Update: Details Emerge In DMX Assault, Rapper Claims Innocence

DMX wants his fans to know that despite reports that hit the net on Wednesday (Feb. 25), he did not assault a detention officer.

X – who is currently serving a 90 day sentence in Arizona’s Tent City prison facility for drug, theft and animal cruelty charges – issued a statement in his defense. “For the record, I want to state ‘I did not physically touch or hit an officer,” he told TMZ. “This is just another attempt to destroy my credibility.”

Details on the incident in question have emerged since yesterday. The Yonkers MC was put on 23-hour-lockdown earlier this month for a separate incident and prisoners under lockdown are forced to eat different food from the other inmates as punishment. According to the Phoenix New Times, when X tried to walk away with an order of regular food, an officer noticed and told him to put it back. X then responded by throwing the tray at him and yelling profanities, a spokesperson for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arapio said.

This action is considered an assault by Phoenix authorities although the rapper never actually used his hands.

Per the Phoenix New Times, if the action is considered a probation violation, he could be behind bars for 10 years as opposed to 8 as initially reported. – Elan Mancini

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  • Trickdd

    Lol rumors get started to easy nowadays

  • http://xxlmag.com the brown

    Yo! I don’t know. X is a time bomb. I figured those earlier post about him were misconstued, but the dude needs some serious therapy. I’m routing for you, X. Get your shit right. You’re supposed to be a grown man.

  • LB

    Lol…Rumors always got started easy. It’s just perpetuated even further by all the communications technology we have now. It’s amazing how quick people will believe bullshit first, then wait (not look for) for corrections to come later.

  • Beast McCoy

    8 to 10 for a one way food fight? Not surprising from the state that DIDN’T want to celebrate MLK’s Birthday.

  • 619

    10 years for throwin’ a tray during a 90 day sentence, none of you see anything wrong with this? Some of you stupid fools will agree with the sheriff, and people talk about comin’ up with a solution for overcrowded prisons, wow. I guess not everybody understands the truth behind what goes on in the system.

  • anutha_level

    poor bastid stay losing man….damn

  • LB

    619…Nah man. They’re not going to stick it to him like that. We need to wait till more facts come out. For instance, it’s said that he threw the tray at the guard, but did he actually inflict some kind of bodily harm to him? There’s other ommissions and probably errors with this story.

  • cold

    forced to eat different food from the other inmates as punishment ? what kind of shit is that ? i would have been throwing plates too ! how can you treat someone like an animal and not expect them to react like one ?

  • Devon

    I dont pity this nigga he put his self in this problem I would understand if it were 1 of us normal niggas that aint made millions but this stupid mutha fuck had it made now he broke and mad at himself now whats to be the victim naw it dnt work like that them fools in jail dnt give a fuck bout you being ruff ryder they ruff ryder that dick n in his ass then what

    • stoneyisland

      I co-sign fuck DMX he joins OJ as officially being the dumbest nigga in captivity. I hope he gets life he doesnt desreve to be ont he street with hard working drug free decent black folk.

  • TheRefriedMexican


  • LB

    Oh, I get it…you’re some kind of a personality. Some straight up characters man.

  • Part 2wo


  • latino heat

    i started feeling bad for him, then some of these comment’s put it in perspective. it is hard to feel bad for a guy that had it all and was to stupid to hold on to it. he’d rather smoke crack and run wild like he’s above the law. now he’s finding out he’s not. i still wish the best for him though. 10 years for throwing a tray is beyond ridiculous.

  • BirDMan

    Just goes to show how much of a bitch law enforcement is. Oh he threw a tray at me, assault assault assault. Like fuck, grow some balls. Fuck law enforcement, nothing but bitches with a badge.

  • lol

    damn food that nasty

  • LB

    latino heat…It’s easy for somebody with no money to imagine what GREAT things he’d/she’d do with it if he or she had it. And it’s easy for somebody with money to get consumed in all the bullshit that havin hella grip (with FAME I add) brings into that persons life. It’s a matter of perspective. It also depends on the lifestyle that you choose to lead regardless of whether you’re broke or got dough. x, he always been thuggin, always been hood, but always been conflicted with his side that’s about the greater good in life. What you and everybody else see is a the same X from way back, when none of us knew him, with problems that are magnified by money and fame. He’s also lookin for a change too. And it’s happenin before our eyes.

    • latino heat

      i feel what your saying. X has some deep, deep personal issues. we’ve all known that since the begging of his carer. that’s what made hie early material so great. hold your head X.

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