Indie Rapper Cage Preps Comeback, Shia LaBeouf To Direct Video

Def Jux MC and former Eminem rival Cage will be releasing his third solo album later this year.

Following up 2005’s critically acclaimed album Hell’s Winter, Cage’s new disc, Depart From Me is scheduled to drop on June 30th. In the meantime, the underground staple has linked with the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim to put out a free seven-song digital EP which will be available in the coming months.

Actor Shia LaBeouf (Transformers), who is close friends with Cage, will be directing the rapper’s first single, “ I Never Knew You.” LaBeouf has been trying to turn Cage’s tumultuous life into a biopic for the last few years. According to a press release the Hollywood star will be playing Cage in the flick.

Cage will be playing at this year’s South By Southwest festival. – Elan Mancini

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  • dwi

    2 questions…who is cage? and who watches the cartoon network? make that 3 and who gives a f***?

    • raj

      alot of ppl watch it. you ever heard of the boondocks.

    • Devon

      Cage who ONly cage I know is Nicklous XXLMAG FUCKIN UP BAD

    • geico lizard

      I agree with you I dont know who cage is but you are sleeping on the cartoon network.
      Cartoon Network:
      -Boondocks-best cartoon on tv behind south park.
      -Squidbillies- im from the south and that shit is still funny to me.
      -Venture Brothers-sex,violence and comedy.
      -Frisky Dingo-a villain named Killface and Killer Mike doing a voice over.
      -Shin Chan- the new stuff is bad but catch the reruns of the first two seasons.

    • killer bee

      DWI your a fucking homo. probobly sit around all day listening to faggot ass solja boy, smoking shwag…. choke on a dick

    • dominic cornelius

      sorry who is cage, well hes the best rapper in the game if u prepare to listen and get some real music into u and loads of people give fucks, this is going to be amazing going to be some oscars for this cartn wait

  • Big Ze

    Fuck Cage; I heard his music, it’s not hip-hop.

    That hobbit-like look upon his face makes me want to pick up a hammer and smash it as long as it resembles a face.

  • Marco V.

    -What Tha F**k is a Cage and who tha f**k is he to diss Em?

  • C. Hop

    ..I brought Cage’s tape, opened it and dubbed over it.

    • EReal

      I came to the club drunk, with a fake ID.

  • geico lizard

    I wonder if shia lebeouf can confirm the rihanna herpes rumor since he used to date her? Maybe they will get back together after this situation. She will blame all black men and go back to white dudes like halle berry.

  • 92FS

    LOL at people who don’t know who Cage is.

  • lord big

    what abunch of cunts . cage is bomb. maybe you bitch might like him if he changed his name to lil’ cage !!! lames

    • Anonymous

      yess!fuck all you fags who dont like cage (aka real hip hop) go listen to your solja boy and suck another fat cock

  • render

    for yall that don’t kno, cage is ‘real hiphop’ for white boys that cut themselves

  • tommy gunz

    check dude’s life story–its movie worthy…anyway this new shit he’s makin is def a left turn from your average but i fux with it…if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body and ain’t down for musical experimentation then leave his shit alone it ain’t for you..

  • tommy gunz


  • junclassic

    Cage is a Lyrical Demon that got his start by dropping a legendary 12 Inch (vinyl single) called “Agent Orange” produced by Necro. Dude had toothpicks sticking out of his mouth of the cover. One of the lines was, “Fuck ya head up like cornrolls put in by blind giants”.

    I knew he was on some other shit.

    Em came wit his horror core wild style in 1997 on an EP called Slim Shady EP. So many say Cage was the first whiteboy rhymin that crazy shit. They went at each other. Famous Cage shit is his twisting of “Dont Give a Fuck’s” opening flow… “Slim Shady Nerd Bitch Like Jan Brady bit a Cage baby Caught Rabies and Went Crazy”.

    Em is beastly as we all know but Cage is nice too. And sunn really was crazy. Do ya history. J Zone da genius produced a track off his first album called “Stoney Lodge”. Sunn is nasty. Depart From Me is gonna be some shit lyrically… and Im sure eL-P gon murder the production… Im coppin like a fiend on Christmas…

  • junclassic

    Like a brain surgeon I forgot to say that Cage dropped his first single in 1996…

  • junclassic

    I co sign you Tommy Gunz I just commented and the shit aint pop up!

    Im tryin to tell The People that Cage dropped his first single in 1996!!

  • cardinalsyn76

    you radio friendly fucks dont know shit about hip-hop. cage is a monster!!! dudes today think a catchy chorus and a chain makes you a good rapper, or what u r driving in your video. well that because most of them arent old enough to know who wu tang is. of course ask them tho and they are experts on the subject.

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