Last night (March 12) around 2 a.m., Sean “Diddy" Combs took his P. Twitty TV concept to the next level by broadcasting live from the studio. The video was streamed through the Web site, which allows users to broadcast live from the Internet.

Diddy hyped the moment by posting the message: “In 1 hour we will make history! Tell your friends and family to join!! Can you did it people? The ptwitty nation can't be stopped!!!”

During the broadcast, the Bad Boy mogul swiveled in a black chair in his studio and plugged his Ciroc Vodka drink while previewing new tracks from Bad Boy artists Cassie and Day 26, as well as material he’s working on for his next album, Last Train to Paris. He also played snippets of the Gorilla Zoe track “Echo,” which finds the Atlanta rapper singing through Auto-Tune, and an upbeat dance track called “Diddy Bop.”

At one point, Diddy solicited questions from his Twitter followers, requesting that people "hit me with some hard questions. Hit me with something you really wanna know." When a user asked if he still talks to former Bad Boy artist Mase, Puff stated that he hadn’t spoken to Mase in a while but that they’re still on good terms and that the Harlem rapper-turned-pastor sometimes texts him. Another user asked whether Diddy thinks Beyonce is overrated and Puff repeated the question a few times before praising Beyonce’s work ethic. "Beyonce goes harder than most of us men in the game. If anything, she's underrated,”he replied.

Diddy also advised followers to leave their numbers for him to call. "Ladies, rock with me,” he said. “Take the computer into the bathroom and turn on the bath water.” With the video still running, he spoke on the phone with a woman who asked to be his L.A. assistant.

P. Twitty TV launched last Friday to complement Diddy’s Twitter account, which has grown to over 140,000 followers. To end the broadcast, Puff played “Diddy Bop,” after stating that, "It's important that when my kids go to school that they daddy got a hot record out.”

Last Train to Paris is slated to drop on Sept. 22. – Clover Hope