T.I. Schools Youth On The Importance Of Education

T.I. continued his community service requirements earlier today, speaking to troubled teens about the importance of school.

According to the Associated Press, the Atlanta rap superstar appeared in Georgia Supreme Court on Friday morning (Feb. 20) to speak to a select group of high school students about their future and more importantly staying out of trouble. Addressing the young kids – half of which are already serving sentences as juveniles – Tip advised them to keep up with their studies.

The speech was part of the mandated 1000 hours of community service the rapper was sentenced to last year as part of his plea deal on felony gun charges. Tip will also be serving one year behind bars as part of the sentence next month. He is currently documenting his effort to warn other at-risk youth on his MTV series “T.I’s Road to Redemption.” The show, which premiered on Feb. 10, airs every Tuesday until his lockup date on March 27th. – Elan Mancini

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  • cruz

    T.I The Cop


  • fireforreal

    I like T.I. as an artist but T.I has been in the game since 2001 and why does it take an arrest for some serious,serious charges to make him wanna go out and do this sort of thing ? He only got a year for all the weapons and silencers he was trying to buy and he’s already a felon and got about a year for a dope charge a couple years ago ? wow I guess money does change things ! The problem is kids don’t realize how serious this thing is because they see another rapper talking about how much dope they sell get arrested for something crazy and only get a year they think it’s nothing compared to all the paper T.I. has still made and how he even got to pick when he would start serving his time.

    • Jamal7Mile

      I’m thinking the judge recognized that T.I. got a million-plus kids/fans who listen to his lyrics. Maybe the judge decided to use T.I.’s influence and force him to do some positive, constructive and REAL community services so that those million-plus kids would see their idol doing something positive, constructive and REAL (in exchange for one helluva light sentence.. TIP’s lawyers ain’t no joke).

      Either that, or T.I. told on somebody big-time (I still wouldn’t call it snitching).

    • matty21

      yo fireforreal…u said it took serious charges for him to go out n start doing this sort of thing….dats not true, he was doing things like this long before this happened, it’s known and he has said it multiple times…da reason da judge did go easy on him and give him this opportunity is because he was out helping kids like this and the community before this happened

      • stonyman

        Exactly matty21. This just happens to be the first time the media eye is on it.

  • LB

    Jamal7Mile…Actually, TIP came up with the idea himself. And to fireforreal…sometimes, it takes a man to face a point of no return before his true greatness is brought out of’m. What bad habits or perspectives on life have you held on to until you absolutely had to let go or change up your way of thinkin?

    • mannyd

      real talk

  • Fireforreal

    Matty21 Even if T.I. was doing positive things before this that is more of the reason why he was in the wrong. Because if he is a multi millionaire and really influential with kids why pull this stunt with the guns now in his career? I understand his friend died and all and he wanted to feel safe and it’s sad any time a brother doing right is murdered for nothing but that’s no reason to try to buy ileagal weapons and silencers. He has all kinds of security guards like the most of these rappers who really have money(despite what they tell you there with security who have weapon permits and all proper documentation) And for a charge or charges of his nature Anybody else would be looking at 10-15 easy when your already a felon it’s almost guaranteed.

  • What the ?

    Damn, I though tip only got 1000 hours community service, son must be on the dea’s pay roll now workin over time.

  • marz

    t.i. got 5 albums promoting ignorance and some community service..

  • marz

    did he do it out of love for our hoods?

    or was it because “the man” made him?

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      “Or was it because the “man” made him”?

      Let’s be clear, Clifford would not be doing this if it weren’t part of mandatory community service. Had he never gotten arrested, I highly doubt that any of his “positive” action(s) would have been otherwise performed.

      However, maybe it took a mistake of that caliber to make him understand how much effect he has on the youth. He could’ve easily went the other way, & added his criminal activity to his rap sheet as well as his “rap sheets”. Just another ignorant rapper glorifying street life. He’s attempting to clean up his mess. Got to give him a little credit for that.

      The respect he might’ve lost on the street will probably be evened out by the admiration gained from the youth who choose to listen.

      Mathematically speaking, his words are going to help somebody, somewhere, if they haven’t already.

      I’m curious to see who he is when he gets out. That’s show will be called “Redemption to Salvation” lol.






  • http://www.raidarecords.com Khaos

    T.I. is a smart dude and he is doing the right thing. I just hope hes not just fulfilling obligations but sincerely and genuinely addressing the problems. I think we need to get more rappers involved before the charges that way the youth dont feel like its just for the big screen.

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