Charles Hamilton Releases “Awkward” Valentines Day Mixtape, Talks Crush On Rihanna

With his new Valentines Day inspired mixtape, Well Isn’t This Awkward, coming out today, caught up with Charles Hamilton to talk about the disc, rap’s relationship with the word love and his crush on R&B singer Rihanna.

Derived from an imaginative tale that stars Hamilton and an unidentified female, Well Isn’t This Awkward attempts to ignite the two. The project was envisioned as a means to give listeners a chance to experience the stages of love sonically.

“Publicly I want to be able to say that I’m in love,” he said. “Anybody can be cocky and say ‘I’m the best rapper, top five dead or alive.’ I’ve got music like that, but I am starting to realize I can just be myself and an artist. I’ve accepted that, I claim that for myself, but the one thing I really want to claim is love… With Awkward I got a chance to show you how many different places you can go with love alone.”

Charles finds profound strength in publicly proclaiming admiration for talented women, especially for Def Jam crooner Rihanna. Charles even includes a song on the project called “Re-Anna,” which samples her hit “Take a Bow.”

In light of the current circumstances Rihanna and Chris Brown are experiencing, Charles stated, “I’ll say it like this, I don’t respect anyone that is an abuser period,” he explained. “Words can’t define how not cool that shit is.” Charles went on to say, “It’s not really a secret that I have a crush on her, but I am trying to keep my mouth shut right now, I know she’s going through a pretty tough time.”

Along with the Valentines Day mixtape, Hamilton is currently working on another project with his cousin – the legendary MC Lyte. The disc, titled The Florescent EP, holds sentimental value to the young rapper. “Every so often I would get a chance to reach out to her or she’d be in New York and she reach out to me, and every time it was something special,” he shared. “She would give me words of advice that would keep me going. This project was like her shaking my hand, like welcome you’ve made it, and me shaking her hand like thank you.”

Fans can download Well Isn’t this Awkward on Charles Hamilton’s blog today. As of press time there is no release date on The Fluorescent EP. – Rosario Mercedes Velazquez

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  • Devon

    Dont Make chris brown whoop yo ass to nigga

  • cold

    i don’t give a shit what kind music he makes.
    as long as he has that bitch ass picture up there , i’m not listening ! why would you make a fool of yourself like that ? how can a gay nigga have a crush on a woman ?

  • GO-Getta’

    1.’I’m the best rapper, top five dead or alive.’
    Is Pinky Pink on sum syruuuup?

    2.Even includes a song on the project called “Re-Anna,” which samples her hit “Take a Bow.”
    Pinky Pink must sample “kiss kiss” & ‘ve a jol with CB cuz dey both hoooooooomoos!

    Well Isn’t This Awkward?

  • Phil

    I’ve never seen so many DUDES concerned/fascinated with another DUDE’S fashion. Not a good look for none of y’all, but free promo for Mr. Hamilton. Hilarious.

  • capcobra

    y’all covered the hamilton n soulja boy drama real good but y’all didn’t post or blog about rhymefest joint when he murders hamilton and now y’all turn around and post hamilton’s awkward mixtape is coming for valentines day?….does interscope own xxlmag?

    • tony grand$

      I brought that up on a Sunday & Bol blog, nobody said anything about it.

      XXL had me thinking that “beef” was the flavor of the month.

      I smell conspiracies……

    • EmCDL

      Yes….yes they do. XXL also takes it up the ass most times as well

  • Phil

    What’s even funnier is how easy homosexual thoughts come to your minds when you look at this dude. Don’t y’all have ANY women to think about? WOMEN worry about what other WOMEN wear, and only someone’s LADY would be concerned with WHAT HER DUDE wears. So…

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Charles Hamilton crush on R&B singer Rihanna.


    Ron Mexico, this is a “Negro Please”

    • Arcey

      why? I know the nig looks like a simpleton on that pic above but you know, it’s live And let live.

      still I’m pretty sure Mr. Mexico could concoct something pretty funny!

  • $ykotic


    I thought it was Black History Month.

    Not Wack Sh*t is All I See month.

  • yoprince

    this nigga is so lame

  • bf3ars

    never in my life have i seen so many wack a$$ negroes complain about another man save for soulja boy…he’s lame cuz he’s different, creative, and wears pink? because he doesnt rap about sellin drugs or killin or trappin or swag? SMH!

  • Eman

    I remember the good old days when you got hot by the streets and not by some internet site posting your shit non stop. This dude woundt get hated on if he dropped shit that was tight but he talks like a veteran and has made no impact on hip hop. Bottom line XXl doesnt need to post this dudes every move cause hes a invalid.


    If I were in Harlem I would have dealt with this lame …. he’s making your side look horrible… he gets the young berg treatment. Rihanna would have thrown you out the car and the hedge hog shit..

  • cold

    phil is coming out of the closet . faggot !

  • Trey Newman

    Yall niggas is wack like on some real stuff come on first of all when did hip hop ever start being about clothes i guess thats when hip hop started to die and he is doing his fare share to try to bring it back second this dude lyrics is mad sick like come one he leaks his stuff on purpose to let niggas like yall listen to him. another thing to capcobra he admit that he lost to rhymefest in a freestyle woth cory gunz and micky factz. all the haterz leaving comments do not love hip hop or else u would take time out and actually listen to this dude insteed of judging him by his outward appreance i can go on forever about how dumb u niggas sound but ima leave it at this wat the FUCK ARE U DOING TO SAVE HIP HOP

  • detroit

    he beat a bitch ass before he’ll do it again
    how u hate on chris breezy for putting hands on somebody we wasn’t there niggas with b.m’s know a female could make u snap especially if u have dem real feelings