Lil Wayne Brings Home 4 Grammys

No one at the Grammys had swagger like Lil Wayne. The New Orleans rap giant, who led the 51st Annual awards ceremony with eight nominations, took home four trophies at last night’s event.

Weezy’s Tha Carter III took home the Rap Album of the Year award, which was presented by T-Pain and, beating out Jay-Z’s American Gangster, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool, T.I.’s. Paper Trail and Nas’ self-titled project. His single “Lollipop” won for Rap Song of the Year, “A Milli” won for Rap Solo Performance of the Year and his effort on “Swagga Like Us” earned him a gramaphone for Best Rap Collaboration.

Wanye joined his “S.L.U.” partners in rhyme Kanye West, Jay-Z, T.I. as well as a very pregnant M.I.A. for a blockbuster performance of the hit song. Dressed in black tuxes with white button ups, each lyricist spit his verse while a live band worked the instrumentals. M.I.A., whose baby was due the same day as the ceremony, bounced around the stage and hyped up the crowd.

Each artist, with the exception of M I A, had their own sets. Kanye assisted Estelle’s “American Boy,” Jay-Z teamed up with Coldplay for the remix to “Lost,’ Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke gave a sincere dedication to New Orleans and Katrina victims on “Tie My Hands,” while T. I. and Justin Timberlake tore the stage down with their performance of “Dead and Gone.”

On the R&B side, Ne Yo, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Hudson all performed at the awards gala. Whitney Houston presented J.Hud with the award for Best R&B album as the tearful songstress thanked both her family in heaven and her family on earth.

In a strange turn of events performances by both Chris Brown and his girlfriend Rihanna were canceled at the last minute, according to Billboard. Brown was charged with a domestic battery charge of an unidentified woman early Sunday morning and later turned himself in to local police.

The Grammys were held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles California. - Shariff Duncan

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  • dark vanilla

    Wayne won 4 Grammy’s? Hip hop really is dead!

    • rainmaker

      stop saying hip hop is dead, nas already said that ages ago, shut the fuck up!

      • D-Block

        iight lil wayne, u can fool all the old white people that vote for who wins the grammys and u can fool all the retards on here that actually think your good. BUT HIP HOP HEADS KNOW THAT YOUR A FUCKIN DISGRACE TO REAL HIP HOP. ALL THE FUCKIN GRAMMYS IN THE WORLD WONT CHANGE THAT. I WISH I HAD 5 MINUTES ALONE IN A DARK ALLEY WITH THIS PUSSY.

    • cold

      lil wayne is good , stop listening to the radio , thats for children and girls that stay on the phone requesting that bullsh!t get the album or the mixtapes to hear the real sh!t

  • ajwebb

    congrats wayne, hard work pays off

  • http://xxlmag 4rider

    wayne is that dude!! let the hating began

  • 4rider

    wayne is that dude? let the hating begin

  • John

    Wayne is a Gangsta…

  • Plazma

    go wayne hes the best i wish t.i.won too

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  • teddy

    chris brown wife beating rhianna ella ella

  • paychexx

    wayne sold crazy numbers so you know he was gonna win. album isnt that bad. i think american gangster or papertrail should have won, but it the grammy

    p.s. jay is still that dude but the homey look old tryna bop with the young dude.

    yeezy is yeezy

  • D

    lil wayne is a LIL PUNK! his good verses are written by other people, and his freestyles sound like crap!

    • nellz

      lol niggas literally wake up hating
      8:16 am

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    A nightmare!!! AHH!!! Lil Wayne!!! NOO!!!

  • richard ayidah

    big ups ma bwoii…keep it real

  • EReal

    Kanye’s mullett is so ghey.

  • Mika

    wtf ! lollipop’s not even a ‘Rap Song’ in the first place !! SMH

  • http://xxl ryan

    rap album should of went to lupe n im not a fan of his either but after hearin dat album i was lik dammmmmmmmmn. it is really sad when a person that doesnt put no thought into 2 his rhymes win. but thats hiphop 4 ya its been screwed ever since that dam song bling bling ever came out.


    This was a set up anyway. Wayne went into this thing knowing he was going to carry the night and the media have been treating like he is the greatest thing to happen to rap since Kool Herc. I think Wayne is getting that “Monsters Ball”/”Hustle and Flow” critical love by the mainstream media. Meaning this is what mainstream media thinks rap music is about so any thoughtful album like Lupe or even a smarter hood dance album like T.I.’s won’t win. They give the crown out to the clowns who continue to put on airs about being crooks, so that suburban kids can have something to challenge authority and piss their parents off with, since rock is about as threatening as a care bear hug off nowadays. Anyhoo that’s my buck 50 on the matter

    Congrats Wayne for a fine marketing campaign! Next time try to craft a album that can survive past a years worth of listening, see Bigge,PAC,JAY-Z,NAS,Common,OUTKAST etc….

    • nellz

      thats what the grammy’s r…all the people from the UK and country singers win all the time. While in the “black” categories…the most popular person wins…u should know this by now

      And i still listen to tha carter…jus sayin

  • EmCDL

    Even though I’m not too big of a fan of Lil Greezy, I got to give him props for winning that shit….wish Lupe had won some though for real…his album is my favortie thus far as far as mainstream rap goes…his and Nas

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man y’all niggaz gotta hating the nigga was the shit last year he had the best jam “a milli”, was in the best collabo S.L.U he had the complete album , man american gangster was just an aging has beens attempt of recapturing his former glory which failed, Lupe was as boring as fuck nigga nagging and shit through out same with Nas; bull shit which was an hour of non-stop bitchin bout shit all niggas know and have known since they brought slaves to America,and T.I.Snitch had the gayest pop album since elton John’s last offering that nigga sang on 90% of the album and still gets nominated what a bunch of bull shit,shit that deserved a shout is L.A.X,Elephant in the Room, etc not these whores

    • Avenger XL

      OK so Lollipop didn’t sound like some gay club song that should be played on fashion week or some shit(The cat kissed a man and everbody acts like it didn’t happen)? A milli had the kind of beat where you had to love it or hate it because the beat was repetitive as fuck. Then they played it 11 million times and pretty told anybody who don’t like it their wack. Now given the failings in the American education system and the average age and IQ of a Wayne stan, I know why they dig the dudes music. Same reason they dig Gucci and Soulja boy it is easy to listen to party meaningless music and they just don’t get into anything that requires thought. Subject has to be Bitches,Getting Money,Momma song, Smoking/drinking,killing enemeies and anyone else and the token moment of remorse for their actions talking to a fictional god. Makes for a good show if you are entertained by balck misery or you want to play like you live this fantasy life wayne creates like suburban kids and fools stuck in a hood mentatlity. Now as far as who should have been nominated if the mainstream gave two farts about this music.

      Short list

      2. The roots
      3. Black Milk
      6.Static Selekta

      But I know they don’t do mindless radio driven dance music so they don’t desreve a node. Get off waynes dick and save room for Baby.

      • TEZZY

        Q-TIP and the ROOTS yeah but the rest of those albums YEAH FUCKING RIGHT and i heard all off them

  • droopey

    I didn’t picture Chris Breezy as the type to hit a girl. Which is his entire fan base.

  • MTKilla The King

    I seen this last night and it was the most horrible grammys ever especially when wayne won “Best Rap Album”..SMDH!!!!!…it’s all you little fucking kids fault! you fake ass wannabe “bloods” or whatever you wanna call yourselfs! you fake ass”wanna be internet gangsta,wayne is the chief of my hood ,loving ass, little bitch babies” ya’ll help destoyed the very thing! that was put togather for a reason and then a nigga named wayne comes..AND PUT OUT WACK ASS MUSIC!!!!..the grammy is an example..that they just based there reviews off of ignorance and not knowing real facts about hip-hop at all!..I RATHER SEE GULEEBOY GET A RECORD DEAL AND WIN A FUCKING GRAMMY!!!..SMDH!!!!!


    Lupe was robbed by the Wayne smitten masses…

  • Stuckfresh

    Congrats Weezy! You might not of had the best album but you damn sure had the best year! Fuck you haters! The boy sold 3 “milli”! Don’t forget about the 1 “milli” the 1st week! He’s #1 right now! Dont forget the BABY!(Stunna)

  • REAL TALK 09

    He has cme a long way since ..The Block Iz Hot…in which like old school WAYNE!..but,congrats anyways..everybody knows when it comes to Hip Hop,..the Grammys are alwayz late!…by the time the Grammys catch up….the Ral Weezy fanz have moved on!….It just proves Hip Hop is mainstream not DEAD!…..if it had been Soulja Boy,then yes DEAD!>>LOL

  • willshady

    good work wayne

  • RAZ

    Grammys aren’t all bout numbers if that was case Lupe wouldn’t have been up there. I hate Wayne’s music i don’t see all the hype but congrats to him for pulling in 4 of 8

  • Gutta

    i think somebody said it best when they said how do u give a grammy to an artist that doesnt even write lyrics and supposedly doesnt even come up with his own song concepts…i think everyone has followed wayne and cash money since the beginning to know that wayne has come a long way and for that u gotta be happy for him but fa real….lollipop was meant for that pretty ricky dude, a milli was meant for busta rhymes and got money was t-pain so where was the creative thought??? the grammy’s are filled wit politics just like everything else in hip-hop but nas and or lupe got robbed

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