The Black Eyes Peas’ “E.N.D.” in June

The Black Eyed Peas are back. After four years since their last group effort, B.E.P. will be releasing their new album The E.N.D. this June.

Following up the 9x platinum selling Monkey Business, The Peas are prepping the release of their fifth disc The E.N.D. – which is short for “The Energy Never Dies” on June 9th via Interscope Records. The first single, “Boom Boom Pow” is set to hit radio soon.

Band leader wanted to focus on bringing fans to the dance floor with the new CD. “We wanted to make a record that would make people dance,” he said in a statement.

The Grammy award-wining group, which consists of,, Taboo and Fergie, plans on going on a world tour following the album’s release. – Elan Mancini

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  • EmCDL

    Aww hells yeah! Them white girls gonna be dancing to this shit! LOL

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Man Will and Ferg is caked up. 9x plat, plus fergie did like 4-5 plat on her solo. Damn !!

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Mutada?

      Honestly, I never bought a B.E.P. album. I heard that single “My Hump” and I said “naahh, moving on.”

      Am I missing out on anything?? I didn’t like what Will.I.Am did with the Thriller album too much, but I can’t ignore the buzz I keep hearing about them.

      Can you recommend a track or two that I should download, Youtube, etc?


      • UARK83


        B.E.P early shit is real good…”My Humps” is on Fergie’s album (might as well been BEP since Will I AM did most of the production) but anyway, Elephunk is tight album, the track – “The Boogie That Be” is bad as hell.

      • jburgy

        Yeah my dude if you want to hear something besides the bitches, hoes, and money, ALL the time then you missing out. They make great MUSIC. Music as in something you can vibe too and have enjoying listening to after the buzz is gone. Check out “Like My Style” , “Audio Delite At Low Fidelity”, “Like That” those might be some tracks that you could get a feel for.

  • giantstepp

    Fergie can GET IT!

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Yea Elephunk had some cuts, Fergies album was’nt half bad, the first and second single produced by Powlow da don were listenable. She started out in a group called wild orchids in like 91. They had a single that sounded like a fake babyface track, but the hoes could sing. Then she got addicted to meth and thats why she’s still got that “meth face” when you look real close and take off the makeup. Will was sighned to Easy E and Ruthless records many moons ago. Case and point, you cant listen to ->murder, death kill all the time so, check um out, they are a cool alternative to the everyday.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Sup peeps, check out all the BEP shit. You cant murder, death kill all day everyday. They make some cool hip hop and its a nice alternative to the usual shit

    • El Tico Loco

      Unless I start hanging with white sorority chicks, BEP is not my alternative; their music has no nod factor, strippers ain’t dancin to it, and do you really want to bump BEP at a party, car or club? My alternative to good hip hop is not wack hip hop sorry.

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up El Tico Loco?

        When not listening to good Hip Hop, what do you listen to? I’m a Motown guy (born, raised, still here) so you know I go way back to the Berry Gordy product. I’m diggin’ some of this Neo-Soul movement, too (Jaguar Wright, Eryka Badu, D’Angelo, etc.). I got myself educated on Reggae back in ’92 when I was in Norfolk VA listening to 105Jamz (Buju, Shabba, Marley, Cobra, Cutty, etc.) and still checking it out, somewhat.

        What’s in your ear nowadays? I’m forever looking for good music, period!!

      • El Tico Loco

        I fucks with everything from dancehall, salsa, merengue, bachata, neosoul, a little jazz anything that doesn’t seem cheesy or gimmicky thus no radio for me.

  • El Tico Loco

    Will I Am production is cool especially for Nas and Game’s albums but a BEP album? I pass no thanks.

  • H-DUB

    Look, their first 2 Albums are fire! They hit Europe before they became big in the US. Now, they are only Pop, i don´t dig them anymore…

  • latino heat

    these dudes sold out something horrible. but 9x platinum, you can’t argue with that. and yes fergie would get a vicious dick down.

    • jburg

      What is “Sold Out”? because they make music that everyone can listen to? Pop is short for Popular. Rap music is pop if you really wanna get technical. Who are you to say they sold out because they wanna reach a bigger fan base. By everyones definition of then selling out, Lil Wayne, T.I., 50 Cent, Ludacris, all of your big name rappers are sell outs. If i recall all off them have done songs with pop singers like Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, etc. Hip Hop is popular music and thats what they are making, feel good hip hop music. Hip Hop don’t always have to be about bitches and hoes and money.

      • El Tico Loco

        Yes those are sellouts too is not just BEP, but if it wasn’t for Fergie’s girl group past BEP would still be a coffee shop rap group and not marketable. There’s other rappers or rap groups that have more diverse subject matters that will not get the shine the rappers you mentioned nor BEP get(what’s their music about anyway?). Is a shame that nobody in a while has blown up w/o having to water down or dumb down in fear of never getting noticed.

  • What the ?

    Man, when will yall dumb fucks realize that sales have nothing to do with good hip-hop ? (if fact it’s usually the unpopular shit that doesn’t sell at all that’s the best)This shit is pop music, now if you like pop music good for you but this is what made hip-hop corny in the first place (by making it popular) but technically BEP is pop music (not as bad on their first album) so should be marketed as such instead of on a hip-hop site like XXL. Keep it over at Tween Magazine or some shit.

    • Jamal7Mile

      I kinda, sorta co-sign what you are saying. Believe me, I hear what you’re saying.

      But… I always thought that “Pop” Music was a label for singers and not rappers.

      IMO, HIP-HOP MUSIC started getting corny when the HH Community became an Industry… you know, a BUSINESS, man. That’s when the creative and rebellious aspect of HH music started making $$$ for rich TI’s who happened to own labels (rock) on the side but were looking for a new dollar with a new type of music (what up Jerry Heller? Still spending that Straight Outta Compton money, bloodsucker?). Run-DMC, Public Enemy and Wu-Tang were/are all popular (no cap “P”) and sold more than a few units.

      I wonder who was the 1st truly POP, POP, POPULAR rapper… Hammer? Fresh Prince? Were they Popular to begin with? Did they want to be???

      I’m just rambling and reckless typing right now, but that would be a good blog to dissect, inspect, reflect, argue and debate on…

      3 Cheers to HIP HOP COMMUNITY (it ain’t dead).

  • xI’mxtrillx

    Man, that shit’s stealing Lupe’s album title! Fuck that shit!

    • Jamal7Mile

      Ha! Yeah LupE.N.D. That’s why it sounds so familiar!!

  • jburg

    Can someone please explain to me what REAL hip hop is because I am just not understanding what you dudes are talking about. if you talking about the late 80s early 90s with Big Daddy Kane and LL. Chubb Rock and even Run DMC they made what YOU would call Pop music these days. You telling me “Jingling Baby” wasn’t a pop(ular) song? What about “Treat em’ Right”? Someone please explain to be why they aren’t hip hop. Not bashing anyone you dudes, just want to get and understanding

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Jburg? Glad you ask…

      Real Hip Hop is a community. In that community are 4 elements… rapping, graffiti (tagging), break-dancing and DJing. Some people want to add the clothes that “hip hoppers” wear, but I think that is just a by-product of what all 4 participants of the 4 elements wear (you know, baggie shit w/Timbs, big jewelry, hats to the back, etc).

      LL and Chubb Rock were popular (lower-case P) emcees. POPular, as in Pop music? Ehhh… I don’t know. I wouldn’t win or lose an argument if I defended them against being POP artist… just one of them things, I guess.

      “Treat ‘em Right” was a dope rap with dope beats that proved to be a classic single because the masses still remember and jam to it when it play in the club/radio.

      Run-DMC were the 1st superstars from the Hip Hop Community. They just happen to be rappers. Jam Master Jay was another superstar from the Hip Hop Community who just happened to be a DJ. Rock Steady Crew were stars who just happened to be a crew of break-dancers. TATS is a legend who just happens to be a graffiti artist.

      Google Kool Herc. He is considered the GODFATHER of all of the Hip Hop Community.

      Peace, JBurg

  • jburg

    Great analasis Jamal, another question. What makes what is POP music then? My definition is basic. I define it as what it is, POPULAR music. Rap, Rock, Country, R&B, etc. Radio friendly stuff. My problem with people (not literally, just their views) is that they tag artist, whether rapper, etc as “POP” because they make music that can be played on the radio. Isn’t that the point? To get your music to the masses? If you go into your local Best Buy the label the music as R&B, Rap, Rock, etc I don’t recall if they label them as “POP”. I do know that if you go online in their pop section they have a variety of different artist in the” POP” section. including everyones favorite Hip Hop artist, Lil Wayne. (that was a joke) T.I. is also in that category. Why is no one jumping to call Lil Wayne a sellout. Hell or even Eminem for that matter? ( No knock on Em, my favorite of all time). He had One of the Greatest Hip Hop albums of all time, but it was also a “POP” hit. Basically my question is, what is wrong with being a POPular HIP HOP artist or group like BEP?

    • Jamal7Mile

      Hmmm… that’s a good question JBurg. I don’t look at music as Pop or non-Pop music. To me, Pop music ain’t nothing but a music list that some white music executive made up so that he could get his artists on that list (so that they would sell at K-Mart, Walmart, Target, etc.).

      Earlier, I ask this board what was the first POP artist… and no one replied, to my knowledge.

      Maybe Pop music is the Top 40 list that can be found at the above mentioned stores in the music section (again, so that they get looked at and sold first) like you said. Almost all Top 40′s get played on the radio.

      I guess there’s nothing wrong with being a Pop artist, the shit sells. But as an “artist” was that truly the vision and reflection of your heart and soul that you wanted the masses to see… or is you trying to make a dollar on some POP, safe, or WWF fake shit? REAL artists wouldn’t attempt to put out fake shit. Opportunists would…

      There’s so much more to it… I can’t squeeze it all into this comment box, but I hope you know what I’m trying to say.

      • jburg

        Good shit. MC Hammer? He was corny as fuck. Maybe he was the true POP “rapper” even though i could spit a verse better than his ass!!! You asked if the artist is saying what sells or whats in his heart? Some with some artist we get the best “real” stuff for free. Hate him or love him, 50′s mixtapes are the best thang smoking!! Bodysnatchers was better than TOS!! And Yuck wasn’t even on it. I feel you with the POP list. Thats all I been trying to say. Take POP for what it is. POPULAR. Hip Hop is POP. Now I do believe the difference is in Hip- Hop and “Rap”. True Hip-Hop artist can make a song that make you stop and think, then two cuts later make women shake the ass on the dance floor. “Rap” on the other hand is………….Soulja Boy. Enough said!!!

        Sykotic: Common and The Roots are the shit dog, I am feeling you there. Universal Mind Control was slept on. Good Shit.

  • jburg

    by the way i still bang jingiling baby and treat em right out of the 12s in the trunk!!! if you listen to the message, chubb right was getting is conscience rap on.

  • jburg

    chubb rock i meant!!!

  • $ykotic

    Man I remember when these dudes used to breakdance.

    Met them @ Speed in NYC when they were inches from getting shelved/dropped before Fergie came thru. Good dudes.

    Jamal7Mile held it down here so I don’t need to cut in.

    Anyone remember that Roots movement?

    When the community thought that they were too good to be considered underground and therefore pushed the Erykah Badu single so they got certified and won that Grammy?

    That’s HipHop.

    Same thing happened to Common.

    BEP are artists. Glad to see them come up.

    Anyone else remember when Puffy used to model for Karl Kani?

  • Avenger XL

    This is to Jamal7mile, jburg and who ever started the discussion about what pop music is. You were all correct but the essence of pop music is not the fac that it it popular anymore. It represent a corporate watering down of genres to fit multiple demographics and reduce art to just a worthless commodity to be bought and sold, But above all to be disposable. At one time prior to the pop machine we see to day people would go to more shows to discover music and genres developed in regions according to the types of interests and musics coming from that region coupled with the artists on sonic tastes. You had real scenes and cultures around every form of music and your music made more of a personal statement about who you were and your aspirations etc… The music industry watched which sounds get big at any given time and took the basic elements off the surface and created knock offs of the flavor of the month genres. Then when the 80′s came along and you started to see more genre mash-ups accepted thanks to the advancement of hip-hop. Micheal Jackson came along and made pop more than just the theft of other music genres elements to make a fast food version to sale but more of a genre of it’s on.

    Catchy hooks, big sweeping melodies, themes we can all relate too etc… But in the race to copy cat jacko the music industry created the junk pop that we have today. Yeah you can still find some good songs selling big out there and there are still credible artists selling records on a major label. But performers/entertainers like the Black Eye PEas are winners in the disposable pop game. They were about to go broke and lose their record contract and a label says lets try to add this girl and their sound went from meh semi back-packer with a crossover vibe to TRL,Kids choice,106 and park POP. They are now a product like a mcdonald cheese burger consume wisely.

  • makaveli1671

    And in other news Wanda Sykes is GAY!…but really people who gives a fuck