Jim Jones has a big day ahead of him tomorrow (March 24). Along with the release of his new album, Pray IV Reign and the re-launching of his play, he is scheduled to head to court over his assault case with Ne-Yo’s manager, Javon Smith.

The Dipset Capo will be in Manhattan Criminal Court at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday for a short appearance. “I expect the judge to set a new motion schedule based on the D.A.’s failure to respond to my discovery request,” Jones’ attorney Scott E. Leemon told XXLMag.com.

In addition to pressing criminal charges against Jones, Smith also filed a $7 million lawsuit against the Harlem rapper, claiming their fight caused him “substantial pain.” Leemon believes the criminal case is “a set up for the civil suit.”

Jones allegedly got involved in an altercation with Smith - who is the brother to rival Jay-Z’s right hand man Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith - at the Louis Vuitton store in the Big Apple last December. He plead not guilty on February 4th.

In related news, directly following the court appearance Jones will be making a stop at the Union Square location of the Virgin Megastore in NYC to meet with fans and sign copies of his new album. He will also be kicking off his week long stint of his play Hip-Hop Monologes: Inside the Life and Mind of Jim Jones later that night at the 37 Arts Theatre. - Elan Mancini