Freeway Preps New Jake One Produced Album, “What We Do” DVD

Philadelphia rapper Freeway has announced his plans to release a new album produced entirely by frequent G-Unit producer Jake One.

On a short video clip posted on YouTube, Free took time out from a studio session to speak on the upcoming collaboration, entitled The Stimulus Package. “It’s official, I got the album coming this summer,” he said. “Freeway, Jake One, The Stimulus Package. It’s gonna be crazy, y’all gonna love it. We calling it The Stimulus Package cause we stimulating hip-hop, we taking it back to the real hip-hop. One producer, one MC…we’re putting it together right now.” [Watch Below]

This is not the first time the State Property rhyme spitter has worked with Jake. The two linked for Free’s online “Month Of Madness” campaign and for several tracks on the Seattle-bred beatmaker’s White Van Music LP.

Along with the new album, Free also revealed that his long-delayed DVD, What We Do, will finally be released on April 21st. The flick was written and directed by Ernest “Tron” Anderson – the same man behind the first State Propertv movie – and will feature appearances by Young Gunz, Omillio Sparks, E-Ness, Michael Blackson (Next Friday), and Tray Chaney (The Wire).

As of press time there is no word on what label The Stimulus Package will be released on. – Elan Mancini

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    “As of press time there is no word on what label The Stimulus Package will be released on. –”

    LMAO, this mean this wack ass nigga will be selling them weed plates out the back of his trunk.

    If there was a competition for the worse voice in hip-hop it owuld probably be a tie between faggot ass freeway and that Krump dancing bitch keek da Sneek!

    I also just noticed something . . .People say officer Ricky jacked his name from the real Ricky Ross but wasn’t Freeway out before Officer Ricky? So that would mean Officer Ricky is a carbon copy of another carbon copy right? . . .not to mention Officer Ricky jacked freeway for his trademark beard . . I say trademark because nobody remember Freeway’s wack ass lyrics

  • pcab

    Yo this dude whos first is mad stupid. Freeway is pretty dope. The album should be tight.

    Did yall hear “The Truth” produced by JakeOne

  • romil

    Thats wassup, one mc one producer = Classic Material. Get em Free!!

    Jake one is nice on them beats real nice good combination.

    • pcab

      FaSho! that shit will end up making the most slept on albums by the end of the year

  • Part 2wo

  • xlwhite

    Freeway was on point on the month of madness mixtape, if hes on the same level lyrically with this it should be fire, not sure what songs jakeone has produced but Don Cannon probably would have been a good collabo too. heres hoping it’s hot.

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  • Trevor Wilkes

    Heh am I really the only comment to your amazing article.