Asher Roth Addresses Eminem Comparisons On Debut, Talks Spring Break Performance

In anticipation of the release of his debut album Asleep In The Bread Aisle, Asher Roth held a listening party at a packed Clinton Recording Studios in New York last night (March 25), where he took some time to speak to about his highly anticipated disc and his recent MTV Spring Break performance.

Holding his own alongside Lil Wayne and Jim Jones on MTV’s Panama City Beach stage, the XXL Freshman, said of the show, “The crowd absolutely responded well, man. It was funny ‘cause when Jim Jones was on, I was sitting on the side of the stage, giving out my homey’s phone number to all the girls in the crowd and he got so many text messages that night. That’s a glorious memory.”

In rocking the crowd with a hit single named “I Love College,” even Asher wasn’t surprised that his performance went over successfully. “The demographic that I attacked with my music was collegiate—it was college kids,” he pointed out.

However, the rapper moved to dispel the notion that his music was solely for the keg-stand-chugging kids seen in his debut single’s video. “There’s so much more to Asleep In The Bread Aisle,” he said. “Is it frat boy rap? I don’t know what that is. Frat boy rappers to me sound like a bunch of kids in a house rapping. Was I in a frat? No. Was I a kid at a party just hanging out rapping with my friends inspired by hip-hop? Absolutely.”

Roth also made sure to distance himself from another label that he’s been struggling to shake — that of the “Eminem clone.” During the listening party, the crowd of around 200 was treated to the rousing album cut “As I Em,” where Roth raps candidly, “It’s impossible rejecting an elephant in the room.” Thanking Mr. Mathers for opening the door for white rappers, Roth also uses the four-minute track to highlight very obvious differences between the two, notably their backgrounds. Roth’s upbringing makes for an intriguing listen in the poignant “His Dream, ” a song in which he laments his father’s sacrifice—“the hardest part was giving up his dream for his kids’.”

“It’s gonna be interesting to see when people get past the fucking Eminem comparisons, and when they get past ‘the Jay-Z story’ and start to learn who Asher Roth is like a human,” he shared. “I think that my music is gonna relate to people much more on an emotional and humanistic level and just experiences and feelings with their lives than it’s going to as far as ‘I look like this kid or I’m the same color or whatever.’”

Featuring cameos from Keri Hilson, Cee-Lo, Busta Rhymes, Jazze Pha and Chester French, Asleep In The Bread Aisle flies into stores on April 21. – Devin Chanda

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      Fucc this rapper. I have a special place in Crip land for this hoe. I will personally have the Arayan Nation smacc this bitch

    • mo

      this kid is garbage and his music is wack and corny


    no shit ur gna have eminem comparisons cuz how u sound is how he sound- if ya had ur own style then u wouldnt be goin thru dat shit-WORD

    • nellz

      he has a different style, they just have a similar voice.

  • geico lizard

    “Thanking Mr. Mathers for opening the door for white rappers”
    Damn I guess Beastie Boys,3rd Bass, Vanilla Ice can all kiss roths ass.

    • jburg

      3rd Bass and Beasties yes, Vanilla Milkshake? Not so much!!! LOL!!! Vanilla almost closed the door if anything!!!

    • Hardcore Heaven

      Vanilla Ice opened the door more than anyone. He was the only white rapper on stop the violence tour, and he was the first white rapper to get a major record deal, he signed with SBK for a cool million instead of signing with def jam for half as much. First white rapper to go number one. He has the highest selling Hip hop album of all time for gods sake 17 million records sold nigga please. He didn’t open the door, he smashed down the wall. You think major labels would give that kinda contract out back then to a hip hop artist? No. But now because Vanilla Ice made so much money they will.

      Vanilla Ice, the Norman Bates of Hip Hop, New Cd coming out soon “Wisdom, Tenacity, Focus”

  • gman

    rather be campared to eminem then say a gay ass jim jones or somethin his album will do better then jim jones n rick ross

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Welcome back G-UNOT KILLA…go in on these flakes.

    Roth is his own person. I’m not feeling his shit like that thou….

  • Jazz One

    I played a show with this cat last week during sxsw. He is good peoples.

  • Ja$e

    @ geico lizard
    they can kiss mine too. gtfoh vanilla ice and 3rd base are we @ a baseball game? beatsies were straight though.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    ^Naw nigga Prime Minister Pete Nice, 3rd Bass had some shit. Them niggaz added to the culture instead of stealing. AND fuck any lying ass 25-30 year old nigga in hear that says they were’nt rocking out to Ice Ice Baby and Play that funky music by Vanilla Ice, at least for that summer, that nigga had the game on lock. And besides his corny MC copying ways, his first album had a “few” cuts and he did NOT RAP like Hammer.

    Like the Deadgame said, if you DID NOT FUCKING SOUND LIKE EMINEM. No one would be comparing you to him. And I hope Eminem stoops down to his level and tears him a new asshole, for being biter. Or at least has some Asher Look alikes in his first single video. You know he does that crazy shit for the first single, so you can expect wig’s and all that. Fuck this clone

    • mannyd

      I dont like Asher Roth, but I think him and Em sound the same because they both rap in thier natural voices. Every nigga from ATL sounds the same to me, except Luda. Most NY niggas sound the same too.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Anyone remember the movie rocky 5, the one with Tommy Gun? Remember after he beat union Kane for the title he still got booed by the crowd, and they kept chanting Rockys name? Remember throughout the montages, how they kept showing news papers, and media commentators saying that Tommy Gun was Rockys puppet and robot, because he was clone of Rockys fighting style and rocky taught him everything he knew? Then remember after the Union Kane fight, the “Don King” chracter told him that the only way he would ever get out if Rockys shadow would be to fight Rocky? Remember what he said to Tommy,.. “They gonna dog you with that mans memory as long as you dare to put on a pair of boxing gloves, then you gonna start wondering yourself, could I take him, am I good enought could I have beat him”? Then remember, Rocky beats his BITCH ASS at the end of the movie.

    Like Asher, this dude may come out and sell a few records, get a few chicks to send some text messages. But UNTILL HE CHAGES HIS SOUND AND STYLE, or Battles EM (and wins), he will allways be a two bit clone. A fucking Tommy Gun.

    • jburg

      My dudes!!! You right on point man. Thats some deep shit to be thinking bout Rocky dog!! LMAO!!! You always got some good shit for real. Asher wouldn’t last a couple bars with the “battling” Eminem. Em would eat this dude alive!!!

  • enzo

    don’t forget House of Pain was repping hard for all the peckerwoods too.

  • Yayza

    Some of you guys are ignorant as fuck. Look at guys like B.O.B. (or Bobby Ray, whatever). He sounds just like Andre 3000. I’ve heard maybe 2 people mention it, ever. Why aren’t we on his ass for being a biter? Because he’s not white? Y’all need to take a step back and think for a second. Your logic is absolutely ridiculous.

    • nellz

      lol..i dont know why he changed his nae to bobby ray…maybe because he’s singing now, but I’ve only heard 2 song where he kinda sounded like 3k.

      But wouldn’t he be more of a biter than Asher? The style, the flow, the singing..EXACTLY like 3k. Asher on the other hand has his own style, and if people listened, they would know.

  • Nate

    He has a place in the game. You can’t compare the thousands of rappers in the game with the greats, and you can’t compare a few dozen good white rappers to Em. If he spits nice, he spits nice. If you like his content you do, if you don’t you don’t. I have come to terms that as long as Lil Wayne keeps acting like a alien lyricist that he still will have naive followers…


    Comes out on the 20th what shitty journalism.

  • corlione39


  • Brahsef

    Yeah yeah, we’ve all heard the same shit before…he sounds like em. But for all ya’ll saying he’s yanking Em’s steez, you’re dead wrong…he raps nothin like em. His flow, delivery, and content matter is nothin like Em. He’s just cursed with the voice.

    • jburg

      You apparently haven’t heard Em’s first album “Infinite”.


    What about HAYSTACK? He can spit and reps for the peckerwoods.

    Asher is probably one of the only rappers spittn about College.

    Kanye talks about being a college dropout.

    The rest of the rappers in the game spit about being high-school dropouts.

  • LB

    Fact is that Eminem is a whole different person than Asher period; his story is Hip Hop. Eminem is in this game by neccessity plus talent, Asher is because of talent plus a company’s wet dream of the next…watered down Eminem.

  • Silky Johnson

    I for one am sick of the Eminem Clone talk. Asher Roth is nothing like Eminem, they sound a little alike but voice doesn’t make you a biter… Asher’s lyrical content separates him from Eminem whereas Eminem’s lyrics are often angry and emotional rants about his upbringing, ex-wife, or mother…Asher Roth tends to talk more about his life as an average college student who loves hip-hop. Big deal they have similar voices, why is that gonna stop you from enjoying some music? Asher isn’t GOD MC, but he is a far cry from terrible…so get off the man’s sack and stop being a bunch of haters. Either you buy his music or you don’t it’s simple.

    • LB

      Well man, Asher won’t get away from the comparisons simply because Em is the benchmark for…let’s be real…white rappers bein able to be in the game and actually thrive. And Em’s lyrical content is what connects him with the market he needs to sustain a position. Who’s Asher connecting with? “college kids just hanging out at a party who so happened to be inspired by Hip Hop.” That ain’t enough bruh. Those same people he’s catering to will end up dissin Hip Hop because they’ve become so much more enlightened and pias. His sustainable marketability is not there. It just isn’t.

  • felipesiny

    How the fuck this kid who straight sound like EM get all this hype? I tell you cause his white, ya I said it and record company know it fucking market-able for them to make money off other white kids whole buy if you still buy or download. The best way to put him out there is on mtv so the whitey have another raper who’s just like them and buy the music. I not hating Im just telling how I see it . It all about money, this business machine that is burning hip-hop. Yes we want hip-hop to make money and sometimes money AKA “the industry machine” burns back. i

  • jburg

    His content is different yes, but everything else is the same. Voice and style are the same.

  • ksleep

    I would never confuse asher roth for eminem, fuck is y’all talkin about….

    I reserve judgement on ol boy till the album drop.

  • Cal

    Fact is that Eminem is a whole different person than Asher period; his story is Hip Hop. Eminem is in this game by neccessity plus talent, Asher is because of talent plus a company’s wet dream of the next…watered down Eminem.

    Co-muthafucking sign! Though I dont harbor any hate for Asher’s music!

  • Nefarious

    Nobody likes a byter…OK true…Those who are hating saying dude sound like em.. This maybe true. But if your at least 25 or maybe even a lil younger, you should know everyone bit their style from someone else.
    Slick Rick style has been bitten by some golden era heavyweights like Ghost, Snoop, Dana Dane down to the eye patch!
    Rakim was bitten by Nas, and a host of others
    Kane style was bitten by JayZ,
    GRap been bitten by Nas, Big Pun, … So you see where Im going. Everybody got there style from someone. As long as they not taking slang and plagerize that shit.
    Eminem got his style largely from Redman..
    Just because you have the same delivery, doesn’t mean your not original in your own. As an MC you draw a composite comparison to yourself and everyone that influenced you… Thats paying homage. anyways
    in Asher’s case I’ve thought about it long and hard, and dude may actually sound better the Em 97 when he was hungry.. cuz em don’t spit like that no more… and if any of you have ever created anything know, that you got inspired by a simular idea.

  • NEfarious

    and I know half of you are aspiring artists. and anyone come up, your bitter and salty about. black, white or in between. Most of you need to have a reality check and realize most of you will have better luck advancing at Walmart, then you will recording… Most of you would be better off cutting hair, lawncare company, fixing computers, selling dope… but dont let me be a dream killer.
    But I could go outside on a sunny day in Texas where Im at and throw one rock and hit 5 rappers.maybe two “record label CEOs” They would see more money cutting grass.