The war of words between Rick Ross and 50 Cent rages on. The Boss took the latest shot when he recently called into Rickey Smiley’s morning show on Dallas, TX’s KBFB radio station where he spoke on the rapper's fashion sense, how he’s “sonning” 50 lyrically, and Fif’s shopping spree with the mother of his son.

When asked what he felt about his ex’s all expense paid trip to Manhattan’s famed 5th Ave courtesy of 50, Ross said that he has a list of girls the hip-hop mogul should fly out. “I got 15 bad bitches that really deserve a shopping spree and I need to know where I could fly them to so they could get theirs,” he said.

Ross also used the opportunity to insult Fif’s fashion sense and bring his G-Unit soldier Tony Yayo into the battle. “What he need to do on the real is take Tony Yayo shopping, take Tony Yayo’s grandparents shopping,” he advised. “You know 50’s one of the worst dressers in the game. They shut his clothing line down cause of the way he dressed. You know he wear rings on his middle finger and wear Reeboks [and] Carhartt jeans. I wear Gucci and Louis Vuitton, I'm a fly dude.”

The verbal abuse didn’t end there. Using New York slang Ross declared his superiority over the Queens-bred rapper. “It’s not really a competition, lyrically I murder that boy," he boasted. "I’m sonning that boy. Werd up dun! That’s my son. Ain’t that how they say it in New York?“

Once again the Boss’ alleged past as a correctional officer was brought up during the call. Continuing to dismiss the claims, Ross said: “The Boss was never a mark, I was never a fake.”

The Def Jam rapper released a video yesterday for his song “Gang Affiliated” where he can be seen dumping out a bottle of 50’s Vitamin Water. Earlier in the week he leaked a clip for “Mafia Music” –the song that initially sparked the beef between him and Fif.

In the last couple of days 50 has been far from quiet. During one of his several radio interviews, 50 revealed that he has recruited fellow Florida rappers Trick Daddy and Jacki-O for his latest attack against Ross. As expected The Boss said he’s got a few surprises of his own and suggested, “Everybody’s gotta stay tuned.” - Elan Mancini