Juelz Santana is drug-free. As previously reported, in his first interview in roughly a year and a half, Cam'ron told XXL magazine that his former protégé was addicted to syrup, a blend a cough medicine and fruit-flavored beverages made popular in the south.

Now, only days after news spread on Santana's alleged addiction, Dipset's youngest in charge has come forward to deny Cam's claims. "What I do on my own time is my own time," Juelz told MTV. "I was never addicted to syrup. I was sippin' it on occasion when I felt like sippin' it. I don’t know where that came from. That was kind of a shocker to me like, 'wow, you would stoop low like that?'"

The Harlem MC also pointed out that Cam kept mum for the past three years and recently became press-friendly to promote his forthcoming album, Crime Prays. Though Killa's been chattier than usual, Juelz thinks he's yet to answer the tough questions

"At the end of the day, he never really answered the question about did you do Juelz dirty businessly," Santana explained. "He kinda stirred around it. He said something like, 'what was Juelz doing before he met me?' Everybody had somebody that gave em they shot. You see he’s trying to manipulate the situation 'cause Cam is smart at the end of the day." -Bruce Moses