Joe Budden, K’Naan & Project Pat Debut On The Charts

Several new rap releases made it onto the Billboard 200 sales chart today including discs by K’Naan, Joe Budden, and Project Pat.

Landing at the no. 32 position on his first week on the charts is K’Naan with his major label debut Troubadour. The Somali-born rapper, who tagged along Mos Def, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and Chubb Rock for the CD, sold 15,290 discs according to the Nielsen SoundScan.

Ten spots down is Joe Budden with his long awaited sophomore studio album, Padded Room. The Internet star, who dropped the CD on indie label Amalgam Digital, managed to sell 15,290 copies in his first week out.

Real Recognize Real, the seventh album by Memphis-bred rapper Project Pat debuted on the no. 70 spot this week, after selling 8,660 discs.

Cypress Hill front man B-Real also rolled up on the charts this week. The West Coast rapper’s first solo album Smoke N Mirrors, grabbed the no. 148 position with 3,830 CDs sold. Failing to chart this week is Hidden Files, the new release by Havoc of Mobb Deep, which was unable to sell 1,000 copies.

The usual suspects made it onto the top 40. Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak slipped 2 positions to number 10 after scanning an additional 25,540 records this week. The Louis Vuitton Don’s tally now stands at 1,385,990. At no. 11 is the “King of the South” T.I. with his latest album Paper Trail. Tip pushed 25,340 discs this go around, bringing his overall figures to 1,749,140.

Moving up four spots to no. 26 this week is hip-hop hook man extraordinaire Akon. The singer, who officially went gold last week, sold 17,040 more copies of his album Freedom this sales cycle, making his total sit at 525, 700.

The self-proclaimed “Greatest Rapper Alive” Lil Wayne slid three slots to no. 36 this go around. Weezy rang up 14,840 more copies of his Grammy-award-winning disc Tha Carter III this week, bringing his total sales numbers to 3,044,610. – Elan Mancini

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  • NIG

    look at those numbers…….the rap industry is gone… glad im a versitle producer cause im making more money in rock/alternative music………good luck 2 all u wannabe rappers>>>>

    • mo

      well, in the case of joe “buddden” it’s hard to sell many copies of your album in the first week if your label fails to ship enough to major retailers in the first place.

    • mo

      Havoc couldn’t give that bitch away.

    • mo

      Yeah NIG….I’m sure you make alot of money with your production skills….wack ass nigga.

    • mo

      Daaaaamn….weezy is triple plat.

  • anutha_level

    i see u PAT! do ya thang mane…North-North!

  • Part 2wo

  • fireforreal

    Well good for Joe Budden,being that he’s on a indie digital lable moving 15,000 with no video and barley any promotion other then word of mouth.He’ll hit about 40,000 by tghe end of the year. B-real ? who cares about this cat anyway ? it may have worked if it was around 93-98 when cypress hill was in there prime. Havoc knows He lost alot of fans when Mobb deep signed with G-unit. Look at there previous sales. They even sold more on jive with a wack ass album then on G-unit/interscope because there fans knew it was fake,music wise.

  • Ben

    Havoc damnnnnnnnn homie! Joe Budden flopped, album was a let down. Give it up.

    • 619

      That Budden album was garbage. Weak production, only a couple joints I was really feelin’. The ‘Blood on the Wall’ joint is the only real banger. He seemed to stray away from the real life situation type rap, the whole reason I even check for him. All the party joints on there sound watered down.

      • LEO

        What party joints?

  • Levi

    Those numbers are sad. Dude’s could sell more out their trunk. dissapointing.

  • HU

    Knaan’s disc is good music and worth buying. I promptly deleted Joe Budden from my hard drive after downloading it. Havoc is irrelevant. Who are these people that are still buying Carter 3? How are there 15,000 people in the U.S. each weeek who are just now deciding to buy the damn thing? And why can’t black youth get their subjects and verbs to agree?

  • Fully Equipt

    That Budden album is good, but not much promo for it. Knaan album is raw!! I recommend it for real.



  • EmCDL

    I heard of the Budden album dropping…gonna have to cop that.

    Whos this Knaan kat? Is that any good? I’m willing to listen to something new for a change…

  • cold

    that’s sad man !

  • Avenger XL

    Why do you guys show numbers on indie artists that makes it appear as if they suck? Just because they haven’t sold a whole bunch of units when they don’t have the marketing machine so it is a slow burn. How about just saying they charted and what number they charted at. Because though Havoc’s epic fail coaster of an album is what trash wants to be when it grows up. He still doesn’t need you reminding us of the fact the album is going triple milk box material.

    I think Budden may get about 80,000 units out of this

    Project pat will grind out ghetto style and sell it to his hood audience and loyal fans who don’t know from good.

    Knaan is a international artists so his American money is going to be low. Plus he is too intelligent for the regular hood market right now.

    B real- will make his rounds and probably hit about 50,000 maybe more over time like I said slow burn people (Pun intended)

    Havoc- shouldn’t have released this coaster so he deserves what he gets. But if there is any loyal mobb deep fans left they may cop it and move him up to partical board or wood rating

  • The Last Hope

    Man those numbers are wrong…it says K’naan is in the 32 spot with 15,290 sold… then it says budden was ten spots down and sold the exact same amount 15,290….shits messed up

  • Nate

    If you think 15,000 is a “flop” for a indie in THIS market, then you just don’t know #’s.

    Classic groups with plenty of good albums don’t sell records currently. EPMD did something like 5K first week in late fall/early winter. BIG labels like Def Jam, etc, put out some ringtone artists selling 20-40K first week with 10 times the distribution.

    But in the first month at the large stores that sell used copies, you find tons of their product come back. Joe Budden won’t have a stack of used copies for half price or less come back in the first month. His fans will hold on to it because they are a real fanbase that appreciates the quality material he brings to the table.


  • Caine

    Dat Pat album go hard…(no homo)

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  • king rap

    knaan is agood artist why he cant sell more?