit are), it aint jus no career ending stop the presses type of track.
    again a nigga from the south is gon say dat shit is wack, even though its lyrical & all. & could even make the case that ross putting out better music than banks is… im jus sayin

  • Hands of Stone

    Not a big deal,Magnificent been out since the beginning of January.

  • P

    Tariq are you an industry insider???
    Did you see 50 buy all those itunes?
    i goto thisis50.com all the time and never noticed anything telling me to buy the track so does that really mean anything that they say that?
    Did 50cent look at you the wrong way?
    Did Rick Ross put in a good word for you?

    News flash nigga, Rick Ross aint doing too good, no conspiracy, no nothing, you can say all you want about 50 but when Ross opens his mouth he digs his own hole even DJ’s laugh at this dude, he is not intelligent, even 50′s wackest diss still has more credibility than Ross’s who by the way raps for about 1 min and then decides to talk reckless, say what you want about 50 cent or how Banks song is doing better, but the REAL reason its doing better is because its one of the best diss songs, its a great track, magnificant is nothing, its just proves how wack ross is

  • Tariq

    P are you Curtis Jackson? In addition, are you blind? The plea to buy Banks ITUNE was on the site today, front and center. Who cares if ross is doing well or not? The bottom line is that this is a case of manipulation. Your passionate plea of ignorance will not change that either. Further, given how much of a schoolyard little girl type of a mind 50 has, where he can’t handle a defeat of any kind, yeah, I do believe he bought the joints.

    If he could not handle a lost to kanye why do you think that he wouldn’t stoop to any level to not lose to a Floridian Correctional Officer. Try something for once in your life, and that is thinking. The P must stand for pea brain.

    • twoholla

      whether or not thisis50.com asked people to buy the song or not…did 50 threaten to shoot them 9 times if they didn’t purchase it? Isn’t major labels like interscope & def jam whom both have access to international distribution lines, all media outlets (tv, cable, internet, print, radio,etc.) & major marketing dollars that incessantly push their products (artists music) onto the public a form of manipulation??? is the manipulation any less that many in the south will feel some form of allegience to buy rick ross because he states he represents THE SOUTH (I KNOW MANY INDIVIDUALS FROM THE SOUTH WHO ARE RIDING WITH ROSS WITH THAT SAME MENTALITY…I ALSO KNOW MANY INDIVIDUALS FROM THE SOUTH THAT SAY ROSS DOESN’T REPRESENT THE SOUTH) AND THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER…RICK ROSS & 50 CENT BOTH AREN’T DOING SOOOO WELL (BOTH NOT REACHING LABEL EXPECTIONS)…THAT’S WHY BOTH OF THEIR ALBUMS GOT PUSHED BACK…YOU BITCH & CRY ABOUT MANIPULATION & WHAT IS ESSENTIALLY NON-COERCIVE FORMS OF PRODUCT PERSAUSION…WELL B.A.N. (THE LOVE SONG)—BITCH ASS NIGGA__IT’S THE POLITICS OF THE BUSINESS OF THE RECORD INDUSTRY…STOP CRYING OVER WHAT IS ONLY SPIT IN THE BUCKET…& PLEASE STOP LEAVING MULTIPLE COMMENTS COMPLAINING & BITCHING ONLY TO SAY THE SAME THING OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER…ONE COMMENT OF YOUR LAME CONTENT IS ENOUGH DOUCHEBAG…

    • squadwildin

      Listen Tariq, i-tunes ensures that a large amount of the same song is not bought from one location….like i said before, for 50 to organize the buying of Banks song from however many different computers to get him to #24 is a ridiculous notion.

      its not logical….niggas just like Banks….and believe it or not, go to hiphopdx.com

      its one of the most listened to songs on the site. also the most discussed.(last time i checked it was #1, like a week ago)

  • gkid12345

    You people are so fucking pathetic, ya hate 50 so much that ya will say he bought a buncha banks joints. Like for real ya needa shut the fuck up already, ya don’t even know 50 like that to hate him that much GET SOME FUCKING LIVES

    • mario


      • RWord

        You dont know Ross like that, yet you hating on him. Stop being a hypocrite.

  • Nate

    Heed the infamous G-Unots words, “He does NOT
    play that $hit!”, Unless you can entice him with a Catfish or Cock Meat Sandwich. He won the Cock Meat eating contest and they voted him out of lockup for “Good Head Behavior”…

    Now he’s gonna smak U2 Chris Brown! Watch out now!

  • mike

    Pink Floyd is ass. Fisty scent is smelling up the joint.

  • Mika

    ai Tariq you gotta understand that both camps are using whatever resources they have at hand to do the numbers they are. So,Ross too pleading his fans at his site and everytime he’s on radio to cop his shit…and theres nothing wrng in that. At the end of they day(no juju) they looking to do NUMBERS and if fifty bought 80 percent of the sales to up Banks, then somebody doing it for Ross to . So its all fair. just accept Banks might have a record worth the sales numbers he’s doing and Ross not..Simple ! and i dont like 50 or Ross and i cant stand Banks voice…so …no siding here.

  • dark vanilla

    I don’t really like 50 Cent, but I’m down with Banks. I think he’s a lyrical beast. I was shocked that the Rotten Apple sucked cuz I usually here some good shit from Banks. And if it wasn’t for Yayo and 50 botching every song on T.O.S., the album woulda been good cuz Banks killed it.

  • Tariq


    You might have the wackest tag name in the history of Hip Hop Blogs. In what are you, the blog cop. Shit, you wrote a fuckin min-series up top. If broken down that shit would have been 5 posts. So bottom line is, shut the fuck up, fagget. I will post as many times as i feel like it. I can’t help it if your mind is too fuckin weak and that your hormones are too much like a female to handle any criticism of Curt, you gay ass nigga.

    The point of my comment was that the article is written as if Ross is doing poorly and that Banks is on fire. Personally, I like Banks and always have, and probably always will. However the simple fact is that Banks is on the shelf. He hasn’t had an album in 3 years. He hasn’t had a hit in 5 years. So the article is misleading. Interscope records hasn’t even included banks in their budget this year and noone, including Banks himself, knows when he will drop his next joint or if he will ever drop another joint at all.

    The article is misleading. The chart position stands because of a gimmick and through all you bullshit and the blood dripping between your legs, you fagget nigga, you didn’t disprove my point. You just uttered a whole bunch of bullshit which mounted up to, “Rick Ross” does the same thing but did not disprove the point. Maybe if you didn’t susk 50′s dick so much it would clear up your thinking, you pussy.

    • m tizzy

      its called promotion my dude. Why woulda 50 have a banner on his site tellin people to cop that joint off itunes. This is the biz of selling music.

      i dont really understand where you coming from. Ok banks aint had a hit since Hands up and he doesnt have an album out. Ross does have an album coming out and banks is still ahead of him with a mixtape song that he prob recorded at his crib for free….

      sooo ross aint doing to good….

  • fmeezy

    lloyd banks murked ross on that song!

    ” F*ck rick ross The REAL ones comin Home!
    Peace to him F*uck you click pow pow pow am gone!”

  • rap G

    lol Tariq chill dont cry its only a song
    boy heads get emotional on the net

    Nice track by boy wonder Bank$

  • Fotrey

    Damn G-Unot Killa where you been…I thought the blood game got you…im glad they didnt…keep giving us that good sense of humor…also i come to the site just to read yo 4hit man…so gone and give it to us…sooner or later you will have yo on blogsite…

  • corlione39


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  • http://arwhatsnewtoday.info/bookmarks/ Coleman Kopiasz

    Seriously! For a nice and seeking yahoo for hours just for this and that i finally found it in this article!