NEWS: Cam’ron Breaks Silence In XXL Cover Story, Addresses Dipset Rift

Call it a comeback. After nearly two years out of the spotlight, the Diplomats’ charismatic founder, Cam’ron, sat down with XXL magazine for his first interview in years.

The cover story features Cam finally speaking on his enigmatic hiatus, Diplomats ownership, being an alleged “paper gangster” and the root of his rifts with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, among other things. While Dipset loyalists seemingly can’t get over Dipset being a Cam-less crew, Killa appears to have moved on. “…So I understand what the fans are saying,” Cam told XXL executive editor Vanessa Satten, who penned the article. “And it’s kinda messed up. But what you gotta realize is that things can always be fixed behind the scenes. But once a problem gets public, it’s kind of unfixable.”

Per Cam, Jones suggesting to cook up a publicity stunt and his feud with 50 Cent largely contributed to the crew’s internal feud being “unfixable.”

“The two things that you could say it was is: The come to my house and try to start a fake beef between me and [Jim],” Cam explained. “And the kinda like siding with 50 when me and him is in the dead middle of beefing or whatever.”-Marvin Brandon

XXL Magazine’s April issue featuring Cam’ron on the cover hits newsstands soon. Crime Pays, Cam’s first album in three years, is also set to hit stores in April.

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  • stoneyisland

    Cam is a joke now, Jenny has shown that dipset can keep it moving without Cam as the head nigga in charge……Cam give it up playa, take your pink fur wearing ass to San Francisco or sumptin.

    • pops

      Naw nigga keep ya ass right in Harlem where all the closet dudes are smh @ niggas dancin n’spraying champagne on each otha hahaha

    • Tha Truth

      Cam the only real nigga in Dipset



      • Bizzycrook

        Cam is the realist nigg in the rap game !, but Jr, Hell Rell, and 40 is still on Cams side

    • 38inapaperbag

      i dont give a fuck about this dipset shit. i just saw the comment by stoney island talkin about san francisco. come out here at get murdered. that little pussy talk need to stop. i been everywhere and never seen no projects like it is in frisco. straight up on my mama. fillmoe. hunters point. sunnydayle. potrero hill and all the rest. its serious in the sco u punk bitch. rip oscar grant. fuck the police and u.

      • http://5STARHIPHOP.COM TSwun71

        Dude,ain’t no real projects in San Fran. Try Conant Gardens or the Jeffries in Detroit. Now those are Projects. Oh Yeah, fuck Dipset,all of em. Jim Jones sucks.Juelz sucks. Cam sucks. I’m tired of these fake ass rappers. Can real Hip Hop return? Please!!!

    • weazy

      why people hatin on ya boy? but when he was out with the purple haze album yall was all over him! let him do his thing and eat. and im not even a fan but he’s cool though. HARLEM STAND UP!!!!

    • Just Lyphe

      Cam shoulda stayed dead. he sucks.

    • http://xxl sarheim

      are you crazy dipset is nothin with out cam all the money jimmy and the rest make still go to cam plus jimmy thought he can shove cam out the picture thats wrong Giffey Joe back bitches

    • MO


  • latino heat

    i like cam, but after 3 years with no album? you guys will put anybody on the cover now. next month lets give killah priest a cover and see what he’s been up to.

    • DT the Kingpen

      New album Crime Pays April homie.

      • JordanVallejo89

        Hell Yeah Nigga…I Can’t Wait Who Cam’ron Is Gunna Collaborate On Dis Album

        • MO


  • Mutada al sader the king

    Stony come on man… I expect more from you. Cam is the man, and started and carried dip on his back since the horse and carrage days. He also makes better music than most of the members with maybe hell rell and jr running a close second. I want to hear what the man has to say, that shit probably hurt when he was betrayed by Jim and Juelz, so this may be the firt XXL I buy in a while.

    Jenny needs to get down or lay down.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    @Latino heat that KP line was classic. LOL

    Thats new I HATE MY JOB cam video and song are dope

  • elz


    bout time my nigga came back!!!!

  • DV8

    Finally Cam is back!!! Im glad he shook them fake ones (Jim & Juelz).

    For all you 50 zombies, 50 did not end Cam’s career, he just destroyed a friendship. The same time that 50/ Cam beef popped off, Cam’s mother had serious health issues and Cam fell back to handle that.

    Crime Pays coming soon. KILLA!!!

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      I didn’t know Cam was a doctor . . .and since you brought up Cam’s mother, I will say that she’s a way better rapper then Jim Jones. Those bars she kicked on Cam’s first cd was better then anything Jim Jones has said in his whole career

      • DV8

        I didn’t know Cam was a doctor . LOL!!!

        You know what I meant…
        He went to tend to her while she was sick. Be by her side and show support.

        Yeah and the fucked up thing is Cam and Jim grew up together, im sure Jim knows Cam’s mom. Jim knew why Cam fell back for a while and for him to pull that bitch move and rock with 50 when his homeboy had beef with him is just sick to me. Then he has the nerve to say it was about money. Cam started Diplomat Records with Digga not Jim. He hooked Jim up with a record deal on the homie tip because it sure wasnt because of his skills (like you said Cam mom spit harder the Jimmy). Overall its good that it turned out this way because Cam now knows who Jim really is.

    • keep it 100


  • Swordfish Stan

    So you put Jim and co. on the cover to setup for the real blockbuster…genius! I wonder if they realize that they got played…

  • Trouble

    THANK GOD, hip-hop needs a real lyricist like CAM right now. And fuck Jones and Santana with they unloyal ass, I wouldnt have them mutha fuckas around me at all. Can gon fuck the game up AGAIN in ’09.

  • jackpot

    IS it me, or Cam looks related to Master P on this cover?

    • DV8

      lmao….maybe if he had on some sunglasses and a gold grill.

      • “The Party Killa”

        At least he looks like he’s been eating!!

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  • EReal

    I heard Cam’s cd comes with free wackness.

  • I am legend

    Yea i fools wit cam im glad da boy back jim and juelz aint loyal that money went 2 jim head they in the magazine complaining that they wasnt getting the bread cam was getting but he is the founder of diplomats and the very reason they got careers in the first place he suppose 2 c more bread he was bringing it in.

  • tommy gunz

    next cover goes to…domino!!..and his smash follow up to sweet potato pie

  • tommy gunz cover goes to..DOMINO!!..thanks to his smash follow up hit to sweet potato pie..

  • Nate

    Cam couldn’t handle Fillmoe or H.P.
    He wouldn’t last.

    And on a rap note he can’t outdo any of the following Bay artist:

    San Quinn
    Ya Boy
    Turf Talk
    Too Short
    Andre Nickatina
    Mac Dre R.I.P.
    Mistah F.A.B.
    Messy Marv

    10 names is enough for starters to prove my point. In terms of population out of a few (SF’s pop relative to NY) come many (rappers superior to CAM) who again takes a XXL cover from worthy indy Bay area artists who sell triple what he has since his last album.

    If a Bay artist made a fake beef with 50 than could we get a cover? Or do we just continue to make better songs, albums, disses, videos, and sales than Cam?

    Thanks a lot XXL. I get it. NY loyalty, right?

    • CORLIONE39


    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      Yeah I agree Cam sucks but nobody listen to that wack as krump danincg crip bull shit ass hyphy music. Even soulja boy has more swag and street cred than all them corny niggas on your list

      • DV8

        Ummm…krump dancing is some LA shit that faded out like 5 years ago. And nobody really does hyphy music anymore. Its all gangsta out here buddy. You need to do your research before you go running your mouth about something you dont know about. Bay Area rappers been making they independant money for years since the late 80′s. The Bay dont wait for no label to sign them they make they own lane. Any artist from anywhere who considers themselves independant owe thanks and appreciation to The Bay. Take a trip out here some day and come soak up some game and get that hate out your blood.

    • TEZZY



      Only nigga in the west with bars is nipsey …rest of them niggas aint talking bout shit…West Coast always screaming people hatin on yall…nigga keep it real wit cha self…wack azz bay area niggas

  • Dipset All Day

    KILLA IS BACK!!! its about time nigga the game been hurtin without you FUCK Jim & Juelz its Dipset 2.0 Cam’ron Hell Rell JR Writer 40 Cal Duke Da God Freekey can choose were he wanna go

    • El Tico Loco

      Are u serious? From what I gather Cam got bad Karma for doing underhanded paper gansterism on Jim and Jewel and obviously they caught on at a time when he needed them the most, it doesn’t excuse Jim gettin on stage with 50 but still.

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  • rrahha

    cam is chubby again…looks like how he looked years ago.

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  • nowt

    Damn yall fools are hatin hardbody…i know yall grown men pouring champagne on themselves fans…and policeman fans…dont wanna see killa come back…but face it…its over for that wack pop shit..

    • $ykotic


      “I Hate My Job” is real talk for EVERYONE 9 to 5ing.

      It aint the most lyrical song ever, but it’s relative.

      • DV8


  • Young*Cam

    Killa is back & hopefully better than ever. F*** jim jones & freeky

  • jo jo

    once again. the only reason he gets a interview is because he is talking about 50 cent. 50 cent is the biggest name and money Generator in music and entertainment. women and children love him because he is in shape. he is charitable. Men love him because he is a thug and he is smart and show’s a concrete business savy and more than often reminds them of 2pac running wild.

    50 Cent Is rap at its prime and anyone that hates on the young billionaire should be ashamed of them self. because he is a actual role model. why because he stopped selling drugs to be a man and a father to his son and went on to be a fobes businessman/ music entertainer to the world.

    • Trev-O-Negative

      cosign my dude

  • wash hts

    its abour time killa came back i hope you bring the fire . and keep making the dipset movement strong . big ups to cam . 1

  • Avenger XL

    What kind of tampon tabloid publication are you guys running at XXL. It is nothing but soap opera type shit. The dripset are beefing interally oh wait they are just made with Cam….ring…. Cam is on the line hold on lets put him on to speak his side of the argument and sell magazines off the hype. You might as well say XXL=Hip hop Daily, Source=bird cage lining.

  • bay cat

    yo whens this issue hit stores. its a must cop

  • EmCDL

    man bring Scratch back! XXL is wack! Yall ride too many dicks!

    • Stevie B

      co-sign scratch was the shit. strictly about that music i copped every issue except 1. that was my fav mag right there

  • 2pac stan 510

    yooooooooooooo whens this magazine come out

  • brand-new

    let me guess, did cam’ron say it’s gonna be a hot summer?! that was the last thing he said last time he vanished

  • jester

    cams bk gunot killas gone (let the season bgin) it looks like its shitset from nw on wata shame they looked really strong (like officer ricky wiv his top off) xxl wanna geta crew on ur cover… go get lox or d12 they strong (as officer ricky wiv his c.o. uniform on!)

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  • newyawka631

    jim jonez and juelz,dress like faggotz,wannabe rockstarz,jonez iz madd unloyal 4 sidin wit 50,plus,hez a dirty nigga who could use dat beard touched up at da barber,and he should have hiz broad,switch up da cornrow style every now and then,juelz iz a weezy dickrida,he even sayz ya digg like him,newyawkaz dont tawk like dat,and dat hat hez rockin in da xxl mag interview,he lookz like a fuckin bird


      Nigga you sound like a bitch complaing about a next nigga braids and how he dress…fuck outta here…harlem niggas started saying dat ya digg shit way before wayne…if they cant dress then i really dont know what the fuck u gonna say about the rest of these rap niggas…U probably still wearing them big stupid ass clothes

  • Rex Banner

    lmao I always come to this site, but never bought an issue of a xxl magazine in my life. This will be the first one I ever buy. I cant wait for his album to come out.

  • Pillage

    Are you serious kid? Where has Dipset been these past 2 years? I think Cam proved Dipset ain’t shit without him. Jenny’s Byrdgang bullshit flopped hard, Jewel’s Skull Gang nonsense is just embarrassing, and where the hell is Hell Rell and JR? If you honestly think Dipset doesn’t need Cam you’re fuckin’ crazy.

  • E

    Man cam iz ma dude. rick ross just needs to hold on for a lil bit more cam to da rescue. but to be real da economy iz bad so they probably gotta beef to sell. lloyd banks iz dat dude in g unit now and he should opt out his contract cuz he;s better off wit out 50 and killa iz dat dude.”no homo”

  • Destroy

    nowt says:

    ”Damn yall fools are hatin hardbody…i know yall grown men pouring champagne on themselves fans…and policeman fans…dont wanna see killa come back…but face it…its over for that wack pop shit..”


  • Kahnight

    Mase said on HOT 97 those are not your friends and now the truth came to light. Jim is trash and Juelz last hot bar was on stretch arm strong with cam that late sunday night , Beef & Broccoli Juelz was crazy nice back then


    i fuck wit jim & santana but cam is pissing all over them dissloyal pricks.. he carryed them,let julez shine on oh boy just to get shitted on like that, Cam fuck em do you son & u’l be back on top, & 50 suck a dick fag ross maybe a c.o. but his worst track on trilla is better than all ur albums, ggg g ggg-unot

  • MikeD

    Killa Cam Cam Killa Cam Cam Killaaaaaa!

    Welcome back Cam, we missed you (even the haters). LMAO at that Bay Area hater. You know why New York gets love? Cause we’re the best. Go take your mediweed card and re-up. You’re gonna need it to listen to all that Messy Marv!


    #1 cam stan is back on you blokes,CRIME PAYS & RESIDENT EVIL 5 what a hell of a 09





  • richtownbo$$

    LMAO at somebody callin Cam a lyricist….nigga i got the workers workin computers computin looters lootin lmao. i used to like cam to but homey fell the fuck off after SDE

    • EmCDL


      SDE was hard, then Cam went straight coo coo coming out with his Dipset movement and his lyrics started sounding like some Dora the Explorer type bullshitty da-da crap.

      “I got the workers workin i got the looters lootin computers computin”

      WTF? LMAO!


    “And the kinda like siding with 50 when me and him is in the dead middle of beefing or whatever.”

    Am I the only one who noticed this sentence made made NO SENCE?!?! Cam is WACK!!

  • youngrich

    cam is a great lyricist….i got the workers workin i got the looters lootin computers computin…LMAO

  • Jack

    ok so he declines to comment when xxl does the dipset cover story but now all the sudden has enough to say and is worthy of his own cover absolutely not XXL fucked up big time on this one read the article in this months and you see JUELZ predicted this shit about how cam goes away and then comes back and the magazines and everyone wants to cover the story even though CAM’RON being gone only made him even more irrelevant then he was he’s not talented to begin with now 50′s gotta take care of him and Ross XXL will get shitted on by 50 now to

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  • Harlem Streets

    No one delivers that powerful music like King Joffey Joe.

    Dipset Forever!!!

  • Mikey F Baby

    HELL YES I will be coppin that shit. Killa is back! Again!

  • Mikey F Baby

    And props to XXL for the Katt Williams DVD I won. It’s Pimpin Pimpin!

  • Screwmatic

    Hell yea, Killa Cam back on deck, fo’sho.
    I might have to cop that.

  • latino heat

    to Nate, did you forget all the bay artists that were coming at 50 cent back in ’03 when he was actually relevant and they still got no cover? so no that won’t work to get them a cover either.

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  • dope

    That was deep for y’all, that’s just why i sleep on y’all
    Peep it y’all, you creepin’ any coke, give me a call
    Can’t stop the d’s, but the d’s can’t stop the keys
    Stop the cheese, all these damn shopping sprees
    Louis this, gucci that, sacks, 5th
    .9, tech, banana, mac clips
    Go ‘head and act sick, mac spits, backflips
    That rich, a half a million dollars in the mattress
    Stickup kids outside, tell ‘em “ah it’s cool”
    Thou will never ever ever get my jewels
    Go ‘head and try fool, die fool, i, cruel
    Mean jet, tough car, bad bitch, fly pool
    I’m professional, you high school
    Mini hardware store, 5 tools
    And they’re all hammers, you’ll turn pale-blue
    Not the cops, ock, but i will nail you
    Fishscale, that’s on the scale boo
    Run a train on your girl, then derail you

  • ignorant stans

    how can you say cams not talented… your crazy the kid was sick in his day… dont play ignorant dumbass wayne stan.

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  • a.k.

    LMAO @ Nawledge, I was tryna correct that sentence too while reading it

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  • tysonz

    Im coppin 2 of them magazines, one for the crib and one of the bathroom, no homo.

    • StreetBonker

      ROFLMFAO that shit had me XD

  • fireforreal

    man 50 ended that bitch’s career almost 2 years ago. It’s over Corny cam or better yet Cam corder because he’s known for snitchin on niggas then playin like he’s so hood. Get the fuck outta here LOL !

  • JordanVallejo89

    Killa Cam is Back Niggas…He’s Breakin Down All Da News Na’Mean


    Cam fuck these haterz, cause niggaz gon talk shit regardless. Do you and keep ya shit movin.

    “Never mind what a hater say, ignore’em to they fade away” (shout out to TI) 1 of the realest lines ever !!!

  • Yrain1

    1st of all fuck each and every last one of yall niggas hatin on Cam. This nigga was powerful enough to break up the rock and Im a fuckin hove fanatic. This nigga was sick and are yall serious he was crap after SDE. Did yall forget about Come home with Me. And Purple Haze was crap are fuckin serious? Get the fuck outta hereYou bitch niggas need to give respect where respect is do. I bet yo hopped on his dick and started werein pink LOL pussy ass niggas. This nigga wore a fuckin pink fit and niggas started swagger jackin the fuck out the nigga, “Im reason why earings are square ya hear?” Then this niggas chain game was crushin everybodys. He had like 30 chains around his neck on the cover of Killa season. Then comes Busta, Plies and all them niggas. Killa fuck these pussy ass niggas and you see who ya reel friends are now mane fuck em do U. I’m still ridin wit u homie!!!!! Plus Cam still spit one of the hardest lines I ever heard in my life “And I never trust a hoe, thats mother to babe mother muthafucka u look like a lady lover.” Ewwww Thats my nigga B fuck what ya heard.

  • http://xxl ryan

    its good 2 hear from a rapper dats not influence from the mainstream lik cam. dis is 1 of the few rappers that doesnt claim 2 b super gangster n drug dealer magnificent. n all yall sayin he rap lik do poop do fruity. he spit lik that in 2 songs. how bout yall listen 2 more shit before u make a statement. cuz half of yall jus listen 2 radio shit.

  • dark vanilla

    Most of the faggots who hate on Cam are G-Unit dickrydahs. Go fuck yourself. You think 50 is so hot, until Game throws a diss at him, then 50 doesn’t respond like a bitch that he really is.

  • amar

    um am i trippin? that’s not cam on the cover is it? it’s not, right? or is it him without his mustache and wit ha hat on? the dude looks 10 years younger? on some bejamin button shit

  • sarheim

    hell yea ma nigga cam back in da picture now its time for you to set shit straight and tell jimmy ass that you da president of this shit mane ma nigga giffey joe is back

  • EReal

    Only Cam hit I ever heard was Horse & Carriage and that shit was wack.

    Cams been the weakest in his crew since day one.

  • Legend7

    I’m glad Cam’s back yo. The Dips need him. I was dissappointed in Jim and Juelz’s unloyal move. Killa go hard. That new song was CRACk…..and it relates to the everyday person

  • black

    Yo EReal you sounding mad. Only hit you heard from Cam was H&C? Come on man let the hate go. For instance i don’t like your boyfriend(50) but if he makes a good song or good album even tho i don’t like him i still can acknowledge that he made a good song or album…i might even bump it for a
    Don’t hate dude just cause he had beef with your man.

  • Nino

    Cam is that nigga, i bet his album is gonna be fire. Fuck that disloyal ass nigga Jim Jones.

  • balaramesh

    cam it’s about 2 years too late dude.

    truthfully, cam was set to be the next
    “King of NY” in 02′. the past few years, he took far too many “L’s” to make a comeback now.

    juelz is MUCH NICER now than cam probably ever was.

    • Rex Banner

      lol are you fucking serious? Juelz? better than Cam? The same nigga that said “I like a chick with big breast on her chest, not flat looking like someone stepped on her chest”.

      Lol juelz has got consistently wacker every year since 2005, he was the shit back in 03 but now he is horrible. Cam is still one of the most creative and original artists in the game now and is still sick with it.

      Cam>>>>>>juelz easily

      I hate my job>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pop Champagne easily

  • balaramesh


    you just being a hater dude. cam has regressed horribly over the years but dude has a solid catalog. not for nothing, cam held his own on one of the best posse cuts ever: “banned for tv”. so cam got joints.


    you right son. cam was the most recent rappers to go absolutely crazy with his jewelry game.

  • allnice

    Cam made his money off of Dipset, got paid off the 50 and Jay-Z beefs, sold Juelz Santana, and then the nigga took a vacation. He only coming back to keep a certain amount of funds coming in, but he not gonna be around for good like the rest of these niggaz. He gonna still be getting his behind the scenes money, but it’s Jimmy and Juelz who wanna be stars so Cam is like go ahead and see what being a star really is all about.

    The only problem with Cam is that he is too friendly and one dimensional. He should got rid of Jim Jones and them silly Dip niggaz a long time ago. He was still fucking with Dash even though that nigga is lame. He just now realized this shit when he shoulda got the picture ealier. He try to be too cool with niggaz and now he see how the game really works.

  • j.mitch

    fuck all y’all cam haters I dont care who you are or where you be.niggas on this website flip-floppin like sandals.I hope the album shuts all y’all mouths bring that fire and step it up.He needs to dis the fuck outta jones and santana.from what I read and hear jones is the worst thing to happen to dipset.The two do need to sit down like grown men and talk it out and squash this bullshit ass beef.

  • j.mitch

    and that new I hate my job is hot.I got a feeling he will come really hungry like the cam of old.Its some niggas on here that really need to get a life and quit hatin on niggas who got more money than you

  • dark vanilla

    The only thing I don’t like bout Cam is how much he sports that gay pink clothing. Other than that, Cam had some dope songs back in the day.

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  • 11KAP

    wow!! all cam needs to do is tell you his upcoming album’s title name, and you know already it will be fiyah. keep it a trillion, son! word.

  • Perry Milinazzo

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