The Game Embarks On National Tour

West Coast rapper The Game will be heading out on an American tour later this month.

The tour, which kicks off on February 18 in Anaheim, CA, will be making 27 stops throughout the country before closing in New York City on March 21.

Game will be supporting his last album, L.A.X., which dropped in August of ’08. According to the Nielsen SoundScan, the disc, which is the Compton-bred rapper’s third solo LP, sold 660,100 copies since its release.

Tickets for the tour are currently on sale. Fans can visit The Game’s MySpace page for a full tour schedule.

As previously reported by, Game recently linked with “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly to direct his latest single, “Camera Phone” featuring Ne-Yo. Connolly borrowed from the popular mafia movie Goodfellas for the clip’s theme. – Elan Mancini

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Before all you niggas come in here hating on the Game, lets be clear that this nigga is doing something that hasn’t been done. This will be the first time in rap history that a rapper has ever been on a tour booking nothing but gay clubs.

    Fuck this butterfly tattoo havin ass nigga!

    • joe p

      id love to see you say that to his face lol

      • venemez


      • jburg

        why not say it to his face? the nigga got a fucking butterfly on his face. how tough can he be? ha ha ha! on a serious note, who is gonna pay fifty dollars a seat to see this bitch nigga and his punk ass sidekicks?

      • The General’

        I know right,….these lames kill me talkin’ all that s**t, knowin’ they ain’t tough. I ain’t billy bad a** but,….i ain’t gon’ let know body run up on me. Furthermore,….u gotta’ keep u some “goons” wit’ u, especially if u got alotta’ mouth.

  • dark vanilla

    Hate Hate and more Hate, go Suck, Suck, and more Suck 50 cent’s dick faggot.

    • Devon

      THat shit hate hate was funny even tho I like The game that nigga may be rite

  • bumaya

    hate hate and more hate, ur just a pussy ass bitch hating cause you aint about shit. fake me out online gangsta

  • dark vanilla

    I don’t know how tough he can be jburg. I mean he did just beat the shit outta Hot Dollar. Not to mention he already fucked up Rass Kass, so if you wanna chance it, be my guest.

    • EReal


      Get game’s balls outta ya throat fan boy.

      He sucker punched Rass Kass ala Saigon bro, and I aint seen him try to get at Spider Loc, even after Spider went after his moms on a diss track.

      He dont even want it with Spider’s crippin janitor cousin!

      • Fre$h Vince

        nigga are u fuckin serious he went in hard at spider joke…have u heard 240??..get the fuck outta here u bitch nigga tryin to act all tough on the net.

  • TheRefriedMexican

    The Game without Dr. Dre is irrelevant

    Una cosa más, a Hate Hate and More Hate le gusta el arroz con popote!!!

  • Mika

    is that so…….??