Jim Jones pleaded his innocence in Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday to misdemeanor assault charges stemming from an altercation that occurred in December.

As XXLmag.com previously reported, the Dipset Capo voluntarily turned himself in to authorities last month, where he was charged for a scuffle he was allegedly involved in at a Louis Vuitton store.

New York’s Daily News spoke to a law enforcement source that claims Jones got into a brawl with Jayvon Smith - brother to rival Jay-Z’s right hand man, Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith, and manager to R&B singer Ne-Yo. The Harlem rapper was caught on camera "hitting and kicking" Smith in front of Ne-Yo,” the source said.

Jones did not seem concerned by the case, describing it more as "expensive inconvenience.”

In addition to the criminal charges, Smith filed a $7 million lawsuit against the “Pop Champagne” rapper, claiming the blows that landed on his face " caused redness, swelling and substantial pain.” Scott Leemon, Jones’ lawyer, dismissed the suit saying Smith was looking for an easy check.

Released without having to post bail, Jones is expected back in court on March 24th. – Elan Mancini