Juelz Santana Denies Syrup Addiction, Says Cam’ron Is Dancing Around Questions

Juelz Santana is drug-free. As previously reported, in his first interview in roughly a year and a half, Cam’ron told XXL magazine that his former protégé was addicted to syrup, a blend a cough medicine and fruit-flavored beverages made popular in the south.

Now, only days after news spread on Santana’s alleged addiction, Dipset’s youngest in charge has come forward to deny Cam’s claims. “What I do on my own time is my own time,” Juelz told MTV. “I was never addicted to syrup. I was sippin’ it on occasion when I felt like sippin’ it. I don’t know where that came from. That was kind of a shocker to me like, ‘wow, you would stoop low like that?’”

The Harlem MC also pointed out that Cam kept mum for the past three years and recently became press-friendly to promote his forthcoming album, Crime Prays. Though Killa’s been chattier than usual, Juelz thinks he’s yet to answer the tough questions

“At the end of the day, he never really answered the question about did you do Juelz dirty businessly,” Santana explained. “He kinda stirred around it. He said something like, ‘what was Juelz doing before he met me?’ Everybody had somebody that gave em they shot. You see he’s trying to manipulate the situation ’cause Cam is smart at the end of the day.” -Bruce Moses

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  • moresickaMC

    lol…these dudes are like bickering childrenss

    • Devon

      He should just Let Cam hit it from the back Like me and jim jones Did

      • clos1881

        that was gay as fuck @devon

  • Detroit Dave

    At the end of the day, At the end of the day!!!!!! Y do these nigga keep saying that stupid as phrase? lol

  • Mikey F Baby

    Since when is “businessly” a word? Dumb ass Juelz


    “at the end of the day” lol. cam’ron coined dat shit. no question

  • Big Perm

    I gotta side with Juelz here man….Cam’ron wasn’t feeding these niggaz (See Hell Rell) So when Cam decides to take time off…what do you expect them to do? Nothing? Stay broke? Fuck that I’m gonna go out and get mines…So Dipset is all fucked up right now and it’s never gonna be the same man…as a fan…i dunno how to feel about these niggaz

    • DA TRUTH

      hell rell has two cribs four cars and an unknown amount of jewelry. Hell Spent his money. you cant listen to him. hell rell hasnt sold as many ablums as CAM. NO ONE ON DIPSET HAS SOLD LIKE CAM. He gave them a chance it didnt work out. A least me know CAM has 2million from selling Juelz. DA TRUTH say shut your mouth before i call 730 and have them send that KING TUT nigga. him a freaky will stab you and talk you to death while juelz yells “A” in the background.

  • http://theofficialspittitclearrecords.com/SymonDagrappFtKanyeWestHeartlessRemixSpittItClearRecords.Com.mp3 ThaBlackYouTube
  • $ykotic

    “Juelz Santana is drug-free. As previously reported,…”

    That gets the biggest “NEGRO PLEASE”! GTFOH with that!

    This dude wears a blunt like a sixth finger.

    Stay holding an alcoholic beverage.


    so why hasn’t juelz released anything again? i thought cam was holdin him back? this nigga need to worry bout his career, not about what’s going on with cam.

  • http://myspace.com/thetruthandthelight Mo Betta

    Juelz is lying.

  • http://myspace.com/thetruthandthelight Mo Betta

    He says he uses it but aint addicted? hm I always hear people say they can stop doign drugs if you could then you would..but you don’t want to cause you think its nothing wrong with it or you can handle it..imo that means your ADDICTED.

  • A

    Oh now this coward got more to say? Now that Cam is droppin 411 on his bitch ass. They both bitches really to come out here on a magazine and blast each other. Is this how real Harlem is? Cause this is candy land compared to my hood…

  • stobo646

    at the end of the day ya should have kept that shit to ya self.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Dont do it to your self syrup head nigga. Cam is a far better MC and has far more credibility. You been running with cam since you was a child . You aint sold no fucking crack, and we know you are a homo. Tight jeans wearing, skull belt buckle ass nigga. Shut your mouth, take your lumps and take that smack from the big homie and keep it pushing. Aint no one checking for your wack ass cd, or the “15″ weezy songs you trying to live off of in your “puter”. Worse than Daz saying he got lost Tupac songs that he still holding on too. Get off that syrup and shut the fuck up !

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Look at this from SOHH.COM

    I read on the allhiphop.com rumor section that Jim Jones is getting sued by a team of producers who he jacked for his “Bad Santa” album. As a Manager for a producer who placed 4 tracks on this project and I can confirm this rumor as true.

    I have been trying for months to resolve this situation with Koch, Chris Luck, Yandi Smith, and Jim’s lawyers. I was told by Jim’s team that they were waiting on E1/Koch to open up the budget and that everyone would receive their producer declarations and checks by the end of the January. Once February rolled around I remained very skeptical of the lies from Yandi Smith, Chris Luck, and Jim Jones, and that’s when Jim’s manager Yandi Smith and lawyers at Seldemeyer and Associates in a last ditch lie instructed me to contact E1/Koch in order to receive my producers check.

    You’ll be surprised to know that upon contacting the E1/Koch financial department last week the truth was revealed. It turns out that E1/Koch had cut Jim Jones, Byrd Gang Records and Jones Family Productions, the whole lump sum check for the budget for this album months ago, in addition to checks for two future projects. This unidentified employee in the the E1/Koch financial department expressed to me that I am not the first, nor the last manager/lawyer to contact them regarding Jim’s misappropriation of budget checks designated for payments to producers and featured artists.

    In fact under sworn secrecy I was divulged information that the IRS in looking into Jim for possible tax evasion due to his embezzling of these funds. This employee of E1/Koch as well as a source at Sony also informed me about Jim Jones’s current financial problems and possibility of bankruptcy resulting from his lack of income due to his debut Sony album being pushed back for a 2 years period, in addition to his extravagant buyout (It was rumored to be $10 million plus) he was forced to pay Cam’Ron in order to be released from his Dip Set contract and retain his Jim Jones Stage name.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Yeah, Jimmy probably is broke……..Took those advances and fucked it up. Now he owes. Cam has got to be lovin this shit. Those disloyal ass niggas!!! On stage with 50……that’s some foul shit

    • BirDMan

      Wtf is you talking about, 50 murdered Cam. No shit Jim and Juelz went on stage with the guy who lyrically murdered cam. Cam went on fucking vaca, telling 50 to wait till he comes back, still waiting man. That two faced, pink fur wearing faggot still aint dropped shit good enough to even consider it a diss song. Fuck cam, Fuck Jimmy too, and fuck Juelz, all these guys just bitching and crying because there no longer relevant.

  • Trickdd

    Juelz was the best nigga in Dipset Camron is a two face nigga anybody who sits there and talks about someone else problems when he has his own problems is a hater… Any real muthafucker who fucks with Lean knows it isn’t like crack at all first of all Purple Oil is prescribed to people with colds it isn’t know street drug it is pretty safe if you are smart and don’t overdose but you can overdose on Tylenol to if you are a dumb ass and it don’t make you do dumb shit like steal rob are kill for it you might feel sick a little if you do it for a year but nothing like crack and Oil don’t make you lose weight like crack it makes you hungry so there isn’t nothing wrong with sippin on some drank Camron is starting to sound like a dude who shouldn’t be in the rap game I can tell you right now he is losing his swag if he is talking about someone sippin a little syrup he sounds like a old person

  • Champ

    At the end of the day, At the end of the day, At the end of the day, At the end of the day, At the end of the day, At the end of the day, At the end of the day, At the end of the day, At the end of the day, At the end of the day, At the end of the day, rap niggaz is wearin’ the fuck outta that phrase doggy!

  • fireforreal

    Fuck everybody.End of story this shit is gay.Let’s get back to real hip hop.

    • Honestasicanb


  • problems

    Syrup killed DJ screw and Pimp C from UGK cause extreme uses of it causes possible heart failure and sleep apnea. Lil wayne introduced him to that shit and you see how fucked up wayne is off it. Son never is seen without a cup and he’s the first to admit he cant give that and weed up. Juelz…you lost son…You were on your way to being an errand boy doing petty bids till Cam scooped you up…you only have the money you have because he gave you a shot and you want Boss money but you aint a boss B.You were a role player that had help and got shine off hey Ma which was a CAM single…I aint even a dipset fan(hamper/pamper/atlanta/campers/gooey/chewy/hock 2 pituey/) but I know disloyalty when i see it and appearing with fiddy was a bitch move….end of story


    It seem like the only thing missin now is the diss tracks !!! I don’t wanna see that though, niggaz need to part ways and be quiet. I’m still ridin with Cam though.

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