J-Hood Apologizes To the Lox On New Track

After launching an all-out assault on his former group, ex-D-Block member J-Hood seems to be extending the olive branch with his new “Letter to the LOX” track.

In 2007 a disgruntled J-Hood was seen on a YouTube video dragging his D-Block chain on the concrete and disrespecting LOX member Sheek Louch, referring to him as “Cheek Louch.” To make matters worse Hood then appeared on stage with then rival 50 Cent in a further attempt to voice his displeasure with D-Block records.

Hood’s verbal taunts only seemed to anger the label’s CEOs, who refused to let their one-time protégé out of his contract. In an effort to gain public support for his cause Hood released largely ignored diss tracks like “Double Wood” —where he claimed the group is “Knockin’ on 40’s door,”  “Never gonna sell,” and “Kiss My Ass” where he said Jadakiss was “Making Yonkers look bad.”

Now in a strange turn of events J-Hood jumps on the instrumental to Kiss’s “Letter to B.I.G.,” in what seems to be apology of sorts. On the track he spits lines like, “To this day I ain’t seen a group that compare” and “I had to protect myself ‘cause you niggas was talkin’ real slick.” [Listen Here] To top it off J-Hood urges fans to cop Jadakiss’s upcoming album The Last Kiss when it is released on March 10. – Rob Markman

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  • latino heat

    sad. is he trying to come back to D-Block, or just kiss ass so they will release him from his contract? somebody better tell him you can’t go home again. word to Chingy.

    • steve

      and word to young buck.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    I was a J=Hood fan till he started acting crazy and doing that G-UNIT ish…

    I don’t think they’ll take you back homie

  • cold

    he’s not good enough for d-block , they don’t blend well

  • $ykotic

    The track is all over the place.

    But son got his grown man own. Never hatred for that. Realest ish I heard in a minute.

  • brand-new

    this nigga been in the game for over 10 years and still no studio album, u know why? HE IS WACK!!!!

  • escobar9300

    Im not really feeling the track, but I got respect for dude stepping up and apologizing. Dblock is one of the hardest groups in the game but these dudes get no respect by most dudes outside of Nyc. Give the lox credit where its due, those dudes were and still are FIRE.

  • tommy gunz

    ahhhh….you shoulda stayed close J…you see why yayo’s in the safest position…cuz he stays the closest…

  • Keyser Soze

    Kiss already said that it was too late for any chance of Hood rejoining D-Block. They replaced his bitch ass with Bully already, and Bully’s dope! J-Hood’s rap career is over!

  • Clever

    Not a good look Kissing Kiss Ass to get back. Hmmmmmm….Is this Nica Gangstalicious or what? Das Bitch Move! My Nica! Stand Strong, and do it on your own. Maybe 50 will sign him to replace Buck, Guess you can’t replace a bitch with a bitch. Nah it wouldn’t work.

  • fireforreal

    He may have already burned his bridge with them but atleast he grew up and gave them there well deserved props. Like Funkmaster flexx said. It’s not about leaving a crew it’s how he did it is what was childish,corny and back fired.

  • problems

    Sad to se it come down to this.Grown man groveling hoping they either release him or take him back.He shouldnt even be in this predicament but you let people start getting in your ear and there go your career. damn hood u took an L homie but u manned up rather than being a doja boy like tony yayo or something…

  • j.mitch

    that is sad.I was a fan of hood before that shit happened.He is nice though.

  • Devon

    We’ll b rape n u rape n u rape n u rape n u rape u I’ll his contract rite now 4 2500

  • Nate

    J-Hood should just prove himself Solo. If he can’t find another gig. I hear ___ is hiring. Oh wait it’s a recession.. Damn, not I see why he wants a established group like LOX’s association. Because he’s all out of options..

    Hard to make a go of it on your own unless you have constant heat, and backing and momentum.

    Even Jada, and Styles got to GRIND hard in this economy to eat right. J-Hood might just not bring enough of his own fans to the table, plus all that DISLOYALTY never sets a good precedent when you need to beg back in the door..

  • Screwmatic

    Bitch ass nigga……………..

  • Omunique

    This is just an excuse to come back to D-Block!He’s sorry because I believe that Jay Hood has no other options. The way that he went about the whole thing was disrespect on all levels! I think that D-Block shouldn’t take him back, even though he’s under contact. Teach this young ungrateful nigga a lesson! Plus we all know that D-Block is the truth and better than 95% of these rappers out here!! Bottom line: Never bite the hand that feeds you! You don’t have to go far! Look at Cam’ron!!! Dip-NOT!!!

  • J-Rass

    Yo J-Hood Is Hood… Period. I been listening to Hood since i was young. Bottomline ain’t nobody fucking with him as far as noncommercial shit Hood takes the CROWN!! Fuck haters 5^9Brimm^^

  • http://lippedvideo.blogspot.com Dorothea Thompson

    If I had a dollar for every time I came here! Superb read!

  • Anonymous