Earlier this morning (March 25) a house was robbed at gunpoint belonging to a number of men who work for R&B singer Akon, according to TMZ.

Christopher Walker, one of the victims of the invasion, says that Suge Knight was the motivation for the crime. Knight believes that Akon's producer Detail owes him money. Walker, who works for Detail, told TMZ that five armed men came into his house around 3 a.m., announcing they were there to collect on the debt for Suge.

Walker says that Detail was asleep during the robbery but the men snuck into his room and stole $170,000 worth of jewelry. He also claims they stole a 130 pound safe, after refusing to give the men the keys, as well as stereo equipment and the keys to a Mercedes – all worth around $200-$300K.

Walker revealed to TMZ that the incident during All-Star Weekend in Arizona where Akon’s associate beat up Suge also stemmed from the alleged debt Detail owed the Death Row co-founder. Suge was hospitazlied after the altercation, while Robert Carnes, Jr, a member of Kon’s entourage, was charged with felony aggravated assault.

As of press time there is no word from either Akon or Suge Knight. – Elan Mancini