Charles Hamilton Teams Up With XXL For New Video

XXL magazine has partnered with Harlem-bred newcomer Charles Hamilton to produce, direct and release the publication’s very first music video.

Documenting C.H.’s song “Loser” off of 2008’s The Pink Lavalamp, the clip was shot on location throughout the streets of New York City. Helmed by XXL video director Travis Satten, the video finds Hamilton back in his former high school, Harlem’s Frederick Douglas Academy, where he recorded the entire album in 2007. The vid was also shot in the Lower East Side’s famed nightclub Angels and Kings owned by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy.

Hamilton, who XXL named one of the top ten freshmen of hip-hop’s class of ’09, recently performed the song on “Last Call With Carson Daly” earlier this week. [Watch Here]

The Pink Lavalamp is currently available for free download online, while Hamilton is hard at work on his official Interscope debut.

The video for “Loser” is scheduled to premiere on March 18th at 10 a.m. EST on – Elan Mancini

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  • real talk

    An interesting endeavor for a journalism outlet such as a magazine to get involved with. Objectivity?

  • Slash

    so ya’ll just gone force this dude on us, huh?

    • Phil

      What’s your alternative, then? Uhhh, right. Nothing.

      • cold

        there are plenty of better alternatives ! you were just joking , right ?

        • Phil

          Yet and still, you don’t even ID them. Only imply them. You hate CH SO MUCH, then PROMOTE THE ALTERNATIVE. Christ.

        • cold

          if i have to i.d. them for you you’re not into good hip hop .

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Yep, He’s with Asher sucking off XXL staff in the hall way. I miss Yellow Nig (Elliot Wilson), he would have never put up with these tootie Fruity in the booty ass rappers.

    • Phil

      Y’all gonna make this young man very, very rich, lol. Idiots.

  • Part 2wo

  • holla

    please stop reporting on this lame.

  • What the ?

    What’s with that pink ass Peter Pan looking picture on this site every other day, get a new picture of the kid at least, damn.




  • cold

    will someone please destroy and delete all copies of that gay ass picture ! i can’t even listen to the tracks or read the blog with that monkey ass picture looking in my face .

  • Fully Equipt

    I’m cool wit da class of ’09′ stuff, but why is a magazine doing a video for a rookie? Are they puttin money behind me too? Anyway “Lavalamp” was dope, but I hope his next single is better than “Brooklyn Girls”

    Free mixtape:

  • macdatruest

    Doing business with rappers XXL? So is it like when yall was in business with Shady for Shade 45? I can only imagine what rating you would give an artist you have interest in. I seen yesterday in a blog posted by XXL Staff that he was “the truth, period” now I see why they hopped on his lil pink nuts so hard, xxl tryna promote they own artist, while faking like it’s still just a neutral rap magazine. Charles Hamilton-no less than an XL. This is why if I ever blow I will avoid east Coast Magazines and East Coast Payola DJ’s and East Coast Shady execs at all cost. Thanks for showing the readers that you guys are really shady ass promoters using your magaine to secretly gain favor toward the rappers you have invested in


    whats wrong with ch i bet all of you guys talking down on dude. did not even listen to that pink lavalamp mixtape. when the video comes out check your hate for a second and watch it. listen to the music you know maybe you guys might like it.

  • Mary Horsely

    I wouldn’t assume I’ve ever found any blog on this quite a few reviews on there!

  • Ina Happer

    Can be blogengine as good as live journal in a roundabout way? Has to be as it’s starting to be popluar lately.