Lil Wayne Let Off The Hook In Georgia Drug Case

Lil Wayne has one less court case to worry about. Yesterday (March 3) a judge dropped drug charges against the rap superstar.

As XXLmag previously reported, Wayne was arrested in August 2006 at the Twelve Hotel in Atlanta where authorities confiscated marijuana and prescription drugs, Xanax and hydrocodone.

William Head, the New Orleans-bred MC’s lawyer, says Weezy was not staying in the room where the drugs were found and requested to suppress the case on the basis of an illegal search. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson has complied and dismissed the charges.

While he no longer has to worry about the Atlanta felony, the verdict is still out on both of Weezy’s drug and weapons cases in Arizona and New York. – Elan Mancini

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  • $ ANOC $

    Damn son

  • nameless

    “Call me Young Roy…/ Jones Jr. Fightin the guns and drug charge.”

  • Levi

    I suggest he do 1000 hours of community service

  • Colombian D

    str8t up. i wish i had his luck


    please scrap that rock album

  • The_Truth

    ***Props to ANY black man that beats the system. . .anyone that wishes jail time or any consequences of the system upon another black man is too fucked up mental for advice.

    This has nothing do with if you “like him” or not.

  • Gsnyebum005

    all bull maybe i should go sell some records maybe theyll forget bout my charges to

  • D-Block

    yo i fuckin hate weezy cuz hes shit at rappin and all but i do gotta give him some props. this man is a success story. he proves day in and day out that mental handicaps shouldnt stop u from doin what u wana. way to go little guy.

  • Nate

    Shot himself in the leg….

    Fake blood

    Only smart enough to not book the room “in his name” so that when they found the pound of weed
    he could get off (over 2 years later)

    well I’m not surprised. What Judge would charge him after finding out this bitch boy is the winner of multiple kiddy mainstream awards of the year and his little white children love him? It’s another trade out for the love of his children so he won’t be “the bad dad”

  • Nate

    Weezy being a “success” story is like:

    A rich white kid (similar to Weezy being brought up by rich drug money baby from a teen)

    and that white kid taking 8 years to get his
    college degree (kind of like Tommy Boy)

    Weezy had the rap world handed to him. He didn’t have to earn it like other REAL success stories.

    Another 5 years later that kid gets his masters and jumps into money (like Wayne) getting a mid-manager position in a big company, but starting at 31 (just like Weezy being in the game 12-14 years now) he has no real world experience. Wayne doesn’t have experience crafting original, quality lyricism that makes sense, and is witty. He just took tons of crap, threw it against the wall, and always had huge music money producers and contacts behind him. He never had to grind hard and earn it. If he was so good, then he would have GREAT SOLO, (not half the songs with 4 dudes on it) albums that were slept on in his younger days.

    He is just a daddy’s boy, that got a 2nd chance, 3rd chance, 4th chance, 5th chance,
    … (how many bad albums did he put out before getting Carter recognition??) yeah that’s how many chances he got.

    It’s not hate when it’s the truth.
    I know it hurts.

    • Caine

      Tell ‘em why u mad son…HAHAHA…

  • willshady

    d-block shut the fuck up u bitch.

    • D-Block

      fuck u faggot just because i made fun of your idol u fuckin loser. LIL WAYNE IS A FUCKIN PHONEY GET OFF HIS DICK U FUCKIN RETARD. lmmfao u prolly think hes actually good at rappin. what are u 12, 13? go to fuckin school junior and shut your fuckin mouth if you dont got nothin smart to say.

  • Mere Cool

    He’s still not in the clear. This rock album may very well be the last we hear from him in awhile. We all make mistakes, and there are consequences. Look at Black Rob, Shyne, DMX, T.I., 2Pac, Slick Rick. Weezy maybe the next added to this star studded cast. It might be what’s best for him. Pain and struggle and hardships can stir up creativity and inspiration. Put it in God’s hands Weezy.

  • Beav

    Fuckin Wizzle. Nuff Said




    100 LOVE.

    SHA E.