Coolio Arrested For Crack Possession At LAX

“Gangster’s Paradise” rapper Coolio was reportedly busted earlier today (March 6) at an airport with crack cocaine, according to TMZ.

The Compton-bred rapper, who has been taken in by LAX authorities, was apparently arrested after drugs were found on his person during a routine security check. It is also believed that he got into an altercation with the screener that discovered the controlled substance.

Coolio was on his way to catch a flight for a concert appearance in Tulsa, OK where he shared the bill with fellow old school emcees Tone Loc and Shock G of Digital Underground.

Since scoring fame as a recording artist in the 90s, the Grammy-award winning rapper has gone on to appear on several reality television shows including Fox’s “Celebrity Boot Camp,” in which he won, and his own show “Coolio’s Rules” on the Oxygen network, as well as his own online cooking series “Cooking With Coolio.” – Elan Mancini

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  • mannyd

    He always seemed like a hype to me.

    • MO


  • e-fleezy

    cookin crill with coolio. what a fuck up. i knew he was a rockstar when i seen him buyin his daughter a hooptie. y’all kno what that benz money goin to.

    • tony grand$

      So thaaaaat’s what that dude was REALLY cooking.

  • NIG


  • big skiz

    man coolio has always had a crack problem. this shit is funny tho how people think they can just get on a plane with some crack in their pocket. fukin moron.

    p.s. fuk pig ross. real c.o. s dont even respect you. punk

  • $ykotic

    Damn dude couldn’t afford an RV or a bus? Jumping on a flight in LAX with rocks. Effing priceless…

  • westcoastaggie

    His crackhead behind should be the #1 Seed in the upcoming Negro Please SDN Tournament. Word to Ron Mexico!

  • dusty boy

    The dudes a lame. But c’mon yall quit being so fuckin’ scary, everybody gets on planes with they drug of choice. pussys!! Yall sound like some bitchs talkin’ bout “he’s dumb for takin’ drugs on the plane” he got caught, tahts whats fuckin stupid. I stay flyin’ from DC to Tx. with my coughee (“if you dont know by now coughee is killa”)no less then an OZ. TRILL niggaz do TRILL shit. Fuck the Police!! I do what the fuck I want, yall lames do what yall can.


    • ill_g

      u and that thought process is what has the youth of this country in the state its in. fuckin losers grow the fuck up

    • FlapJack

      You need to dust off your brain

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      “if you dont know by now coughee is killa” – Devin the Dude – Screwston in this bitch, i c. Wouldn’t advise niggaz to take shit on a plane but if ur habit iz that serious, then i’m sure ur ready to deal w/the consequences, fucc it tho’. Kidz stay drug free, cuz it meanz more for me, one-hunneRd – -

  • sealsaa

    LMAO @ “Rock star”. Took me a minute to process.

    Damn, if this guy has custody of all 4 of his kids, and he’s hitting the pipe, imagine how fucked up the mothers must be…

  • latino heat

    u knew something had to posses him to do his hair like that all these years. now we know what it was.

  • sealsaa

    He said that he wears his hair like that now because he’s suffering from male pattern baldness, which is why he always has a hat or scarf on. Now we know its the rock thats doing it to him.

  • TheRefriedMexican






  • dwi

    dam….keep ya head up nig!

  • Kane Corleone

    Coolio was always smokin , cuz use ta Crip and he could spit back in the day wit WC and tha Maad Circle ….er’body has demons cuz.

  • D-Block

    ya i know a crackhead that cut a hole in the top of his hat so his hair can stick out too, so i dont surprise me coolio is a crackhead

  • cold

    stupid sonofabitch ! crack ?

  • tony grand$

    All jokes aside, Coolio admitted a few years back that he had struggled with drug & alcohol problems before & after he became famous. Then he claimed he cleaned himself up, started being all over the tv again, started trying to get his son in the biz, got arrested for that child support shit.
    So it’s just kinda sad to see such a “legend” go back to the same bullshit he tried to escape from. He’ll be straight though.

  • Fireforreal

    @tony gran$ Yeah I hope all addicts not just rappers get there shit together,but for real You got to be kidding me by saying that Coolio is a legend lol! Every old or was a star rapper doesn’t mean there a legend. Just like an album from the past that only had 4 good songs is not a classic.

    • tony grand$

      Well, that was the reason for the quotation marks actually, as in “not really, but…..”.

      I’m just giving respect to an older cat. & he’s from Cali, so I’m just showing love to a fellow Golden state warrior.

  • Prince Caesar

    Damn, first he gets robbed at his own he gets caught trying to sneak some crack on a plane. What the hell is wrong with this fool ? It’s sad to say, but, most rappers from the old school are broke crackheads. Flavor Flav is the only reformed crackhead. Not all of em’ are just some. That’s sad. Ya’ll need to look at guys like Ice-T and LL, guys that are legendary MC’s still out here getting that money.

  • jester

    coolio ft flavor flav & kool g rap – crack a pipe haha i jst cudun help myself

  • Screwmatic

    ***** ****
    Crack cookin’
    Glock Cockin’
    Trunk Stay Poppin’
    And Hoes Steady Boppin’



  • jester

    coolio ft flavor flav & kool g rap – crack a pipe

  • Tre

    Damn Shame. I don’t know what makes a nigga smoke crack like you didn’t see what happen to previous crackheads. I never heard a good story about what typically happens to crackheads either. To dude who likes to take his Coughee on the plane… You probably shouldn’t tell the world wide web about it bruh.

  • lostgyrl

    You can’t be serious!!! Grow up already.

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