Chicago rap superstar Common has partnered with Best Buy for his new online book club venture, as well as their teen-led social change platform @15.

Com recently announced his plans to launch the club called "The Corner." The rapper/actor - who also has a career in publishing (he released a children’s book) - started the club for 8th to 12th graders. Every month the club will pick a book for members to read and discuss. They will also get a  chance to speak with the author and view celebrities’ favorite novels.

In addition to his new venture, Com will also appear in a series of teen service announcements (TSA) in support of Best Buy’s @15 program. The retail giant created the program, to help give youth a voice on what social issues are most important to them, in order to invest resources behind their ideas.

“A wise musician told me you never stop growing if you keep gaining information,” he says in the TSA. “So reading has been that segue for me gaining information. Definitely as a teenager you can feel like you’re being overlooked and not paid attention to and it’s a lonely feeling. You should never stop growing. And it’s alright to be a teen growing – and not in height. I’m talking in wisdom and experiences and self-knowledge.”

For more information fans can visit Com’s book club here and @15 here. - Elan Mancini