New Releases By Rza, Cappadonna & Left Eye All Fail To Make It On To The Billboard 200

With album sales steadily on the decline, several new discs by OJ Da Juiceman, Cappadonna, Rza and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes all failed to make it on to the Billboard 200 sales chart this week.

According to the Nielsen SoundScan the beloved TLC rapper’s posthumous LP, Eye Legacy, just missed the top 200, selling only 2,550 copies in its first week. The CD contains unreleased material by the late rapper, who died seven years ago in a car accident, reworked with guest spots by Chamillionaire, Missy Elliot, Lil Mama and of course her TLC group mates Chilli and T-Boz.

Gucci Mane affiliate OJ Da Juiceman fell just behind Lopes, moving 2,200 copies of his debut The Otha Side Of The Trap. Further down the line is Rza’s soundtrack for the Samuel L. Jackson-helmed cartoon series “Afro Samurai.” While the Wu-Tang mastermind managed to scan 1,880 CDs this week, fellow Shaolin MC Cappadonna wasn’t as lucky. His latest disc, Slang Prostitution was only able to pump 330 copies out of stores.

On the top of the charts this week was Chicago rapper/producer extraordinaire Kanye West. Despite falling one spot down to no. 5, Ye’s 808s & Heatbreak, sold an additional 33,330 albums this go-around, bringing his total album sales to 1,257,340.

Ten spots down at no. 15 is New Jersey-bred crooner Akon. The Konvict music head climbed up two notches this week, as 21,800 copies of his third solo album Freedom cleared the shelves. The singer now stands at a total sales tally of 443,740. Directly under Kon is T.I. at no. 16. The Atlanta MC sold a grand total of 1,638,270 copies of Paper Trail after ringing up an additional 20,560 disc this cycle.

Sitting at no. 24 and 25 respectively is the Notorious OST and rap superstar Lil Wayne. The movie compilation for the Biggie biopic rang up 15,720 discs this week, bringing its total sales to 87,750. Weezy’s Tha Carter III continues on its path to triple platinum status, with its grand total standing at 2,964,990, after moving 15,570 additional units this go-around.

Rounding out the top 40 for the second week in a row is rapper/actor Ludacris with his 7th studio album Theater of the Mind. With 12,320 additional discs sold this cycle, Luda’s overall stats stand at 530,490.

Next week look for a major bump in sales from Lil Wayne, Kanye and T.I. with the 51st annual Grammy Awards set to air this Sunday (Feb. 8th) on CBS. – Elan Mancini

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  • Devon

    I didnt even know that nigga cappadonna had an album out Left eye what fuck is she gon sing TLC WAS JUST 3 badass chicks nothing else the finest one chile didnt do a damn thing and RZA aint been shit since 98


      Cosign Devon.

      XXL what the hell did you expect none of the folks mentioned have a true machine pushing their material and who would check for Gucci Manes weed carrier any way though I am sure otha side of the trap gets a large in the rating from you D bags.

      Capadonna is always three tapes away from homeless(Quick somebody by sons shit before he has to go back to selling socks out of a gypsy cab on Strong Island) Think of it as a donation to the Wu Affliate charity foundation and you can use the cd as a coaster.
      Though eating off artists corpses is the shit in hip-hop. TLC been over and Nobody was checking for left eye like that when she was living. Cat’s be acting like she was emcee Lyte or Queen Latifah when she was more butch. You know a left eye joinz is going tripple ply wood on everything.

      And the RZA’s name only sales records to WU stans and those numbers are dwindling. Dude is scoring movies now and he lost almost all of that chambers grime. Besides most WU compilation with unknown affialates are hot garbage sounds like attack of the clones on wax.

  • EReal


  • NIG


  • 2Gutta


    budden proabbly gonna get 2,000 off those gay internet soldiers

  • benjamin bixby III

    I really think its more of lack of quality and promotion when it comes to this issue…if you are a good artist with good strong music people will buy your records but when u are the rza or cappadona or left eye if you dont come with a real strong single and good promotion then what you get is what you deserve…even wit ludacris he usually sells pretty well but with this album it was 1 decent single one too pop for tv single and hardly no push so the numbers he got are the ones he deserved…album is decent though…t.i and wayne still do good. i imagine if jay z dropped one it would do good..hell if eminem dropped one and had a better single than pop bottles he would fair ok also…to close it out some of my favorite albums never even got close to being platinum

  • http://xxl All Dae

    300 million americans and only 330 want a copy…damn.

    • EReal


      His fans are actually one in a million.

  • Nate

    Big (or once big) artists sell so much in their prime, they don’t have the drive to promote or hustle their own music as hard when they are older. As much as I critique artists, and write my own music, I know if I had taken the time to create and hustle it from town to town, I could sell with a small crew of friends at least 600 a week from city to city (and I know there are hundreds of hungry artists from weak to good quality that do this)

    It really is sad to see 330 copies. If you interview him what is he gonna say. It’s a “slow grind”?, The album will spread by “word of mouth”?. Let this be a lesson to all young artists that you need to have the love foremost, then some talent, and finally a lot of drive, energy, and then add a little support to succeed in this business. If you don’t have most of these elements stay out of the game and leave it to those that want it bad enough.

    • EReal

      People just need to get back to the basic mentality of the grind. You work hard, do an assload of shows and promote yourself constantly, while networking in the industry. Then you take your connects and start a following by doing as many damn shows as possible away from your home area and creating a buzz. Build your fanbase from the ground up like Swollen Members. You can be independent and make good paper, like E-40 and Too Short, if you stay true to what you’re doing.
      GNOME SANE? lol. Forreal tho.

  • fireforreal

    Cappa aka the cab driver will get his money. He’s a hustler for real. Rza help him out !

    • Just Lyphe

      now come on, u juss read the article stupid? How rza gon help him out if he can’t even help himself???? wow.

  • corlione39

    330 got damm id b able 2 sell mo than that on tha screet n less than n hour!!! lol n left eye i got that shit itz coo fuccn industry tech n9ne said it bezt tha industry iz punkz!!!

  • enzo

    its a damn shame because Rza Cappa and OJ Da Juiceman are all dope.

  • brand-new

    cappadonna never sold more than 500k even back when the wu was poppin’ , not suprised.

  • Moi

    quality isn’t necessarily the issue. the old machine and way of doing business is dead. the biggest selling artist of last year didn’t even crack three million.

    cappadonna-one of the ten greatest verses of all time. pay homage. and one day, people will catch up to RZA.

  • Josh

    I came to a fork in the road and went WOOD, right out the crack vial, to the Golden Gate

    StillLegal on Twitter…

  • Trickdd

    NIG says good luck to all you wannabe rappers THESE MAJOR LABELS ARE HAVING INDIE SALES. Lol fuck a label you gotta start with talent if you don’t got talent you should just go get a 9 to 5 and not even try to make it in the music buis…You gotta have money to make money so you can’t make it with out some dough already saved up once you got that you start selling your tapes and getting a buzz start doing shows next thing you know you are getting paid to perform… You can make a living off of Hip Hop still you can defiantly get out the streets still and for people like me I love Hip Hop and music so it isn’t all about the money Hip Hop is defiantly going back to where it started the streets you might not be able to sell Albums witch isn’t necessarily true take Wayne for example but you can still make good money doing shows

  • tony grand$

    Damn Donna, I own 330 cassette tapes from back in the day. I know @ least 400 people on a general level. My dude couldn’t even get everyone who knows him to cough up a few bux outta support. I feel sorry for him, like he might as well just donated all those copies to homeless shelters as tax write offs. He prolly would’ve made some doe that way. Or bought enough weed to not be bummed out all weekend.

  • Геннадий Шишкин

    Люди в таких вот случаях говорят – Безрогая корова и шишкой бодает. ;)

  • class of fitness

    That’s not the point, Left Eye out sold cappadonna & gucci mane put together? If she’d of had a hit record. nobody would have anything bad to say right now? beside her records sales might be close to 4,000 units by now.