Flo Rida Makes History Again, New Single Breaks Digital Record

Just one week after the three-headed monster – Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent – broke the digital sales record with their single “Crack A Bottle,” Miami rapper Flo Rida stole the title with his new single “Right Round.”

According to the Nielsen SoundScan the Atlantic rapper’s track will debut at no. 1 on the Hot Digital Songs Chart tomorrow (Feb. 19) after scoring 636,000 downloads in one week. The numbers surpass the sales for “Low”- his record breaking hit with T-Pain from last year, which moved 467,000 units.

As XXLmag.com previously reported Em, Dre and Fif’s “Crack A Bottle” made history after the single was downloaded 418,000 times in its opening week. The song, which jumped 78 spots to no. 1 on the charts last week, will be included on 50’s upcoming album, Before I Self Destruct.

“Right Round” samples 80s group Dead Or Alive’s No. 1 hit “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).” It is the first single on Flo Rida’s sophomore album R.O.O.T.S. (Routes of Overcoming the Struggle) which hits stores on April 7th. – Elan Mancini

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  • squadwildin

    Wow thats crazy. You cant call him a one hit wonder, thats for sure

    • Pierzy

      Two hit wonder?

      • Vanessa

        Go fuck yourself! If Guarantee is his next single, Then Flo Rida is a three hit wonder. This song was on KIIS-FM and they’re fuckin picky.

    • BIGNAT

      i don’t care how many hits he get i don’t think his first album even went gold

  • DV8

    SMH, that song is straight garbage.

  • Alyse

    yo, crazy numbers!!!

    that’s what I like to see. the music industry isn’t dead, just fledgling.

    consumers respond to tha hotness.

  • Josh

    Not that I like Flo.Rida at all, but am I falling off? I haven’t even heard this record.

    • http://www.Justlyphe.com Just Lyphe

      I didn’t think I’d heard the song either, but I just googled it, and wala!!!! I’d heard it on radio, but just ignored it as some pop bullshit. lol. Happy for anyone making records in this new music industry, but the song’s garbage. Hope that’s not what it takes to blow now.

      Yeah, I said it.


  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    Seriously? That shiitty Em song and now a record I have yet to hear, I need to get out more.

    • 2hard2fair

      no,you don’t need to get out more.the record company probably has somethin to do with those sales.i ain’t heard it and don’t give a fuck about hearin it,unless i hear it at a club

  • The_Truth

    ***Congrats Flo-Rida. . .I think your music is trash personally, but I’m not hatin on your success.

    Is it just me or could he be related to Gorilla Zoe??

  • latino heat

    he has a new song out? that’s too bad.

  • Prince Caesar

    I’ve never heard the song, anywhere. I’m not hating on dude, but, this shit seems kinda fishy. How do u outrageous numbers with a song that gets no airplay ?

  • http://www.myspace.com/songstar1 songstar1

    i call bullshit!!!! has anyone even heard this record????

    • BIGNAT

      i smell fish cakes this is some bullshit maybe it has only been heard in florida. we got anyone for florida in the house this song playing down there??

  • Vicious Seiger

    I would like to believe the hype but it isn’t like a company can’t do a mass downloading campaign to make you think this is a hot single. Because both of those songs were nothing special. I believe both songs are .79 on amazon and itunes so spending 100,00 to 200,000 on advertisement like this isn’t breaking the bank esp. when most of the money you spend is going right back in your pocket. Hey this might be totally legit but I don’t believe it.

  • CLJ

    i anit ever herd the song

  • Mutada al sader the king

    ^ Do your math again. The song did 636,000 copies in a week. That over half a MILLION dollars. Record companies hardly give budgets of 10-20 thousand now a days. Unless you are a huge artists. There is NOW WAY IN HELL slip and slide would have spent over 500 million dollars to promote a song. I’m sure there is some funny buisness going on. Companies give away downloads and gift cards and what not, and I can see the potential for abuse,.But to suggest that his record company is spending 100k, 200k to promote a flo rider record in todays economy is a bit far fetched. I hear the dumb song on Kiss FM (In LA) all the time. Its an old 80′s sample that probably made a few older/white folks ears perk up. Fuck if I know ?

    • kza

      Do your math mutada! You disappoint me because i always thought you’re one of the few people here who have brains. How did you get the figure of 500 MILLION dollars to promote a song? Its supposed to be 500 000 dollars. Think before you write.

  • http://xxl ryan

    dam i thought i was the only 1 not 2 hear dis dam song. but usually any song dats breaks digital record wateva i dont lik. but im not hatin. i jus respect underground more than mainstream shit.

    • http://xxl ryan

      jus heard it. it sucks dats y america liks it so much. ITS A DAM POP SONG WITH RHYMIN WORDS. where is the str8 rappin without all this singin shit. i blame tpain 4 reintroducin dat voice shit. n kanye n wayne gay asses 4 usin the shit over n over.

  • What the ?

    Fuck ,I must have no style, be lame, have no ear drums or all of the above because everything that sells to me is usually garbage. This is another pop-hop hit, these are the only things that sell, Why you ask ? because it’s the 10-15 yo old girls and guys that just have no idea, then again when I was 10-15 MC hammer and vanilla ice were the top sellers ? see.

  • balaramesh

    i am in orlando right now. i couldn’t tell you if the song is on the radio or not. it’s all “hot garbage” on the airwaves anyway. they play the same clearchannel endorsed songs as the rest of the country.

    people download ANYTHING these days. must be a ton of women and suburban teenagers with this song

    nevertheless, congrats to him anyway although his album is going to sell 200k at best. dude should do singles only.

  • yoprince

    never heard it.. or even heard of it.

  • gkid12345

    Just like what everyone said, I haven’t heard the song on the radio once so this has to be the record company. The song is pretty horrible too, low at least had that pop sound but this record is really bad

  • E-Hustle

    I’m a little behind on some of the terms, but what does ” SMH ” stand for?

    btw, I can’t hate on dude, he making hit records like it or not. But more important I need that Em solo single. The Dre & 50 verses sucked on Crack A Bottle.

    • Mika

      hw u gon call yrslf “E-Hustle” and not knw SMH …tht right there is an SMH incident lol ..SMH = shaking my head,shakes my head.

      SMH …. lol

  • D

    i heard the record. actually its pretty damn good n i hate flo-rida. but the thing is i hate it when people say flo-rida is “part of the problem” in hiphop. he’s not a rapper. he’s a pop singer that makes pop music… not a bad thing… just not hiphop

  • problems

    That song was a monster hit in the 80′s.Adam Sandler used it in the wedding singer…Those ringtone sales came from cornball occasional hip hop listeners.The sad part is FLO-RIDA GETS ABSOLUTEKY NO PUBLISHING Royalties from his version.They all go the writers of the song and the band that cleared it.Hip hop is in a such a sad state…smfh

  • Devon

    How ? anwsers anyone

  • byrd

    well just grab a book on how music is produced and you will see how many different faces there are in the stuido and this was a hit as i was growing up but dam i think this sample and track sucks this is not hip hop to me shit homeboy took his name from a video my home boy did i was born and lived in fort lauderdale florida my whole life my boys puts out an underground lowriding video called florider to pitch the ideal to a tv station then bam tyhis cats jumps up with low talking about he the real flowrider fu*k that…..

  • Saint

    Even if this cat first album didn’t go gold you can still LIVE GOOD off of digital sales too!!!…………….Ps (PEOPLE LIE! NUMBERS DON’T!!!!!!!!)

  • Saint

    Even if this dude first album didn’t go GOLD you still can LIVE GREAT! on digital sales! ….Ps(PEOPLE LIE,NUMBERS DON’T!!!!)

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