Eve Reworks Shelved Disc, Says Album Coming This Year

It looks like the self-proclaimed “pitbull in a skirt,” Eve, will be releasing her heavily delayed album after all.

In an interview with the New York Post’s PopWatch blog, the West Philly MC blamed her disc’s repeated setbacks on her “whole music label situation” with Interscope, but said it should finally surface this spring or summer.

Initially set to hit stores in 2007 under the title Here I Am, the rapper/actress said the LP has undergone many changes. “It won’t be called ‘Here I Am’ anymore,’ she said. “Now it’s called ‘Flirt.’” In addition Eve says the music will be a lot more positive then her original effort. “I had to get in there and put in some upbeat music that I wasn’t depressed about,” she said of the new tracks. “It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s totally me. Imagine if ‘Tambourine’ had kids — that’s what the CD sounds like.”

Despite the constant rescheduling and the new musical direction of the album, the former Ruff Ryder is confident that she won’t disappoint. “I am truly, truly sitting on some amazing music.” – Elan Mancini

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    Just STOP

    • $ykotic


      It’s funny cause I was just listening to “Scenario 2000″ last night.

      Good luck Eve.

      p.s. “Tambourine” was my get off the dance floor and take a whizz song.

  • DV8

    This is a perfect example of gone Hollywood and cant come back. Unless she makes some amazing music on this album her music career will continue to be dead.

    SMH yet another victem of Dr. Kervorkian (Dr.Dre). Sign to Aftermath just to make music that never gets released and then you get shelved while 50 and Em can release a album at will.

    • http://xxl ryan

      speakin the truth

  • TheRefriedMexican

    WHO’S EVE?

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcldthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Man I’d smash Eve anyday, but she lost her flow she turned Hollywood Diva now

  • Fireforreal

    Eve is too hollywood for anyone to give a fuck.

  • Curtis75Black

    What Mainstream Hip Hop Emcee isn’t Hollywood ? Even 50 Cent and The Game went there, so ya’ll please stop trippin’. I wouldn’t mind hearing some new Eve music. Our females have been lacking.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    The only music I want to hear from this broad is the sweet sounds of her gagging while I’m shoving my dick down her throat!!!

  • Phil

    Sorry, sis, “Tambourine” sucked immensely. Granted, she looked damn delicious at the VHI Hip-Hop Honors this year and kinda ripped it, and did her thing on a remix of Q-Tip’s “Get Up” single, BUT…it just seems like she’s too removed from her musical element and foundations to ever really make an impact again. Unless she’s got something to match and/or top her peformance and production on “Blow Ya Mind”, she can forget it.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Unless she’s shootin one of her blunt rollers in the stomach, or havin a baby by one of the Waah Brothers, I couldn’t care less.

      What she needs to do @ this low point is run up on Lil Kim & beat the silicone off of her. Aint nobody buyin her music anymore. Both them broads would be back in the public eye immediately. Sad but true.

    • shone jones


  • fireforreal

    Curtist75 you dumb bitch. You can be hollywood if you want but what real hip hop fan will cop that wanna be fergie/gwen stefani bullshit songs she’s been making ?
    But not to dis fergie because she went harder then nelly on the track they did together.

  • Curtis75Black

    Look who mentioned : Fergie, Gwen and Nelly. I didn’t even know Fergie and Nelly did a track together but I’m the Dumb Bitch ? I don’t listen to them, it seems you do though. All you are doing is assuming that’s what she’s gonna drop because of her last cd. If you aren’t interested, so be it but my point was, basically every emcee has gone Hollywood so what’s the point of mentioning that as a slight to her music.

  • twoholla

    PLEASE PLEASE…don’t put it out Eve…just stay up in Hollywood…because your Lp won’t sell didley squat! the disappointing sales, which it will undoubtedly do will lead Eve to say what every rapper on a major label…says if they’re LP doesnt’ sell…”my label didn’t promote me!”

  • Fireforreal

    CurtiSSSSSSSSS LOL ! 1. You know you knew about Nelly and Fergie doing a track together.Have some balls and admit it. I can because I know all forms of Hip hop or Hip pop even if I don’t like it it’s out there so don’t act like you don’t here the bullshit out there. 2. I’m not assuming shit punk ass bitch. I heard the Eve leak about a year and a half ago when it was suppose to come out and all the tracks were on some pop/rave/hip hop shit.That’s why the lable including dre stoppped fuckin with her.It wasn’t the Hip Hop shit that made her career. I know it’s a business but do females or even males have to only make bullshit to get on the radio and neglect there real hip hop fans. Flop then blaime the lable. 3. who gives a fuck if all these broads is hollywood does it mean she should be corny too ? She has always had skills,but today you bring it or stay the fuck home and lose the credibility you once had ? Shut the fuck up and keep defending Eve like your jerkin off to a picture of her lickin her lips LOL ! P.S. You can burn her album on isohunt.com and hear the garbage yourself ass hole.

  • El Tico Loco

    Unless you a rap nigga getting Will Smith numbers in the box office, you should never alienate your core fan base especially when your rap career didn’t have any memorable moments before you went Hollywood it makes kinda hard to come back. Eve never really put a stamp on the rap game meaning never really had streets behind her, nor any classic material, she’s been on classic material but has never put out classic material to make the moves she did and expect real hip hop fans to welcome her back with open arms. Now she’s barely somebody in Hollywood and barely nobody in music just another expendible pretty face.